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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Unplanned Evening Tea

 A friend messaged that she was dropping by the house and coincidentally I was preparing Bubur Jagung (Sweet Corn Dessert) for the evening tea. It was just a quick catch up between us and it was nice. She brought along Mee Belachan (noodles serves with shrimp paste gravy), a menu originated from Kuching... it was the first time experience for me and surprised by the unique but delicious taste!

Mee Belacan... MeeHoon + Octopus + Kangkung + century Egg + Shredded Cucumber + Pounded Red Chili + Belacan Gravy:
The authentic Mee Belacan

 Hubby bought some Brazil Longan / Longan Kristal.... something new... you need to crack the hard shell to reveal the crystal look flesh tastes like lychee.

I also made Cucur Jagung (Corn Fried Dumplings) served with Thai Chili Sauce....
Bubur Jagung (Corns in Sweet Coconut Syrup)

 Sweet memory catching up with friends... come again sis....


  1. ooooooooh I would love to taste that brazil longans, do they taste the same as regular longans?


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