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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kerepek Popiah (Salted Crackers)

 If you like snacking, make this light and crunchy crackers.... once you start munching you will not be able to stop until the container is emptied...LOL. This is much better than consuming chemical-loaded snacks you buy from the supermarket shelves. No fancy recipe... just get a packet of spring roll skin ready and follow my instructions below... Actually I made this because the popiah skin I kept in the fridge is harden and I was unable to roll them anymore.... I didn't want to throw them away so that's how the idea came through. I like my snacks slightly salted and it was a perfect outcome.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1/2 packet Spring Roll Pastry (5.5" square)
Oil for deep frying
A dash Salt & Pepper

1. Cut the pastry into strips & deep fry until crispy.
Drain excess oil in a colander lined with kitchen paper.
2. Sprinkle with dash of salt & white pepper powder.

Kalau ada baki kulit popiah, boleh lah buat kerepek camni daripada terbuang jer kulit tu sebab bila bungkusan sudah di buka, kulit popiah ni akan cepat kering & keras dalam petisejuk. Nak di bentukkan pun susah bila dah keras, jadi Along gunting2kan dia. Kalau suka boleh letak gula halus yg di mesin tapi Along lebih suka kerepek yg kosong begini, cukup sekadar di letak secubit garam. Ringan dan laju jer mengudap kerepek ni, tak sampai sehari pun dah habis.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
1/2 bungkus Kulit Popiah (5.5" persegi)
Minyak utk menggoreng
1/4 tsp Garam
Lada Sulah

1. Gunting kulit popiah memanjang ~1cm lebar.
Goreng sehingga rangup & toskan ke dalam bekas yg di lapik kertas.
2. Tabur garam & sedikit serbuk lada sulah.
.....selamat mengudap!


  1. What a great idea as I have dried Popiah Skin in my fridge right now. No matter how well it is wrapped it still dries out. Thanks for this food saving idea, def going to try it out tomorrow.
    Also need some munchies for World Cup fever-watching!!
    Have great day, regards
    Mrs Singh

    1. It is so easy to make & does not take long time to fry... try out & no regret :)

  2. as salam roz, akak pun nk try sbb ada kulit popia yg belum di buat apa2 pun haha dah sejuk dlm esbok kat umah ni

  3. Assalam..

    Tak terfikir lak nak buat camni..selalu buat yg seaweed tu jer..hehe

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