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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dulce de Leche (Again)

My first attempt on this was using sweetened creamer when I couldn't find any condensed milk in the supermarket. Today, a kind viewer was caring enough to leave a comment on the post to inform me that he found F&N condensed milk at Carrefour. I was so excited and hoping I could find it this time and to my surprise I found a couple of brands selling the real condensed milk! Thanks so much to that person who cares enough to inform me...! I finally got to taste the real Dulce de Leche and yes... it is so much tastier & creamier than using sweetened creamer.... wait till I make something out of this.

Refer to my first attempt & recipe here.

Photo on how the tins are placed in the pot:
For small can, you can put it up but I used bigger tin and hence lay it down as such to ensure fully covered by water.
Cover & boil, then slowest heat to simmer for 3 hours. Cool completely before opening the can.


  1. make dulce leche cheesecake
    everyone will love you for that :-D

  2. F&N???
    what words are on the can? Really they put there sweetened condensed full cream milk?

  3. T,
    Yes, I'm making Dulce de Leche cheesecake today, we are just thinking alike. Will no be ready until tomorrow for it to be fully chilled.

    I've thrown the wrapper but the words condensed milk is definitely there. Forgot whether full cream or filled milk. There are two brands available, F&N and Marigold.

  4. Oh, I've checked Marigold is filled milk.
    Ur DDL still looked a bit translucent compared to DDL made with condensed full cream milk

    I just can't wait for the day when Malaysia will have the real thing again, I guess not until the gov lifts up price controls


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