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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Banana Chips (Again)

Hahaha.... banana chips again and again and again..... will not stop as long as there is fruits from the trees and there is demand in the house. I made this countless times already as my bananas trees have not stop fruiting. My hubby chopped another tree with a big bunch of bananas and there are two more trees fruiting waiting to be chopped too. See below another tree with a big bunch yet to be chopped, gotta wait for another weekend.
 This time hubby volunteered to help me peel the bananas, what a lovely hubby. Such a hectic morning after cooking Prawn Mee and then stucked in the kitchen frying the chips until noon. Psssst.... he doesn't know I publish this.... hehe.

This time the banana bunch produces two big Tupperware containers and one half smaller container. Banana chips anyone....hehe!

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  1. waa...what a wonderful chip..i really like this one..banana chips..


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