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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sambal Belacan Ikan Bilis

My mum makes her Sambal Belacan without Ikan Bilis but the one with Ikan Bilis is a famous version in Sarawak that I adopted from my in laws. Serve this with your favourite Ulam but in the above picture I had it with young mango and boiled Jering. Emmmmmh.... real good appetiser.

Do you know that Jering (Jiringa in English) can prevent diabetes and also good for heart. However, it is advisable to consume in moderate amount due to unpleasant smell and excessive consumption may cause formation of crystal in urination system due to indigestion.

2 Red Chillies
4-5 Chilli Padi / Bird-Eye Chilli
1 tbsp Belacan (Shrimp paste)
Generous amount of Ikan Bilis (anchovies)
1 tsp Sugar
Salt (optional, Belacan is salty)
Lime juice (optional)

1. Pound all ingredients to mix.
Seasoned to taste.

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