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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tapioca Rings (Keria Ubikayu)

 Kuih Keria is an old traditional Malay kuih which is typically made of sweet potatoes. However, I have not tried it with Tapioca and I imagined that should be very nice after seeing it at Chikmi's house. Despite my busy routines and hectic time in office, I made an effort to made this at night after dinner time because I couldn't wait till weekend. I made quite a lot and freeze them ready to be fried anytime when needed but of course I fried some for immediate consumption despite I was quite full after the dinner. I love the taste of the tapioca, the soft texture in the inside but crispy on the outside and well complimented by crunchy sugar coating..... served with black coffeee..... aaaaargh what a satisfaction....hehehe.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source with compliments: Chikmi
Translated into English
(I made tiny size produces 42 pieces, Chikmi made 15 pieces of larger size)
500g Boiled Tapioca - mashed 
1 cup Plain Flour (I used less)
1/4 cup Tapioca Flour
1/4 cup Sugar
(for coating) 

1. Mix mashed tapioca with flour.
Sprinkle some water if too dry to form dough.

2. Shape dough like doughnuts (I used doughnut cutter).
Deep fry until golden.

3. Place sugar in a wok & add water just enough to dissolve the sugar.
Boil until sugar syrup is thick.
Pour doughnuts in & stir until doughnuts are well coated with sugar.

Source with compliments: Chikmi
Resipi asal di taip semula untuk mudah rujuk.
(Along buat kecik2 dapat 42 ketoi, kalau saiz besar macam Chikmi dpt 15 ketoi)
500g Ubikayu Rebus - lecek 
1 cwn Tepung Gandum - Along kurangkan
cwn Tepung Ubikayu
cwn Gula - utk menyira

1. Campur ubikayu & tepung sehingga membentuk doh.
Percikkan sedikit air jika terlalu kering.

2. Bentukkan seperti donat.
Goreng sehingga keperangan.

3. Letak gula ke dlm kuali.
Campurkan sedikit air cuma untuk tenggelamkan gula.
Masak sehingga pekat & masukkan donat yg telah di goreng tadi.
Kacau sehingga kesemua donat di saluti dgn gula. 


  1. sedapnye along...mie mmg suka mkn keria nih..tapi selalu buat yang guna keledek je,xpernah try yg guna tapioca ni..mesti sedapkan..nnt ade ubi kayu, mie nk try jgkla...

  2. Keria is my Hubby's fav kuih!!! Looks absolutely yummy la kak! :D

  3. Salam Along

    Liana apa kabar.. sihat? baru sempat jln2 blog Along sbb baru balik kursus semlm.
    keria ubi kayu belum pernah mkn....nampak sedap buat minum ptg.

  4. salam along.Ini pertama kali Cm lihat kuih keria ubi kayu..mesti sedap.Nanti jika ada ubi boleh cuba ni:)

  5. sedapnya! menarik resepi ni...boleh cuba ni:)

  6. Dear All,
    Thank-you for your messages. Another special kuih for everyone to try.

    Wsalam pada semua yg singgah. Memang sedap kuih keria guna ubikayu, Along suka sangat kuih ni....!


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