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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dorayaki II

 Hello again.... it has been several days since the last update. I've been very busy with so many activities at works & home that it pulled me down a bit. I'm having fever, flu & cough at the moment and the doctor has issued me a sick leave for tomorrow but am hoping that I will get better by tomorrow to be able to go to work. I've been doing nothing much today except lying down but after having a cup of hot coffee & Cokodok just now, I sweat a bit & feel slightly better. So, while my head is feeling lighter now, I thought of updating one post for you all here.

Despite feeling giddy & heavy head in the morning I managed to make some Dorayaki for the family for breakfast but ended up too browned and uneven colour.... I have an excuse for not doing a good job this time...hehe! Although the look is not up to my expectation but the taste is good... very soft! I made very cute size (7cm diameter) - smaller than a sauce plate below, using Serabai mould.

Since I wasn't too well, most of the photos are shot by my 2nd son, AngahRusydi.... quite a good job eh...!
Source: Baking Mum ( I've halved & refined the original recipe)
(Makes 11 pancakes / 5.5 Dorayaki )
2 Eggs
30g Caster Sugar
30g Honey
1.5g Baking Soda
120g Cake Flour
20g Corn Oil
10g Milk
Filling: Red bean paste

1. Whisk eggs until frothy & gradually add in sugar.
Beat until light & white.
Add in honey, BS, flour, milk, corn oil while beating.

2. Rest 30 min in fridge.
Cook like making pancakes above small fire.
Sandwich with your favourite filling.


  1. salam along...mmmmm sedapnyer filling kacang merah ni :p~

  2. salam jawa(MIL la..)panggil kuih nie... serabai...mmg sedapkan!

  3. tetiba saya teringat kat doraemon..hehehehe..saya pun minat giler ngn dorayaki...ada masa nanti, saya nak cuba resepi ni. =)

  4. Salam ziarah n kenal along..
    kuih ni peberet anak kite..nmpk yg ni bestlah tebal n intinya byk..nnt bile2 bole try resepi ni..

    kite tuka link ye;)

  5. salam kak roz,
    angah yang amik gambar ni? nice job, n focus! mesti rajin bantu mama ni kan? alala dorayaki ni, tersengih kat saya. kang curik satu kang... hihihi..

  6. Rehat2 kak..moga cepat sembuh ya


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