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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lempeng Pisang II (Malay Traditional Banana Pancake)

 I've posted this kuih before but this time I have made it slightly different. What I like about this kuih is almost pure banana with not much added ingredients and nothing can go wrong in making this. It is nutritious and not to worry eating lots of it even if you are on diet....hehe.
Recipe by: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes 4 pancakes 
About 10 Bananas
1/2 cup Flour
Sugar - optional
Fresh Grated Coconut + 1 tbsp Sugar & a pinch of Salt
Banana Leaves - washed & wiped dry

1. Mash bananas & add sugar to taste or skip sugar if you like.
Add in flour & mix well.
2. Spread some amount of  banana mixture on a piece of banana leaf.
Spread 1 tbsp coconut on top.
Fold & place on a grill pan.
Cook both sides.
3. Repeat wrapping & cooking process with the remaining batter.


  1. Aiyor, when I look at these, I miss lempeng ubi so so much.

  2. Mesti wangi gile bau daun pisang. menitik air liur

  3. Wendy,
    Got lempeng ubi also kah.... sounds good altho have not seen it.

    Betul tu, mmg wangi harum & menyelerakan...hehe

  4. ya Allah..nih my pebret kuih tradisional ni along..aduhhh lama dah tak wat..huhu...terhidu2 jer keharuman lempeng ni bkr ngan daun pisang..sedapnyerr

  5. along...tradisional sungguh siap dlm daun pisang lagi...mesti rasa sedapnya lebih lagi kann...

  6. salam tahun baru along.

    sy tak pernah buat sendiri apam pisang ni. selalu makan sbb hubby selalu beli apam ni utk sarapan.

  7. Hi Roz,
    May i know 5 tbsp Unsalted Butter is equiv to how many grams?


  8. Waah Along, looks so scrumptous! Dont mind i cnp this recipe ye... lots of thanks!

  9. Priya,
    Yes, you should try, very nice.

    Sekejap je dh jadi kuih ni, cepat2 buat kalau tak kempunan nanti...hehe

    Leen Hussain,
    Ini kuih org dolu2... mak Along selalu buat waktu along kecik2 dulu.

    Along tk pnh lg jumpa org jual kuih ni. Buat sendiri senang je ni. Along dh kasi respi next time buat k.

    Are you refering to the upside down choc banana cake? I think about 70g should be ok.

    Sure, no problem. Hope you will try.

    Un felice anno nuovo anche a te ♥

  10. aaaagghhhh tak suka tak suka esok kena buat jugak dah lam x makn lempeng pisang ni

  11. Ada. My previous school's canteen makes lempeng ubi. Almost like lepat ubi, but pan fried flat in banana leaf, less floury and with lots of grated coconut. Looks just like your lempeng pisang

  12. Wendy,
    Never saw before but aah, that gives me an idea to try out next time when I have ubikayu stock. Thanks for letting me know.


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