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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cucur Udang & Fresh Mango Juice

 Hubby requested for Cucur Udang again today (I've made it few times already in this Ramadhan month). My whole family has higher preference for savoury kuih over sweet kuih and don't mind Cucur Udang every day which is the best kuih of all to them....LOL.

Whenever I made Cucur Udang, I will sure remember my big brothers , nephews & nieces. There was one time I made this from 2kg flour and all gone in one blink the moment the Cucur Udang lifted out from the wok. At the end when all done, there were still some people complaint didn't have chance to grab any. It is a sure hit whenever I made this in my or in-law kampung.... something I get remembered for and complimented as well...haha.
Ini versi photographing kelam-kabut, tak sempat nak tunjuk sos....hehe
 My simple Cucur Udang.... no fancy additives to make it soft, just the way I mix it perhaps. My babysitter made it tens of times after she saw me making tens of times but still hers will be tough.... You can try my recipe if you like but use your judgement for success. I've posted a recipe here before but I like the simpler version as below.

By: Roz@HomeKreation 
500g more/less Flour
300g Shrimps - shelled & chopped coarsely
1-2 tbsp Chilli Paste
3 Shallots - sliced/pounded
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
Water sufficiently

1. Mix all ingredients with water until you achieve the consistency required.

2. Heat up a lot of oil in a wok.
Drop a tbsp of the mixture at a time & fry until cooked.
Make sure you flip the dumplings to ensure evenly cooked.
Once cooked, lift the dumplings into a bowl lined with kitchen paper.

3. Serve with chilli or peanut sauce.

Cucur Udang simple versi Along tak letak macam2, lagi simple lagi sedap & tak jemu makan. My family boleh habis semangkuk besar sekali makan jer. Cucur tetap lembut walau pun dah sejuk tapi warning ya, memang susah nak jadi lembut sebab Along tak letak apa2 bahan pelembut tapi tangan ni dah biasa buat cucur ni dari Along kecil (sekolah rendah) so memang automatik jer... Patma kat rumah ni dah 10x buat pun tak mau jadi lembut walaupun dah 10x tunjuk.... Bancuhan kena cair sedikit baru cucur jadi lembut, malas lak nak sukat2 sebab kalau buat memang selalu main tuang jer air tu sambil di kacau2, so kalau sesiapa nak cuba pandai2 sendiri lah dulu ya...hehe.

+/-500g Tepung Gandum
300g Udang - buang kulit & cincang
1-2 sb Cili Mesin
3 bj Bwg Merah - hiris/tumbuk
1/2 st Serbuk Kunyit
Air secukupnya

1. Campurkan kesemua bahan dgn air secukup nya - agak2 supaya tidak terlalu pekat/cair.

2. Panaskan minyak yg banyak & sudukan adunan kedlm minyak.
Goreng & balik2kan selalu sehingga masak.
Angkat & toskan di atas kertas tisu, di dalam mangkuk.

3. Hidangkan dgn sos cili atau kuah kacang.

My mango trees are fruiting again and also received a bag of mangoes from kampung. We had mango juice for Iftar every other day and still have abundance of mangoes in the fridge and on trees. The above Mango Juice was very thick as I blend the pulps with ice cubes and not much water added... such a refreshing thirst quenchers and healthy too without preservative or coloring....!!


  1. akaaaakkkk...rindu akak n liana too...ela selalu main2 kat sini tapi tak tinggal jejak...takdan2 sekarang ni..jeling2 jer tenet hehheheh....

  2. If both of this cucur & mango juice are just in front of me, sure you will definitely say me very rakus (greedy) heheheh ... both just my favourite snacks & fruit :)

  3. Both looks super inviting,feel like having some rite now..


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