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Saturday, April 3, 2010

HomeKreation - City Hit Counts

Today, I received an email from NeoCounter as below. I've checked how many cities n the whole world and there were vast different answers ranging from 300,000 and some others say >100k, 55k, >3k and so on. But how many of these cities have acces to internet? It seems that this number has long way to go... Anyway, my purpose of blogging is just for fun & leisure and I did not set any target in the first place. Thanks to all of you who pay me visits and I hope you find this blog informative and useful as well as great networking too.

Congratulations! Your NeoCounter has reached:


1 comment:

  1. Mama pun ada dapat email dari Neo recently. Mama punya 850 je... hihihi... banyaklah juga tu. Ingatkan takat kat Malaysia je... hehehe... alhamdulillah


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