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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kuih Ketupor

I never eaten or heard the name of this kuih until today. We had a farewell party in the office for Pat's early retirement. Many delicious food and kuih were served from the local catering. This Kuih Ketupor was one of the specialties from local Sarawak. It is soooo delicous that I requested 3 pieces to bring home so that I can take photo and share with all of you out there.

The top layer is sweet, very creamy & soft just like the typical kuih talam. The special part is the bottom layer which is unsweetened, coarse texture, crumbly and taste like Putu Bamboo or kuih putu. Something I have not eaten before and a very special combination. I'm hoping that someone who read this will share the recipe with me one day.


  1. never heard about this kuih...must be nice

  2. kalau x silap saya ni macam kuih talam suji

  3. As'salam Along

    I used to help my mum sell this kuih ketupor during school days, kalau ikutkan her recipe,the bottom layer is made from rice yang dimasak dengan santan, you need to stir it constantly dalam kuali dulu, cara lebih kurang macam molah kuih serimuka(if am not mistaken, dah lamak sik molah but it's my favourite kuih)...anyway....will email to you the recipe ya..

  4. Along, nak tambah sedikit info...kuih ketupor tok dah jarang org molah, sik tauk kenaklah lebih tauk dengan kuih talam, talam suji, kuih serimuka dari kuih ketupor...

  5. Nur68,
    Aok, memang rasa cam nasi.... sikda jumpa jual di pasar. Look forward for your recipe. Nyaman gilak kuih tuk. Maceh Nur.


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