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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chocolate Banana Toffee Pie (Again)

My third son, Radhi, been nagging me to make this pie again. So, here it is and come & drool over this super delicious rich filling. For recipe, refer here.

This time the Dulce de Leche (DDL) that I used is so much creamier than before but unfortunately I lost the wrapper & not sure which brand that I used. I gotta try out all over again to find out the right brand.....sob sob....
Refer here & here for DDL making.


  1. You're really tempting me with this pie la.
    You used F&N condensed filled milk la, the last time you told me. Or you changed to teko? just 2 brands with filled milk only.

    I still haven't tried to use this milk to do DDL, and will try one day. I'm still hoping some nice fella will bring me some real condensed milk from Spore.

  2. Wendy,
    I gave a piece to a colleague in the office & she was speechless after the first bite. In the second bite, she was just chewing slowly with close eyes...! Unless you are not a sweet tooth, it is a must try dessert!

    I made two times already, so I get myself confused... How short my memory is...huuuu

    I'm also hoping my boss will bring me some real condensed milk from Spore in his next visit.

  3. Hi,
    May i ask must we always grease the tart mould? or only this particular one? how to grease cos i tok the marie biscuit has already mix with butter? pls kindly enlighten and ur reply to my email is greatly appreciate, thks


  4. CheezyHeart,
    Hi. Yes, you must grease the mould for all tarts/pies recipe so that it can easily be loosen out from the pan without breaking it. Brush the tin with butter. Butter in the biscuit is not a lot & just enough to make the crumbs sticks together - the crumbs is not oily.


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