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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steamed Layered Yam Kuih (Talam Lapis Keladi)

I was just just too tired & didn't manage to update the blog yesterday and hence by the time you see this entry, all the kuih has long gone....LOL.

I made the kuih for yesterday's breakfast and also to clear the yams that I bought from Niah the other day. Such a lovely kuih shared by Bdaria - not just pretty but tastes nice too. Each layer is made from different flour produces three different delicate layers and taste.
Source: Bdaria
English translation by HomeKreation
I halved the original recipe to fit my tin size & for small family
Size: 8" round
80g Rice Flour
40g Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
400ml Coconut Milk
150g Yam - cubed & steamed 
Purple + Pink Color

1. Mix flour & coconut milk & strain into a pot.
Add in sugar, salt & color and heat up above a small fire.
2. Add in steamed yam & pour into a greased steamer tin & steam 30 min.
3. Scratch surface before pouring the next layer.

25g Plain Flour
55g Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
1 Egg
200ml Coconut Milk
Pink Color

1. Mix flour, egg & coconut milk & strain into a pot.
Add in sugar, salt & color and heat up above a small fire.
2. Pour into the first layer & steam 30 min.
3. Scratch surface before pouring the next layer.

25g Custard Flour
50g Sugar
A pinch of Salt
1 Egg
200ml Coconut Milk

1. Mix flour, egg & coconut milk & strain into a pot.
Add in sugar, salt and heat up above a small fire.
2. Pour into the second layer & steam 30 min.
3. Scratch surface before pouring the next layer.
4. Cool kuih completely before slicing to serve.

Kuih Lapis Talam Keladi ni ada tiga lapis yg di perbuat drpd tiga jenis tepung yg berlainan. Bukan sahaja cantik di pandang tapi tekstur yang lembut dan kombinasi dgn keladi mmg sedap sangat. Rugi kalau tak cuba ni. Terima-kasih & minta halal resepi drpd Bdaria yg bermurah-hati berkongsi.

Source: Bdaria
Along buat separuh drpd resepi asal & di taip semula untuk mudah rujuk
Saiz: 8" bulat
80g Tepung Beras
40g Gula
1/4 st Garam
400ml Santan
150g Keladi - potong kecil & kukus/rebus
Pewarna Ungu + Pink

1. Campurkan tepung & santan sehingga sebati & tapis ke dlm periuk.
Masukkan gula, garam & pewarna & masak sehingga naik wap.
2. Masukkan keladi & tuangkan ke dlm tin yg di minyakkan.
Kukus 30 min.
3. Cakar permukaan sebelum di tuangkan lapisan seterus nya.

25g Tepung Gandum
55g Gula
1/4 st Garam
1 bj Telur
200ml Santan
Pewarna Pink

1. Campurkan tepung, telur & santan sehingga sebati & tapis ke dlm periuk.
Masukkan gula, garam & pewarna & masak sehingga naik wap.
2. Tuangkan ke atas lapisan pertama tadi & kukus 30 min.
3. Cakar permukaan sebelum di tuangkan lapisan seterus nya.

25g Tepung Kastad
50g Gula
Secubit Garam
1 bj Telur
200ml Santan

1. Campurkan tepung, telur & santan sehingga sebati & tapis ke dlm periuk.
Masukkan gula, garam dan masak sehingga naik wap.
2. Tuangkan ke atas lapisan pertama tadi & kukus 30 min.
3. Sejukkan kuih sebelum di potong utk di hidangkan.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Birthday This Year

 I'm another year older by now and beyond mid 40's..... Syukur, alhamdulillah for living healthily, successful and happy... no words to desribe my thanks and syukur to Allah Taala for the berkat. I wish that I will be blessed to live longer many years to come to serve the God and my family. My birthday fell on the recent Saturday 25th June but I was unable to share the happy moment here because the internet service was down for the whole weekend. So here is some belated story....

Lovely bouquet of Gerbera from good griend, CikA (from KL) who never failed to remember my birthday every year... thanks so much, love ya.

 A surprise birthday cake from my colleague..... Pecan Butterscotch topped with white chocolate from Secret Recipe.... I was so happy the whole weekend.... Thanks so much team for thinking of me on my birthday.
The surprise was on Friday, one day in advance and thrown away before I went home so some colleague already left for home. Picture from my handphone, so it is blur....

 My hubby never failed to buy me gift on every occassion.... this time is happy!!! The kids, including Liana is also excited about this new toy. Liana ask for iPad first thing in the morning.... "iPad, iPad, I want Panda"...LOL

Ferrero & Lindt chocolate collection from AlongRiz..... thanks my love. See Liana interprem....

Western dinner treat from hubby and also to celebrate birthday of the three June's babies - me, hubby & AngahRuz. I've ordered my favourite Wagyu Sirloin Steak served with Jamaican sauce (sauce not shown).

