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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kek Lapis Buah (Fruit Layered Cake)

 Can you see the layers....? They are so thin & fine that you may not notice them in the photo. Don't compliment me for this very fine making.... this is a gift from my hubby's niece, Atikah (she is also my foster daughter). For your info, Atikah is only 15 years old.... impressive eh.
 Enjoy the photo for now... I still have a huge whole cake yet to be served when I open the house one day so don't miss it. I can assure you this is really nice - very moist texture and it tastes like honey. I get one because I complimented it non-stop during hari raya in kampung last week.... hehe, alhamdulillah. Talking about gift, I used tulip cutter to obtain the above cute shape (courtesy from my besan... thanks Hana cayang, dah rasmi pun ni).

Sorry no recipe to share as I did not make this, just relax & enjoy the cake, ok.


  1. Selamat hari raya Along..maaf zahir batin dari E-na...baru nak berjalan raya umah kwn2 maya...ada lg ke sekut raya...klu dh abis hidang kek lapis yang cantik2 pun jadilah...hihii

  2. selamat hari raya along..
    maaf zahir batin yerk..
    rajin along melapis..
    cantik kek tu..

  3. salam dan selamat hari raya along..rajinnya melapis..
    ooo dah gi ek anak kamu ke us..berapa lama dia study kat sana? Nanti bolehlah kamu gi jejalan kat sana.

  4. salam along.. nampak pun dah tahu sedap... nak buat tah bila ada kerajinan nak melapis


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