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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fried Ice Cream (Aiskrim Goreng)

 Saw this at Zana's house & gave it a try as it looks quite simple. Actually not as easy as it sounds..... My bread break after cut out revealing the ice cream content and I guess the bread brand that I used is too thin. I felt like giving up but didn't want to waste it so went ahead and fry it anyway after freezing it overnight. To my surprise the ice cream did not melt despite the leaking.

I fried the first one very lightly as I was worried that the ice cream melts if I fry too long. I fried the next batch a little longer trying as an experiment and so fortunate that the ice cream was still solid & frozen inside. The tips is make sure the oil is really hot and the ice cream is frozen hard.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Zana (Translated into English)
Bread Slices
Ice Cream - choose your favourite flavour 
Oil for deep frying

1. Roll the bread slices flat with rolling pin.

2. Scoop ice cream onto one slice of bread.
Place another slice of bread on top.
Cut out using a glass.
Repeat as many as you like.

3. Keep them in an air tight container in freezer for at least 3 hours or overnight.

4. Heat up oil in a wok for deep frying (make sure the oil is really hot).
Deep fry the frozen ice cream & flip when necessary, until golden & crisp on the outer. Do it quickly for about 1 minute.

5. Serve immediately.

The pictures below are my second batch which I fried little longer:

Step-by-step on how to cut out the sandwiched ice cream:


Source: Zana (Resipi di taip semula utk mudah rujuk)
Kepingan Roti
Ais Krim - flavour kegemaran
Minyak utk menggoreng

1. Gelekkan kepingan roti sehingga padat.

2. Letakkan seketul aiskrim ke atas sekeping roti.
Leakkan sekeping roti ke atas nya.
Potong dgn menggunakan gelas.
Buat lah seberapa byk yg suka.

3. Simpan dlm bekas kedap udara & bekukan selama 3 jam atau semalaman.

4. Panaskan minyak sehingga betul2 panas.
Goreng kepingan ais krim sekejap sahaja, lebih kurang 1 minit, sehingga garing di luar nya.

5. Hidangkan segera.


  1. I always wondered how to fry ice cream ... without melting ... now i know : ) thanks for sharing

    Super Yummy Recipes

  2. What an attractive desserts. Looks really yummy ... Btw, just curious, will the two slices bread sealed just cutting by the glass? It's very risky doing that .... hahahaha ...

  3. Omg, tempting and attractive fried icecream,sooo yumm..

  4. Hi Roz.Normally Puan Ros Buan ni banyak2 dan simpan dlm frezer berminggu2.Sapa2 nak makan just take n fry it, senang kerjakan!

  5. My fav too. Make them in bulks and kept in freezer.

    Now, nothing left in my am taking some from U kak! :D

  6. salam along,
    memang dah lama nak try buat ni belum ada chance lah..cantik roti ice cream along ni..

  7. salam along..
    a' pun risau klau ais krim tu cair..
    now i know how to make the shape. Mcm tu caranya..
    thnks 4 sharing the recipe..bole cuba!

  8. alongku sayang.. mula2 mmg rasa susah nk buat.. roti yg bahagian ats tu along bentukkan dulu ikut saiz aiskrim.. pas tu baru tekan dgn acuan..klau along terus tekan acuan, roti akan pecah..

  9. Salam Along..
    Heheheeee aiskrim goreng..Pilihan aiskrim yang tepat..Cantik kaler aiskrim tu.. Best kan..First time Naz buat dulu pun risau aiskrim ni cair dok kat dlm roti tu..Tapi tak..

  10. Satya,
    Once tried you'll be surprise that it doesn't melt...!

    Yes, it get sealed thru cutting. Some pieces had holes but it doesn't matter as the oil doesn't melt the ice cream...!

    Try it out my dear...

    Pn Ros,
    Good idea buat byk2 tapi satu bungkus roti tak dpt byk pun.

    Have some my lovely friend...hehe

    Mr Mama,
    Mr mama pun dah buat kan...sejuk best mkn ni.

    Cubalah, sekejap je nak wrap ice cream tu.

    Fara Dean,
    Wsalam. Kalau di bekukan betul2 tak cair bila kena goreng.

    ok, tq kasi tips. Next time akan cuba lagi.

    Wsalam. Along beli yg kaler sbb nak kasi liana makan...hehe.

  11. Yashika JayasingheJune 26, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    I just tried it out... It's perfect and tastes yummy! Thanks for sharing....

  12. i want to ask that, is your shop in labuan?


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