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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grilled Tuna Sandwich

 Breakfast this morning is still in the same theme from last last night.... tuna, salad & garlic bread....hehe. The boyz clapping their hands for this type of menu anytime whether day or night... they just love it.

Here how the grilled slices look like before adding salad:
Oval buns - sliced & halved
Garlic butter - see here
Tuna Flakes
Mozarelle Cheese
Black Pepper
Salad & Green Olives

1. Spread bread with garlic butter.
Arrange tomato, tuna & cheese.
Sprinkle black pepper.

2. Toast below grill until golden brown & crispy.
Top with salad & green olives..... have a bite...!!


  1. tengah kelaparan ni..nak skit along...sandiwsh mewah niii

  2. Salam AlongRoz..waa lama x jenguk dapur Along, sori laa Ummi bz sangat x tau laaa...tengok sandwich along tu..anak2 mst suka td pun wat tuna sandwich croissant..hehhe..


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