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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Black Glutinous Serimuka (Serimuka Pulut Hitam)

I had so much leftover cooked black glutinous rice from  Bubur Pulut Hitam that I posted earlier on. Without thinking, I boiled the whole packet of the black glutinous rice which gave me almost a pot full of it. I only used half of it for the bubur and experimented the balance into this kuih. Surprisingly it turned out to be very yummy... I love the combination of the creamy topping and nice special fragrant from the black glutinous rice. So glad I made it!

Source: HomeKreation
(Makes 8" round)
1 cup cooked Glutinous Rice (i.e. boiled until cooked & water dried up) 
1/2 cup Thin Coconut Milk*
A pinch Salt* (* mixed)

2 Eggs
100g Sugar
40g Flour
175ml Thick Coconut Milk
1 tbsp Pandan Paste

1. Place cooked glutinous rice & coconut milk in a pan.
Steam for 30 minutes.
Pressed until it become firmly padded layer.

2. Mix the topping ingredients until smooth.
Pour over the glutinous rice layer & cover with aluminium foil.
Steam for 30 min.

3. Cool completely before slicing.


  1. Very cute and irresistible serimuka..

  2. erkkk..alhmdulillah..kenyanggg..mceh ye along antor srpan utk kita..leh la kluar umah nga snang ati ni..hehe..ok along..nti jmpa lgi ye..kita nk kluar 4 last minit shping..huhuu..

  3. idea best nih, tak pnah lagi try & jumpa seri muka pulut hitam..

  4. What an innovative way to make serimuka.

  5. Priya,
    Not just cute, most of all taste delicious...hehe

    amboi sonok nya shopping2, kita kena gi kerja...huhu

    Sari Yusa,
    Kena cuba sebab mmg ada kelainan...

    When you ended up with leftover, you will always came up with something...hehe right?

  6. Hi Kak, hru doing dearie? Just came online to post on my birthday! Actually dah abis dah semalam...hehehe! :D

    Here r some cookies for u!!! Thanks for the wishes ya kak! :D

  7. Hi,

    Can i know why my topping and the glutinous rice did not stick? Anything i could have missed out?



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