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Friday, September 26, 2008

Kek Lapis Sri Balas (Sarawak Layered Cake)

This is Rabiah Amit's recipe (Rabiah Amit is a famous layered cake Guru in Sarawak). The cake texture is very moist. I added emulco flavour for each color for tastier cake.

10 Egg Yolk
4 Egg White
250g Castor Sugar
200g Hongkong Flour
1 tbsp Ovalette
2 oz Iced Water

12 oz Butter
2 tbsp Condensed Milk
1 can Kaya (180g)
1 tsp Vanilla

1. Beat all ingredient A with high speed until thick & double in volume.

2. In a separate bowl cream ingredient B until fluffy.
Add the two mixture together.

3. Divide into 4 portions and color as you like.
Grill layer by layer until all color used up.
Cut into triangle strips.

4. Make another portion of cake mixture by repeating step 1. & 2. above.
Divide into two portions.
Grill one portion layer by layer until finish.
Arrange the triangle stips like the picture & glue the pieces with jam.
Spread a layer of the plain portion & grill layer by layer until finish.
Lastly bake at 180C for 15 minutes to ensure cake is fully cooked.


  1. along!!
    slmt hari raye!!
    mintak maaf ye kalau ade TER di mane2 la ye.. :)

    t'liur taw tgk kek lapis along ni..
    kek lapis ni dlm list menu raye tahun ni.. siap beli rulers dia lg..
    tp wani x sempat nk buat ;(
    uwaaaa.. tgk gmbr kek lapis je la..

    tp xpe, cookies raya banyak! eheh

  2. Wani, Sama2 ler, maap ye kl ada salah/silap kat mana2. zero-zero lah kita. Lama ler wat ni dr kul 7 pagi sampai kul 1pm baru siap... Ini je kek yg along wat.

  3. Hi Roz,
    I am interested in Malay cakes and food but always encountered difficulties because they are all in Malays which I don't understand.I am pleased to see yours in English.

  4. Hi redsister, you are welcome. That's the idea why I put them in English so that it can be widely shared.


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