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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Menu for Family Gathering cum 22nd Anniversary

Dessert  table

Last 24th Dec was our 22nd wedding anniversary, syukur alhamdulillah..... we both are healthy and blessed with happiness and strong love for each other, children and our extended families. This year we celebrated our anniversary by gathering all our relatives in Taiping - almost 50 of us gathered in the house in Taiping. There were few of my nephews/nieces/grandniece who could not attend and of course not forgotten my own eldest son who is studying in Pennsylvania State University. The gathering was really fun with a lot of laughters and feeling of togetherness... very warm with love! It is the best anniversary celebration we ever had...!

ok, let's check the menu that I prepared for the day. The selection was based on popular requests.
PHOTO above:
1. Kek Lapis Peppermint (most popular layered cake for the occassion)
2. Kek Lapis Intan Terpilih (uniquely delicious with salted cheese crackers were complimented by most)
3. Kek Lapis Pisang Poppyseed (also equally complimented for moist and surprise crunchy bits)
4. Apam Dot-Dot (from my niece EnaTw2 - very popular amongst small kids)
5. Moist Chocolate Cake (from KakNgahEla - who can reject chocolate....)
6. Bingka Labu (requested by my 4th brother and for makcik2 & pakcik2 memang laku....heeee)
7. Pandan & Coconut Jelly (no one can resist the unique pandan and coconut combination...!)
8. Lompat Tikam Sagu (my popular dessert amongst friends & families besides in the blogworld)
9. Kek Buah Kukus (from my sister Akmal - well done my sis)
PHOTO below:
10. Tiramisu (gone in a blink! Tens of plates around me the moment I took it out from the fridge....LOL)
11. Nasi Goreng Ayam (on average 3 plates per person....LOL!)
12. Sup Tulang (to compliment the rice)
13. Laksa Sarawak (1st time introducing it to all my, some not used to its unique spice taste)
14. Fresh Mango Juice (the mangoes were from my backyard in Miri)
15. Kopi Kaw

The gathering ended past midnight and most of the food were finished with big compliments to the host and chef....LOL (very satisfied to be able to treat my families and most of all my mom's certification of food quality....hehe).
Most popular dessert of the day

Main meals (rice & laksa) were served in the patio under the moonshine.... (with lighting too of course...hehe)

Late snap, half of chicken in the 2nd pot were already gone

Fresh Mango Juice


  1. happy anivsry along sayang.. smga berbahagia berpjgan hingga ke akhir hayat.. mana dak tecik liana tu.. lama tak intrprem.. auntie dah rindu ni..

  2. Happy 22 nd anniversary Along.moga tambah bahgia rukun damai rumahtangga.
    byknya makanan terhidang...semua nampak sedap2 belaka... meriah dpt mkn bersama sanak saudara dikg halaman.
    Jua slmt thn baru 2012 buat Along sekeluarga.

  3. Happy anniversary Along dan selamat tahun baru...

  4. Salam.Hi Kak Alongroz, Happy 22nd Anniversary buat akak & suami. Moga ikatan perkahwinan yg terbina akan terus dilimpahi kebahagiaan dan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

    Memang beruntung ahli keluarga akak.. Dijamu dengan juadah2 lazat. Rambang mata dibuatnya.. kalau Nur, dah tentu pilih tiramisu, no wonder tiramisu boleh hilang sekelip mata hehe.

    Selamat tahun baru 2012 buat akak..

  5. Roz salam and happy belated anniversary. kak Ros pun sambut anniversary yg ke 25 on 25th dec lepas.Kita lebih kurang samakan???Tabik spring dgn list masakan yang Roz sediakan tu.Salam sayang dan happy new year ya.

  6. Happy belated Anniversary buat along dan suami..semoga kekal bahagia selamanya...insyaAllah.bestnyer tgk menu yg sedapx2 tu:)

    happy new year 2012:)

  7. happy anniversary buat along dan suami...selamat tahun baru jugak...

    banyaknya menu..semua sedap2 belaka..:)

  8. Happy Anniversary K' Along. semoga bahagia selalu bersama keluarga tercinta.. banyak nya makanan yang sedap sedap.. :D

  9. Happy anniversary along semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat and happy new year to you and family

  10. Terima-kasih semua atas ucapan & doa....


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