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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Menu for High-Tea with Office Mates

Part of the menu....
 I invited my office mates for high-tea at my house last Sunday to catch up with each others and chit-chatting for fun. Since I do not have maid, some of them been volunteered to help me preparing the food.... except Peter who happily volunteered to make Buah Melaka cum Onde-Onde. We all had fun eating & chatting in Malaysian way! I'm so glad that most of the food was cleared and no waste! Everyone seemed to enjoy the food!

Below was the menu for the afternoon:
1. Spaghetti in Creamy Mushroom & Cheese Sauce
2. Finger Salad (Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Turnip) with Spicy Mayonnaise Dip
3. Mini Sardine Quiches
4. Chapati served with Dhal & Sambal
5. Buah Melaka cum Onde-Onde
6. Black Glutinous Bubur (didn't manage to snap photo*)
7. Green Velvet Cake with Cheese Sauce
8. Pineapple Pickles*
9. Guava Pickles*
10. Soya with Grass Jelly & "Kembang Semangkuk"*
11. Coffee & Tea

Enjoy rest of the photos.....
Spaghetti in Creamy Mushroom & Cheese Sauce

Chapati, Dhal & Sambal

Coincidently, it was Chime's birthday... I only discovered it in that afternoon and luckily happened to bake Green Velvet Cake.... so we sang him birthday song and he sliced the cake. We were all too busy that forgot to snap photo of the birthday do. Anyway I hope his wishes will come true (which he did before slicing the cake).
Green Velvet Cake with Cheese Sauce

Peter wanted to learn making Onde-Onde and he successfully made them all by himself... I didn't count but I think they were more than 50 pieces...bravo Peter....! The filling was authentic Malacca palm sugar sourced by Shu.... tastes awesome and everyone loved it!
My imported kitchen assistant from Netherland... LOL

Mazlina volunteered to help me making Sardine Quiches. She was amazed how easy to make them and this was the first menu that cleared before everything else.... served hot from the pie maker producing crispy pastry with delicious filling... ready in less than 10 minutes! Well done Mazlina!

The American couple helped me with the salad.... first time meeting Sarah & love her for her warm and helpful hands in the kitchen. TQ so much for helping with the salad and tea! We all had fun in the kitchen.... I had big help from everyone.... usually just me in the kitchen and really enjoyed the company!

I purposely chose Chapati in the menu to please Sawinder who has been away from home for several months so I volunteered him to help me cooking the chapati... not for long though... he only managed to cook 5 pieces and ran away from heat after one round.... I'm going to make up for the loss one day...LOL!

Luckily Jason came to rescue and helped me to cook the remaining 20 pieces while I was doing the rolling.... nice boy! hehee

Lastly, we all had a chance for a group pose... two more arriving later & missed the photo session. For the remaining half of the office who cannot make it, we'll catch-up some other day but I certainly can do with helping hands....hehe.


  1. Wahhh...meriah nya along...semua menu best2

  2. Bestnya along, having friends at home....and those helping hands too :))

  3. muhibbahnya along. mesti rich rendah di dapur…mmg seronok kalau masak beramai2 ni. btw along company oil & gas ke?

  4. sungguh meriah...
    menu pn best2...
    tmbh2 yg gren vlvt cake wth cheese sauce...
    x thn tgk...

  5. Very nice photos, and of course FOOD !!

    The best team-building idea !
    I especially like the 'imported male-slave' from Holland LoL !!


  6. Terima-kasih semua atas komen2 anda!

  7. Whar a lovely get-together with even tastier food! Its so much easier when all pitch in too. Btw, would you please share the Sardine Quiche recipe as I have the pie-maker but havent used it yet!
    Thankyou, Mrs Singh

    1. Mrs Singh,
      You can find the recipe in my earlier posting in the link below:

  8. Enjoy all yr fine food and the display on the table
    Each time u entertain
    Very good taste


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