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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kerabu Tomato Ikan Bilis (Tomato Salad with Anchovies)

I was too busy to do maketing last weekend that I ran out of vegetables in my fridge. Coincidently I saw this salad in Ayu's house while browsing for her layered cake and I happened to have some tomatoes. So here I go.... very delicious and appetite opener and thanks to Ayu & especially to Hana, the original owner of the recipe.

Source: Ayu and Hana
(Translated into English. Untuk Bahasa Melayu, klik link di atas)

2 Tomatoes - deseeded (HomeKreation: I left it) 
1 handful Ikan Bilis - deep fried & crushed 
1/2 Big Onion*
3-4 Cili Padi* (I ran out of stock & replaced with 1 Green Chili & 1 Red Chili) 
1 Lemongrass* (* sliced thinly) 
1 small Kasturi Lime for juice
Salt & Sugar

Mix all & serve.

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