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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scramble Egg Cups

This morning I've tried this simple idea that I've seen somewhere. I have specified the ingredients below for 12 pieces. It is not just easy to prepare but also presentable to serve for guests. The bread cups are crispy and the filling can be changed to your preferred ones like tuna, sardine or mince meats but of course scramble egg is the easiest...!

INGREDIENTS (12 cups):
9 slices Bread
Margarine - sufficiently
½ Big Onion
1 Red Chilly - sliced
3-4 Eggs - slightly beaten with Salt & Pepper
Celery leaves
Chilli Sauce

1. Remove crust from sides of bread slices. Flatten bread slices with rolling pin. Spread margarine on both sides. Cut into small pieces. Press bread pieces into muffin mould. Bake 200C for 10-15 minutes until crispy.

2. Fry chopped onion & chillies and stir in beaten eggs. Add in chopped celery leaves.

3. Fill scramble egg into baked bread cups. Pipe mayonaise & chilli sauce on it. Serve.

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