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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Farewell to Sarah & Britton

 A couple of weeks ago we had gathering at my house to bid farewell to a friend who was leaving for New Zealand and yesterday I invited Sarah & Britton for afternoon tea before they return to San Francisco. Two farewells in a month is quite drastic experience.... saying good bye is always sad but I hope the friendship will continue... They both are such lovely friends and am going to miss them although we only know each other for a short period.

We also invited few other friends whose spouses never been to my house yet, nice getting to know Fabian & Aisyah. It was just a short evening tea and hope we'll meet again some other time.

I love having friends over at home environment because you will feel closer and better bonding. Sarah volunteered to cook Laksa Sarawak which is her favourite Malaysian food. I taught her traditional way of preparing it and she learn how to pound onion in Lesung Batu (stone mortar) and making Sambal Belacan. I'll buy her a lesung for a gift... something to remind her our fun experience cooking in Malaysian kitchen.

Liana was very shy but at the end get warmed up with Sarah and they both cuddles and enjoyed playing together... except it was still hard for Liana in speaking up... hopefully she will overcome her fear to speak up to people one day and could confidently be her real self... she speaks a lot at home & love singing.

I always lay tables ahead of time so that I get myself more organised... Not having a maid, everything need to be well planned to ensure I have time to sit down & entertain the guests when they arrived. Thank-you to my sporting hubby who gave me strong hands!

I prepared simple menu for the day since we only had a table full of guests:

1. The main menu was Laksa Sarawak, jointly cooked and prepared with Sarah & Britton... a real teamwork! Britton did very nice job in shredding the chicken meat with hands. We managed to clear the whole pot and no leftover at all.... great!

2. We had Mixed Fruit Rojak (guava, starfruit, apples) as starter and they all love it....

 See Hairul's cheek... he was really enjoying the homemade Rojak sauce! I'm glad that they all like it! Thank-you Hairul for helping me in the kitchen too.

3.  White Banana Butter Cake with Chocolate Chips, served with Butterscotch Sauce... my favourite cake and glad that they like it too.

4. Bubur Ca Ca & Yam:

5. Snack for the day was Batang Buruk (courtesy from Maria):
Sarah loves this so much so I pack some to tapao.

6. Delicious cheesecakes from Sarah exclusively for me alone....LOL:

7. Fresh Mango & Passion Fruit Juice:

8. Black Kampung Coffee (imported from Kluang)

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