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Friday, December 31, 2010

Chocolate Banana Toffee Pie II

 My sons said this is the most delicious dessert I've made so far..... one piece will make you lost from this world and need second piece to bring you back on earth but the danger will be very addictive and you will be asking for the third one and so on....hehehe.
 I have created the filling differently from the last one by mixing the toffee with melted chocolate and it is really awesome...!! The idea came up because I ran out of cream to make the chocolate layer, so why not just mix the chocolate & toffee... Sometimes you'll be surprise with wild ideas after tested...hehe. See here for the earlier version.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
(Makes 10" pie)
200g Marie Biscuits
100g Melted Butted
- Mix well.
- Grease pie tin & press crumbs until fully covered.
- Bake for 10 minutes & cool.

200g Chocolate - melted
1 can Toffee / Dulce de Leche
Fresh Milk

Enough Bananas to cover - sliced
Whipping Cream
Cocoa Powder 

1. Mix melted chocolate & toffee. Add few tbsp of fresh milk if it is too thick.
Spread it into the crust base.
2. Arrange sliced bananas until fully covered.
3. Whip cream untl stiff & spread on top of banana layer.
4. Sprinkle cocoa powder.
5. Chill overnight before serve.


  1. salam along,
    wow this chocolate banana toffee, is really making me salivating..heheh
    boleh masuk list juga ni.

  2. Wah, you made this 3 times oredi!!
    True, this pie is addictive.

  3. salam along, kita tukar suka sama suka nak? nor bawak kek alunan kasih utk along dan liana ni :)

  4. Wishing u a happy and prosperous new year to u and ur family..Sooo wonderful looking pie,marvellous.

  5. OMG...delicious pie kak! Happy 2011 to U...;*

  6. Wow.. sungguh menggoda imanku.. Kak, mesti licinkan pie ni..
    p/s: Jemput dtg blog, ada kad utk akak.. Tq


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