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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bingka Kacang Hijau Kukus

 I had been craving for this Malay kuih and made it many times in the past using the recipe in here, which is my favourite recipe. I just don't need to try other recipe because it is very good already for my taste bud. However, I cannot stop the curiosity in me to try this other recipe that calls for tapioca flour... I imagined it must be chewy and sticky... The outcome was really surprising and I'm so glad that I did try it. The texture is soft and bouncy (just like mochi) and the taste is delicious with lovely aroma of coconut cream. It is gluten free so I could eat on and on without feeling any guilt!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: MyResipi (modified)
Translated into English by HomeKreation
Yields: 8" round
320g boiled Green beans
200g Sugar
180g Tapioca Flour
50g Cornflour
200ml Coconut Cream
7 pcs Screwpine Leaves – blend with water to produce 75ml juice

1. In food processor, blend all ingredients (except green beans) until smooth.
Add in green beans and pulse blend and well mixed.
2. Grease and heat the pan.
3. Pour batter into the tin and steam 45 minutes until done.
4. Cool before slicing.

 Along and hubby suka sangat Bingka Kacang Hijau dan banyak kali dah buat guna resipi yg di kongsikan di sini dulu. Malas dah nak cuba resipi yg lain sebab dah puas hati dgn resepi yg itu. Tapi kan, curious pula nak cuba resepi yg ini sebab ia guna tepung ubi... dok terbayang mesti kenyal2 kan. Bila dah siap masak, tak sabar nak rasa.... aduhai sedap nyaaa.... memang kenyal tapi kenyal2 manja gitu dan tak melekat di jari.... lembut jer tak liat pun. Rasa nya pun cukup rasa lemak, harum kacang hijau dan lemak santan.

Jom kawan2 cuba buat... rugi tau kalau tak rasa.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: MyResipi (Along dah ubahsuai sedikit resepi)
Hasil: 8" bulat
320g Kacang Hijau (yg telah di rebus)
200g Gula
180g Tepung Ubi
50g Tepung Jagung
200ml Santan Pekat (kotak)
7 helai Daun Pandan – blend & hasilkan Pandan Jus 75ml

1. Masukkan kesemua bahan2 ke dalam food processor / blender (kecuali kacang hijau) blend sehingga sebati.
Masukkan kacang hijau & blend sebentar.
2. Masak dgn api kecil sehingga pekat (Along skip step ni).
3. Lenserkan Loyang dgn minyak dan panaskan sebentar.
4. Tuang adunan ke dlm Loyang & kukus 20 minit (Along kukus 45 minit).

5. Sejukkan sebelum di potong.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pavlova Nests

   Entertained my niece's request... These beautiful little nests are melt-in-the-mouth dessert which will be fast gone before your guilt... Although it is sugar based dessert, don't you worry about the calories... it is far lower than any other cakes that I've ever made so far. Try it and it will worth all the effort... once your teeth clench into it you will be allured by the crunchiness and yet soft like marshmallow in the inside. It is air light that you hardly taste the sweetness... enriched with well balance taste of whipped cream, assorted fruits and organic sourish jam sauce. So irresistible and one piece is definitely not enough for me.... LOL!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Yields: ~16 nests
90g      Egg Whites
½ tsp   White Vinegar
85g      Granulated Sugar*
½ tsp    Cornstarch*
            Vanilla Bean Extract* (* mix)
            Whipped cream, Fruits, Jam sauce

1. Preheat oven to 200C (+fan).
2. Beat egg whites on medium-low until foamy.
Add in vinegar and then slowly add in sugar mixture*.
Whisk until soft peaks and glossy.
3. Pipe into mini nests.
4. Reduce temperature to 100C (+fan) and bake at bottom rack for 80 minutes.
5. Once done, off the oven & let it sit until cool to room temperature.
6. Keep in an air-tight container until needed. Fill with cream & fruits just before serving.

   Siapa tak pernah rasa Pavlova, angkat tangaaannnn..... Uiiiihhhhh, rugi nya.... Jom belajar buat Pavlova... mesti teruja dapat makan buatan sendiri yg rangup2 manja, lembut cam buih isinya, di gandingkan pula dgn cream dan hirisan buah2an dan sos jem masam2 manis... Walaaa.... Masuk jer mulut terus hilang cair.... tak terkata nikmat nya..... heheeee

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Yields: ~16 nests
90g      Putih Telur
½ tsp   Cuka
85g      Gula Halus*
½ tsp   Tepung Jagung*
            Vanilla Bean Extract* (* Campurkan)
            Whipped cream, Buah2an, Sos Jem

1. Panaskan oven 200C (on kipas oven).
2. Pukul putih telur sedehana laju sehingga berbuih.
Masukkan cuka sambil di pukul dan masukkan campuran gula* sedikit demi sedikit.
Pukul sehingga kental berkilat dan bertanduk.
3. Paipkan seperti bentuk sarang (lihat gambar).
4. Turunkan suhu oven kpd 100C (+kipas) dan bakar rak bawah selama 80 minit.
5. Padamkan oven dan biarkan pavlova diam dlm oven sehingga sejuk.
6. Simpan dlm bekas kedap udara sehingga di perlukan.
7. Isi dgn whipped cream, buah2an dan sos jem.