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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chapati & Chicken Vindaloo

Chapati, Paratha & Roti Canai are regular breakfast menu in my kitchen (occassionally for dinner too). My grandmother was half Indian so this kind of food is a must in our family. You know most old folks do not have specific measurements and recipes when they prepare foods but they manage to produce consistent quality and taste just by instict & skill of what is feel right. Rotis is one of those which require 'skill' to make and even recipes will not guarantee you can produce soft-lasting texture. It took me many practices before I manage to grasp that kind of 'skill & feel' and once you get it it will never fail anymore.

I find it difficult trying to write down the recipes because I simply pour half packet of Atta flour & add in water (mixed with Salt & Sugar to taste) until dough is formed and knead until soft & non-sticky. Divide into small balls & roll out to thin circles. Fry on hot griddle without oil. It will puff up if dough is handle properly. When cook, spread some ghee or margarine on it.

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