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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Published Apology Over Ciplak Case

Actually I have no mood talking about this subject anymore. However, I just want to close the subject herewith and recognise the action taken by The Borneo Post to publish an apology over the ciplak case that I shared here earlier on. Although the guilty party is the Supreme Chicken, The Borneo Post has acted professionally on the matter.


  1. Yayyy!! They apologized...

    Shld be the Supreme like U said, anyhow hope no plagiarism in future.

  2. syukur laa dah ada tindakan..baru td tengok news paper 18hb tu along..suh hb cari kat opis asyik lupa jer bw balik.hehe..apa2pun hrp2 laa kes x berulang,kn

  3. As if no end to this ciplak case kan.... one after another blogger kena kes yg sama!

  4. alhamdulillah...dh selesai kes....

  5. Oh...itu macam ciplak gambar dari blog...Bleh minta gantirugi ker?

  6. alhamdulillah.. dpt menyejukkan sket hati kan along.. mmg sepatutnya SC yg mintak maaf dgn along selain dr BP.. apapun.. syukur ya along.. dah settle pun.. nor pun rasa lega gak.. kita selalu in the same boat kan.. hu hu..


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