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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Award from KakPaty

  Dear friends and readers, sorry for disappearing for the last many days. My phone line was cut off two days  before I went off for business travel and therefore I left without any warning. I just came back & little bit tired but will be active again as soon as I can find opportunity to do so.

A pleasant surprise awaiting for me soon after I logged on to my blog.... a recognition award from KakPaty whom I admire for her wittiness, passion and determination. Your recognition is much appreciated and hence framed herewith for eternal memory. Thanks so much.....mmmmmmmmuah2.

The award came with some rules:

#1 Thank the person that nominated you

#2 Put the award up on your blog

#3 Post a link to the person that nominated you

#4 Share 7 interesting facts about yourself
 Not sure what I can tell - done many tags earlier on which you can check in the index. Anyway, here some more:
i.) My favourite flowers are roses
I love real roses or anything with roses prints / shapes (see my blog background.... have not changed it for years... hehe)

ii.) I'm a shoppaholic..... (KakPaty, this one we are alike... haha!)
Kalau berkenan jer memang rembat abis tapi kalau tak jumpa yg berkenan di hati biar pakai yg buruk pun takpa...hehe. Lepas shopping jer memang ketawa beso.... kahkahkah. Bila dah pencen nanti kita dok diam2.

iii.) My favourite fast food is Fillet O Fish from Mc Donald....

iv.) Food I don't like? I eat anything unless I'm allergic to it or food yang tak sedap....hehe. Apa yang tak sedap tu ikut tekak semasa ler kan.

v.) Many people asked me how I stay 'slim' from young until this late age despite I cook all the time....
Answer: I have no idea.... I eat whatever I like (no particular diet) and hardly exercise.... but my cholesterol level requires attention. Rice is a must for me everyday and I don't believe rice can cause fat - it is  my source of energy. By the way, I myself think I am not slim, it is others who think so.....haha. I start to see the scale keep on climbing up.... one day people will notice otherwise....

vi.) Many people ask me how I find so much time to do many things and be successful at all them?
Answer: I don't get more time, I do less and get more.... Confused? I don't get to do everything that I like to do in life but I do what is important i.e. prioritise well so that whatever you get done is done satisfactorily. By prioritise you have more time to do more too. Many people focus on nitty gritty things in life which cannot bring much meaning when looked back. Want to know more, let's talk.

vii.) My philosophy: Life is tough but God is fair
Always be thankful (bersyukur) no matter what the situation is and you will enjoy life better. No matter how hard you feel on some path of life, it will be over and end with either regret or satisfaction. It is you who decides whether you see it positively or negatively.

#5 Finally, nominate 5 other people you think deserve the award.
Nak tagging ni yang susah sikit sebab ramai sangat blogger yg hebat2 sekarang ni. Yang Along minat semua nya dah pun dapat award ni, so kita relax kat sini jer lah ya.


  1. SALAM ALONG, lovely confession but I envy your no (V), I'm struggling to cut down all the fats.....I wish I could be like you. We have a lot in common except No:(V) ha and thanks got accepting and prompt response and also thanks for the moist sour cream choc cake- anak anak suka

  2. Salam.. Kak Alongroz, suka dengan prinsip hidup akak.. Nur pula susah nak control berat badan, seronok if dapat maintain slim macam akak.

    One more thing, no wonder template blog tak pernah berubah. Lepas ni, nak panggil "Kak Along Rose", boleh tak? (hehe.. gurau je..)


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