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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gathering Farewell to Wan & Wani

 My lovely friend Wani is returning to KL after living in Miri for 3 years following her husband who is my colleague and now finished his assignment in Sarawak. I'm going to miss her as she is very friendly and lovely friend, we get close at no time after we met. Hope we stay in touch.... love ya.

I invited them and some other friends for afternoon makan. Below are the menu:

Laksa Johor:
 Brownie Cheesecake:
 Beef & Potato Samosa (didn't manage to snap photo so showed herewith photo from previous posting):
 Trifle by Cik Nooriz:
 Sweet grapes from Wani:
 Soya, Lychee & Basil Seed Bandung:
And lastly, Teh Tarek.... but no photo.


  1. thats a lovely platter for the farewell party...after marraige I moved to a new place but i still keep in touch with all my friends...with new technologies like skype you can stay in touch virtually : )

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  2. i've been following yr blog for quite sometime.. u're really great in cooking & baking.. would like to get to knw better.. have a great day ahead..


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