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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Menu Lewat Malam Acara Marhabban

The muslim committee of this condo organised marhabban visit in the last week of Syawal. There were about five houses hosting each night after Isya' and we volunteered one. We had the last turn on last Tuesday night which was about 11pm. It was a late supper so I prepared something very light..... see menu below.

My simple table layout for 25 pax:

Overall it was a great session and  get-to-know some of the residents whom we never met before. We felt so blessed staying in this new place with some prayers, marhabban, peace and blessings upon our beloved rasullullah s.a.w.
Some of the guests that night

1. Vegetable Pie Tee:

2. Sweet Young Mango and Guava with Homemade Rojak Paste:

3. Assorted Sarawak Layered Cakes and Cookies:

4. Teh Tarik:

5. Fruit juice and Plain Water:

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