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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bubur Asyura Sarawak

Ashura day fell on 10 Muharam on Muslim calendar i.e. it was Tuesday 6th December this year. The common culture in Malaysia was to fast on the day & serve Bubur Ashura to neighborhood to denote the historical significance during the war. Food were scarce during the war,  so everybody donated whatever they had which made up of wheat, barley, assorted beans, corn, etcs & cooked them jointly into Bubur Asyura. Various places in Malaysia will have different version, some are sweet and some are savoury; on the other hand whilst some are in porridge form, some others are in pudding/kuih form. In Sarawak, typically are savoury in porridge form.

I received a bowl of Bubur Ashura from thoughtful CikTie.... first time I tried the Sarawak version & wow... I like it a lot - really tasty & filling. Thanks so much for being thoughtful always.

According to CikTie, she mix beef soup, rice, barley, green/red beans....(CikTie anything else...? I forgot what you told me) into a slow cooker.

Pertama kali Along merasa Bubur Asyura Sarawak .... terima drpd kawan rapat CikTie.... sedaaaap nyaaaa... kalau tak rasa tak tau!

Kata CikTie, nak buat ni senang - campak semua bahan2 ke dlm slow cooker - sup daging, barli, kekacang... lain2 tu Along tak ingat lah pulak.... nanti nak kena tanya semula & insyaallah nak cuba buat nanti.


  1. Assalamualaikum nampak sedapnya bubur asyura nie . Saya suka bubur yang tidak manis tapi savoury.

  2. I've tried cooking asyura once when I was teaching in a Felda. 2 huge kawah, very huge!
    There was beef, mung beans, chicken, daun sup, carrots, onions, santan, and all the rempah rempah. Very nice when it was cooled down and formed a kuih. But let me forget the part about the rusty scraper....

  3. Noor,
    Wsalam. Along first time makan bubur asyura yg saboury ni...sedap lah tambahan ada campur bali.

    Wow, that must be fun in the gotong-royong the asyura sure have a lot of variety ingredients. Rusty scrapper sounds scary to me too....heee


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