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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Shower for Little Liana

Yesterday, the company allowed the staff to take afternoon off to do fun activity together. Cik Ja took the opportunity to organise & host a baby shower for my Little Liana at her house joined by the Women Network. Here some photos from yesterday:

Little Liana, modelling pink Mothercare dress & shoes sponsored by Auntie Qie, was "goo-goo-gaa-gaa"ing at Auntie Maria:
Decorated entrance to suit the party theme and helped the guests to locate the house easily:The mummy was away relaxing while free babysitters around...hehehe:
Proud mummy and aunties on the day:With the help from my Emma & Rom, I managed to make some chocolate cuppies decorated with simple fondant as gifts to all. It took us until 1 am to complete wrapping. Luckily the baby was soundly asleep (attended by daddy) while we were busy in the kitchen.Wrapped cuppies ready to be transported:Unexpected gifts received for Little Liana, many thanks to all of you:Little Liana enjoying the new playmat from NTF:
Little Liana sleeping soundly surrounded with toys, all from my generous friends received before & after the baby shower... many thanks for sharing the joy with me:There are many others that I did not manage to snap from yesterday event: "Tepung-Tawar" for me & baby with uttered well wishes, pink decorated cake gift from my GRA team, delicious food prepared by Cik Ja and pot-lucks from some ladies..... My heartfelt appreciation to all lady friends for such a wonderful party gift. Special thanks to Cik Ja who hosted and sponsored the party. Also thanks to Miss Lily, Cik Mala, Jeffrey & others who help to organise the party.

There have been overwhelming wishes and gifts from friends since the arrival of Little Liana. I was so touched with such excitement which people around me are sharing with our family. Indeed she is very special (so do my 3 sons) and her presence make a big different to us with special feeling after such a big gap (my sons are 18, 16 & 15). My husband, family & I thank all of you for such wonderful friendship. Also, I would like to thank all my cyber friends and visitors who dropped nice messages in this blog. Apology for unable to reply on each message as I am still struggling to cope with this new life. I love all my friends, whoever you are be it in real life or from cyberworld.... Mmmmmuah!


  1. Congratulation to you my dear,

    May Allah bless you and your family. Loves you baby girl.. so cute and pretty like her mummy. :)

  2. cutenya bb liana...hiasan kat pintu so creative.. anak ke berapa tok kah?

  3. Cutenye baby... banyak hadiah baby dapat... bestnye :)

  4. salam along.. wah ur baby so cute lorrr geram tgk. bkn main meriah lg haaa dgn hadiah2.. :)

  5. mIZa ^_^ - malati's daughterJuly 22, 2009 at 9:51 PM

    umph......!!!!! <3 cutenye....
    rupa charming pulak tu...
    cubalh aku dtg sinun... thx to mummy who showed me d blog

  6. Congrats. Indeed a beautiful princess. I am sure she will grow up as pretty as the mummy.
    Cheers Olivia


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