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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

 Valentine's day is the most special day for me of all besides my anniversary, birthday, mother's day, etcs. That is because other dates are given whilst this is of choice. The Valentine Day is not about receiving gift but that is when I got to hear the best expression from my love one.

As usual my hubby ask if I wanted anything but I said no need and firmly advised him not to buy me flowers or expensive gift and he nodded.  When I logged on my computer in the office first thing this morning I received an email from my hubby - guess what. It is a note to say his feeling & appreciation - I was really laughing and smiling all day long..... and also another surprise was that he also sent me a photo of vase of Roses above with a note that the flowers are waiting for me at home.... so creative! What impressed me most that he made an effort to do all this. I love crystals & he bought me Bohemia vase for the flowers a week I know why.....haha impressive..! .........and more.......... I didn't expect to get another surprise when I got home.... I found a lovely card slotted in my folded notebook... ah, he knows that I will certainly on my pc when I got home. The card says many things he never said to me before. Every occassion, my hubby never failed to surprise me.... We dated 3 years, engaged 2 years and now married for 21 years. Thanks my darling for being my Valentine for 26 years now... I love you very much too! Semuga Allah memberkati kita berdua sehingga hari tua.

To all viewers, hope you have a loving memory with your spouse too.


  1. Happy Valentines to you and yours kak! Wish you had a loveliest day! ;)

    Red roses...WOW!

  2. Hello Roz, I am glad I never crossed paths with your hubby....ha ha....
    Very stiff competition, florists will retire early too.
    He sure one outstanding gentleman....not many like him today, and very creative too.

    Roz, my compliments to your hubby, an outstanding gentleman....
    glad we never crossed paths, ha ha ha.
    Best regards, Lee.

  3. Amin! Semoga kalian berdua berbahagia selalu. Happy Valentine!

  4. salam..sebagai org islam,kt tidak sepatutnya menyambut Valentine Day..cuba akak google kisah di sebalik Valentine Day ni..xpun cube tgk link ni.. or renungan bersama..maafkn sy klu terguris hati..salam.

  5. so sweet:)semoga jodoh Along akan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat...

  6. Love,
    Thanks so much, indeed it was a happy day for me.

    Happy Valentine to you too.

    Uncle Lee,
    Thanks for your compliments - this time goes to my hubby. Indeed, I'm very impressed with him despite been married so long he still does unexpected things for me...haha. I'm sure you are such a gentleman too, your wisdom and kind words tell me so. Wish you happy Valentine.

    Dear Zue,
    Long time no hear. Thanks for your doa. Happy Valentine to you too.

    Terima-kasih atas nasihat anda & saya percaya tujuan anda baik. Saya pun amat mementingkan hal2 agama Islam. Tak payah lah saya komen byk2.

    Maceh doakan kebahgiaan Along. Di harap CM pun bahgia bersama suami & anak2.

    Maceh MK tolong doakan Along, semuga Mk juga berbahgia & gemira selalu.

  7. Salam.. Seronok baca kisah Kak Alongroz.. Nur doakan akak & suami beroleh kebahagiaan di dunia & akhirat..


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