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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

I found a huge frozen/boneless Salmon fillet in the supermarket and grabbed it right away without thinking what to do with it. It had been quite some time since the last time I cooked salmon in my kitchen and thought the children will be delighted.

After some votes, I ended up making grilled salmon. There were no majority votes since everyone chose a different style of cooking (bake, pan fried, deep batter fried) and neutral with no preference. So at the end, mummy made the final call..... The outcome was very good and everyone were happy except AlongRiz who is neutral on the outcome because he is not fond of any fish.

This recipe produces lovely golden browned salmon with crispy surface - top & skin. The flesh inside remains juicy if you follow the timing properly. The Lemon Butter Sauce was a discovery for everyone - we were very surprised how well it blends with the fish - also nice as dip for vegetable and potato wedges. I will definitely make this again!
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: adapted from here and replaced lime with lemon
Serves: 5 persons (big portion each!)
5 pieces (~200g each) Salmon Fillet with skin (~1" thick)
5 tbsp Lemon Butter Sauce
Salt & Pepper

1 large clove Garlic - chopped 
¼ cup Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tsp Salt

½ tsp Black Pepper
6 tbsp Unsalted Butter
- melted
1½ tsp finely grated Fresh Lemon Zest (original recipe sprinkle this on fish but I prefer to add to sauce) 
- Purée garlic with lime juice, salt, and pepper in a blender until smooth.
- With motor running, add melted butter and blend until emulsified, about 30 seconds.
- Add in grated lemon zest.

1. Season salmon all over with salt and pepper.
2. Heat up ridged grill pan with some olive oil.
Grill the salmon, flesh sides down 4 minutes.
Turn fillets over and grill another 4-6 min more until just cooked through.
3. Top each salmon with 1 tablespoon lemon butter sauce.
4. I served the salmon with garlic bread, home-made potato wedges, cucumber & tomatoes.

Sekali-sekala tukar selera ke arah menu Western memang best! Terbongkang kekenyangan & rasa sengkak perut.... mungkin sebab perut orang Melayu kat rumah ni dah biasa hadam carbohydrate... bila nak proses protin lembab lah sikit perut tu kot....hehe (Sebeno nya portion yg Along buat tu memang banyak.... 200g fillet memang melebihi had hidangan biasa...).

Sedap sangat salmon yang di panggang garing di luar & juicy di dalam. Sos butter lemon tu pula memang sesuai di makan dgn salmon. Semua ahli keluarga puas-hati kali ni.

Untuk resipi, cuba2lah baca versi BI tu dulu ya... kalau nak BM juga, tolong tinggalkan permintaan di ruangan komen. Along nak tidur awal malam ni sebab esuk nak sambung puasa lagi... dah banyak menaip... tangan pun lenguh... baik turun ke dapur buat supper jap.... selamat malam!


  1. rindunyer nak masak aka nak makan ikan salmon... dulu leh puas makan sampai muak-muak... skrg nih nak jumpa bayang salmon pon mcm tak penah jumpa... huwaaaawawawaaaa...

  2. salam along..
    lama tak mkn salmon.. nampak sedapp!
    kita ambik resepi ni ye... kalau rajin leh buat nnt... TQ along..

  3. salam along, sedappppp npk tu! pernah lgi mkn ikan salmon..slmt berpuasa... :)zila66

  4. asslm kak Along..pasti sedap ni..nmpk myelerakan jugak...QH pon nk amik yer resepi ni...nk cuba nti...tq kak

  5. Hello
    Thanks for the Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce recipe.
    I'll create one for sure, my kids are gonna like it :)
    If you don't mind, can you submit your Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce photo in ?
    It's a food photography site full of all DIY food pictures from members around the world. Or perhaps you'd like to submit by yourself? Let me know when you did, so I can share it.

    1. Dear Nina, Many thanks for the invite. I just did, hope it works.

  6. Hana,
    Kat Jepung dulu tentu pueh mkn sashimi kan Hana... kalau nak makan yg halal Along gi makan kat Brunei...hehe

    Wsalam. Amik ler, Along izinkan. Buat lah, sekejap jer masak nya - sedap!

    Wsalam. Kalau Zila suka Western food ok lah menu ni. Sekali-sekala tukar selera...hehe

    Engineers Love Cooking,
    Wsalam. Let me know after you've tried. Love to hear how it turns out.

    Qasey Honey,
    Wsalam. ok, dah cuba jgn lupa kasi tag ya.


  7. salam along
    wahhh ada menu westrn ..mesti sedap..nk try jgk:)

  8. salam along.....tempting!!!nampak juicy sgt salmon tu. terliur la dah ros ni.

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