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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thai Basil Chicken

I went to Che & Charlie's house yesterday & plucked some fresh Thai Basil Leaves & Bird-eye Chilies from their herbs garden. I came home & cooked those with chicken right away and surprisingly the kids enjoyed it so much that they asked me to cook it again. So today I asked Charlie to bring some more to the office & cook brinjal with it (will post later).

Source: HomeKreation
1/2 Chicken - cut to small bite size
6-7 cloves Garlic*
15 Bird-eye Chilies* (* minced) 
2 tbsp Fish Sauce
1 Tomato - cut 6
1 big bunch Thai Basil Leaves - separate from stems 

1. Fry minced garlic & chili until fragrant.
Add in chicken & stir well for few minutes.
Add in fish sauce & salt.
Cover until chicken is cooked.

2. Add in tomato & basil leaves.
Stir for two minutes.
Dish up & serve hot with white rice.


  1. salam sy bw somtam leh tukar dgn ayam tu-sedapnyer bau sampai cni la :)

  2. Wow...I'm imagining myself eating this... must be heavenly...

  3. Yummmmmmyyyyyyy! My fav chicken is here!!! I want that nasi impit with kuah kacang too!!! My fav...;)

  4. daun selasih ni masak dengan sotong pun sedap.

  5. Deliah,
    Wsalam. Maceh.... somtam pun sodaaap! Ni Along kasi ayam tu extra k...hehe

    Yes, it is delicious although looks simple. A must try...

    Hi darling, you are back. Here is another chicken dish to add to your collection. Come again on hari raya & I'll cook you more nasi impit...hehe

    Daun selasih ni maak dgn apa pun sedaaap... wangi gitu...hehe


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