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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Speaking in International Women's Day 2011

 I was invited as a guest speaker in International Women's Day celebration today in Mega Hotel Miri to speak on "Career Women with Hobbies". It was a pleasure and an honor to share my humble experience with almost 300 women today. There were two honorable guests, YB Datin Hjh Fatimah Abdullah (Minister in Chief Minister's Office, Sarawak), YB Puan Rosie Yunus (Bekenu Adun) and other distinguished guests.

My speech was about balancing life between successful career and hobbies in cooking and quilting (as well as family). I was very surprise with the feedback I received after the speech with appreciation for the inspiring talk and congratulating my achievements in life. Several women that I didn't know rushed to the stage and shaked my hands and hugs from the two YBs right after the speech, something I did not expect at all. Few women asked for my contact number and even at the end of the programme more came to give appreciation and encouraging words. I am glad what I shared is useful and relevant. This is actually my first experience talking in public (apart from work place which talking is part of my job but more on technical subjects) - many thanks to nominators and the President of WEPS for the trust you had in me.
I had cut short my speech to half the time due to delay in the whole programme and unavailable projector ended up missed out to mention about my blogs.... what a pity.

To all blogger friends, let's celebrate the Women's Day and be proud of our hobbies including the dedication in blogging.... many thanks for your networking and support...!
 A token of appreciation from the organiser... lovely fresh orchids.
 Posing with YB Datin Hjh Fatimah and the President of WEPS (Women Entrepreneurs & Profesional Association Sarawak) and one of the organising committee member. I was in red because the theme was Red or Black.


  1. Congrats Along... wah bestnya jd guest speaker tuk program cam ni... pas ni tentu lebih popular lagi... sekali lagi tahniah!

  2. Congrates sis.. Hebat tu.. Nur kalau bab2 bercakap di khalayak... memang darah gemuruh sikit. Best tau naik flight.. Kena kumpul duit dulu nak ke Miri tu.. hehe

  3. Congrates, Roz .... finally the butterfly feelings gone. Ini baru permulaan, I think more to come.
    Alhamdulillah, the pix turn out very good. Video pulak mcm mana?

  4. Kak Rose,
    Maceh KakRose. Tak popular pun takpa tapi harap2 apa yg Along kongsikan tu manfaat.

    Maceh Nur. Kenalah cuba Nur supaya dpt atasi rasa gemuruh tu. ok datang ler Miri bila dh cukup duit nanti...hehe.

    Thanks for your moral & physical support. Video ok tapi sekerat je...

  5. Salam Along,
    Congratulations buat Along.. semoga terus berjaya selepas ini :)

  6. Gongrats Along! You are really great & popular now!

  7. Congrats along ...that is called an achievement!Mayb we will see you on TV next time.

  8. wah besannnnnn... tahniah!! klu kene kat kite nih segala peluh jantan betina ngan yang pondan2 skali kuor! kekekekekeke.... nnti dah berjaya jgn luper besan yang sini... agak2 hantaran liana makin naik tak?? pingsan!! kekekekeke

  9. Tahniah along..alamak nape tak bagitahu blog along ni:)rugi tu..tahniah sekali lagi.

  10. WOW...congrates dear! So proud of you!!! Love dah lama tak pegang mic! hehehe ;)

  11. tahniah along.. along mmg hebat..

  12. Wow!! Along!! Kagumlah!!

  13. Tahniah along...jd guess speaker utk majlis yang besar spt neh mmg satu achievement yang hebat. All the best along...

  14. congrats! (: that's really nice! i've got awards for you. do pick it up from my blog (:

  15. To all dearest friends,
    Thanks so much for your support and kind words. I feel motivated.

    Kekawan semua,
    Maceh atas sokongan anda....mmmuah2.


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