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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kupang with Lemongrass

My PIL have just arrived this evening and they brought some fresh Kupang from kampung. I never saw this in Peninsular Msia and hence have not eaten it. The flesh is more like mussels but the shells are very thin & easily broken if you pressed between two fingers.

For something fresh like this, I prefer to cook it simple as the flesh is already "sweet" & tasty. My hubby & I just love eating them with or without rice.

Source: HomeKreation
A bowl of fresh Kupang
10/more Bird-eye Chilies*
2 Green Chilies*
2 Shallots*
4 cloves Garlic* (* minced) 
1 Lemongrass - bruised 
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
3 Green Chilies - sliced 
1 tbsp Fish Sauce

1. Heat up few tbsp oil.
2. Saute lemongrass & minced ingredients, & stir until fragrant.
3. Add in turmeric powder, Kupang, sliced chilies, fish sauce & salt.
4. Add in a bit of water to avoid burning at bottom.
Stir for a while until Kupang is cooked (when is start to open up)


  1. I love kupang and lala.
    Cannot take kerang, I'll get diaorrhea.
    I dun eat mussels and oysters due to taste.

    So, if you ever cook this for me, I'll sapu the plate clean!!!

  2. Wendy,
    It's ok if you don't take kerang bcoz it is RM8.50/kg in Miri & 80% is shells... in Perak they are so cheap! I love raw mussels & oysters...woooo delicious! So this Kupang dish is all for you dear... make sure you clean the table after that as a lot of shells to throw...hehe!

  3. salam kak roz,
    kalu saya pun sure rantah2 juga nih! ikiki, nasi tolak tepi :D


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