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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laksa Taiping (Again)

I brought back two packets of Sago Laksa noodles from my recent trip to Taiping. Have been craving for this for quite some time, so made this for our breakfast this morning.... fuyoooo... can't describe how delicious it is as homemade Laksa gravy is so much richer with fish paste and adjusted to my preferred taste...! Sago laksa noodles is much better than rice flour laksa as it produces springy and tastier noodles. This time my Laksa went with simpler garnishes.

For recipe, refer to my earlier posting here.


  1. fuyoooo... I want la.
    Hey Taiping laksa got sambal sotong to go with it right??? I ate that before in Kampung Assam


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