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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oreo Layered Cake II

I made this cake today to give to a colleague (Ms Rash) who is leaving tomorrow.  I sliced thinly one side so that you can see the pattern but it is too thin that you cannot see the oreo layers (sorry friends I can't slice too much...).

There were several requests for the recipe before hence as promised I have tested another recipe which I've gotten from Rasa magazine. This is a fabulous recipe & worth making - deliciously moist & rich taste.

This time I made different pattern of the layers. Instead of layering the pandan portion in the middle, I alternated the two colors as above and splitted the oreo cookies. Previous pattern is here & here.

480g Butter
5 tbsp Kaya 

20 Egg Yolks
4 Egg Whites
150g Hong Kong Flour
200g Sugar
1 tbsp Ovalette

3 packs of Oreo cookies
1/2 tbsp Pandan Paste 

1. Beat A until fluffy.

2. Beat B until thick & white.

3. Mix both A & B until well blended.

4. Divide into two equal parts.
Mix one part with Pandan Paste (add color if not green enough).

5. Spread 8 spoon of plain portion into lined & greased tin.
Grill until top is brown.
Continue layering per your preferred pattern.
Above pattern: 
2 layers plain --> oreo --> 2 layers plain, 
2 layers green --> oreo --> 2 layers green,
Repeat until finish.
For the last layer, bake for 15 min at 180C.


  1. Look so gorgeous! nak rasa sepotong laa....harap mr rash x kesah..hihi...
    lamak dah sik molah kek lapis..huhu

  2. Salam Along,
    Lama tak melapis ni.. Insyaallah nnt nak buat cuma nk kena beli biskut oreo aje.. thanks 4 sharing this recipe with us

  3. HaSue,
    Aiiik... (sambil tepuk tangan Sue yg dah gatal nak potong kek ni)... nanti Cik Rash nangis lak kek dia kena kebas. Nanti along buat lain untuk Sue, kalau tak Sue buat sendiri lah ya. Sue kan terrer buat kek lapis.....hehehehe

    Wsalam. Cuba lah, kek ni sedap sangat tau...hehe.

  4. hi can i ask u if i can steamed this cake insyead of bake?

  5. Yan,
    I will not recommend this cake for steaming as it is very moist already due to a lot of egg yolk. For steamed layer cake, normally use whole eggs rather than high proportion of egg yolks.


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