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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Cake Is This?

Nice and light cake with heavier texture at the bottom.... However, this not supposed to look as such, so should I call it success by incidence or a failure... LOL. Whatever it is, it is nice! I will post it again if I get more successful to look like what it supposed to be.... in meantime, just enjoy it and don't ask me what the name is... it will be a surprise when I post the success version if I try again...hehe.

By the way, I made it to serve the kampung people who works (gotong-royong) in the preparation for gathering at my friend's daughter Akad Nikah (wedding vows) yesterday.


  1. wah...sedapnye kek...=)rajinnye along masak...b'tuah hsbnd n anak2 along=)

  2. I'm not gonna guess the cake name...hehehe!

    Looks good still! :)

  3. Along, nama x penting kan, janji sedap ditekak...look like marble cake?

  4. I stumble upon your blog on HomeKreation. I love reading and looking at your recipes. You're very creative person. I would love to try some of it if I can find all the ingredients here. I am from Miri but living in Houston, TX. (Frm.Floria)


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