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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheesy Tau Fu Fa

I had some leftover cream cheese but not enough to make another cake. I imagined it will be nice to turn it into dessert and hence I created this recipe.... nice creamy dessert ala Tau Fu Fa served with palm sugar syrup. You can also serve without the syrup but the strong palm sugar aroma is just irresistable.

Here photo without the syrup. The jelly supposed to be plain white but I accidentally opened one packet of red colored jelly without checking the label properly.... so here is pink Tau Fu Fa...LOL!
I think it will be nicer if I make the jelly to be more goey next time, so I have added additional water measurement below. You may want to adjust it yourself to your preferred texture.

1 packet Jelly Powder (13g)
1 can evaporated Milk + Water (to make 1 liter liquid) 
1 liter additional Water
125g Sugar
100g Cream Cheese

1 portion Sugar
1 portion Palm Sugar
Water - just enough to dilute the sugar
- Boil all ingredients.

1. Boil jelly powder & water until dissolved.
Add in sugar & boil until dissolved.

2. Beat cream cheese until smooth.
Add some of the milk mixture just to make it runny.

3. Pour remaining milk into jelly mixture.
Strain cream cheese mixture into the jelly mixture.
Pour into moulds.
Cool at room temperature & chill.

4. Serve with palm sugar syrup.

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  1. Hi KakRoz...I'm a die-hard fan of tau fu fa! Wish to have some of ur cheesy version! yummmm...:D~


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