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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Briyani Rice & Tandooree Chicken

Today's dinner menu....

Briyani Rice served with Tandooree Chicken, Vegetable Dhal and Kerabu mixed with Young Mango:

Grilled Tandooree Chicken (marinated with Tandooree paste & yoghurt): 

Coconut Bandung Ice:

Today is really in a mood for Indian menu with Chapati in the morning, Chicken Vindaloo for lunch and Briyani + Chicken Tandooree for complaint but only compliments from the whole family....

I like to cook my Briyani rice simple & less spicy that allow you to eat as much as you like without leaving the spicy smell in your throat (if you know what I mean.....)!

Here is sharing my Briyani Rice recipe:

By: Roz@HomeKreation
INGREDIENTS (Serve 4-6 persons):
3 cups Bhasmati Rice - washed & drain
4½ cups Water
3 tbs Margarine
2 inches Ginger - smashed
1 stick Cinnamon
1 Star Anise
2 Cardamon
3 Clover
4 small Shallots*
3 Garlic* (*sliced thinly)
1 tsp Briyani powder
1 Screwpine leaf
1 stalk Corriander leaves
1 tbs Salt
few drops Yellow coloring


1. Heat up Margarine in a pot & fry spices, shallots, garlic until brown.
Add in ginger, briyani powder, screwpine leaf & rice - stir for a while.
Add in water & salt.

2. Transfer pot into an electric rice cooker & when the rice is cook sprinkle yellow coloring.

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