Also not fogetting to thank many others who sent me wishes through FB, emails, sms and in person including breakfast treat at Pakcik Wan's cafe by QR, SB & MV this morning. Love all of you.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moist Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

 I wanted to post this yesterday but the blog was jammed up and I was too tired to stay up late. I made this cake for my hubby's belated birthday and to serve our guests on the recent Monday. Actually I made his favourite cake, Tapioca Cake (see earlier posting here) on his actual birthday on Saturday. I made him this another cake in order to celebrate with some friends. I finished making & coating the cake at almost 1am, so didn't manage to do top decoration or writing..... huuuuu.

This is a heavy buttery type moist chocolate cake and suitable for layered icing. The cake is thick enough to slice for 3 layers but I only made two layers. The added sour cream made a difference to the texture and enriching the chocolate taste. I like this type of cake and whole family and friends like it too. The cake is not so sweet and therefore you need to add ganache to compliment. The ganache I made compliment it perfectly. Definitely will make this cake again in the future.
This is a neat slice after been chilled. The texture remains moist when chilled.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source-Cake: AllRecipes
Source-Chocolate Ganache: HomeKreation
Makes 9" round
1 cup Cocoa
1 cup Boiling Water
1 cup Butter - softened 
2½ cup Sugar
4 Eggs
2 tsp Vanilla Essence
3 cup Cake Flour*
2 tsp Baking Soda*
1 tsp Baking Powder*
½ tsp Salt* (* sifted together) 
1 cup / 8 oz Sour Cream (I used 200g packet)

1. Dissolve cocoa & boiling water.
2. Cream butter & sugar until light.
Add in VE and egg, one a time while beating until well mixed.
Fold in flour and sour cream alternately, beating well after each addition.
Lastly, add in cocoa mixture.
3. Bake 170C for 1 hour until cooked when tested with skewer.
(I baked mine for 1½ hours, testing it every 10 minutes after 1 hr).
4. Unmould after 10min and cool completely before slicing then layer/spread with chocolate ganache.

450g Chocolate - chopped 
300g Cream
- Place both in a pot & cook small fire until chocolate melt.
- Cool slightly before layering cake & spreading on top. 

Q1: How to spread the ganache smoothly?
A1: Pour the ganache at the center of the cake and let it spread naturally until the whole top of cake is covered (no need to use spatula to spread). The ganache will be thicken at room temperature after a while and will not be pourable then so you must not delay the process. 
For side of the cake, wait till the ganache thicken slightly & spread using back of a spoon. Then comb the ganache for pattern as shown using cake scraper.
Cover the edge of the cake with tiny rosette using small star nozzle.

Kek sempena menyambut harijadi hubby dgn tetamu (tak sempat nak letak deco kat atas sbb siap masak & sapu ganache hampir 1pagi). Along suka kek ni sebab berat (tidak ringan macam kek moist yg lain) - tekstur seperti kek butter chocolate tapi sangat lembab. Sangat sesuai untuk di potong kpd tiga bahagian untuk di lapiskan. Perlu di hidangkan dgn chocolate topping sebab kek ni tidak manis sangat. Sesuai bagi yg gemar kemanisan sederhana. Along pasti buat kek ni lagi suatu hari nanti.

Sumber-kek: AllRecipes (di alih bahasa oleh HomeKreation)
Sumber-Chocolate Ganache: HomeKreation
Saiz: 9" bulat
1 cwn Serbuk Koko
1 cwn Air Panas
1 cwn Mentega - di lembutkan
cwn Gula
4 bj Telur
2 st Esen Vanilla
3 cwn Tepung Kek*
2 st Baking Soda*
1 st Baking Powder*
½ st Garam* (* ayak sekali) 
1 cwn / 8 oz Sour Cream (Along guna peket 200g mcm gambar)

1. Campurkan koko & air panas. Ketepikan.
2. Pukul mentega & gula sehingga gebu.
Masukkan EV & telur sebiji2 sambil di pukul rata.
Gaulkan tepung & sour cream berselang-seli sehingga habis & sebati.
Akhir sekali, gaulkan bancuhan koko tadi.
3. Bakar 170C selama 1 jam sehingga masak (test dgn lidi).
(Along punya masak selepas 1½ jam, test setiap 10 min selepas 1 jam)
4. Keluarkan dari acuan selepas 10min dan sejukkan.
Potong kek kpd 2 atau 3 lapisan.
Lapiskan/di sapukan dgn chocolate ganache.

450g Coklat - potong kecil
300g Cream
- Masukkan ke dlm periuk kecil & masak dgn api kecil sehingga coklat cair.
- Sejukkan sedikit sebelum di sapu ke atas kek.

Soalan 1: Bagaimana cara nak sapu topping supaya licin.
Jwpn1: Tuang ganache kat tengah2 kek sehingga merebak sendiri menyelaputi seluruh permukaan atas kek - tak payah guna sudip sebab nanti permukaan tak licin. Ganache yg di biarkan terlalu lama di suhu bilik akan membeku sedikit & ini akan menyulitkan proses menuang, jadi jangan tunggu2 ok.
Untuk bahagian tepi, biar ganache beku sedikit & sapu bahagian tepi kek menggunakan bahagian belakang sudu. Selepas tu, boleh lah di garu menggunakan scraper untuk mendapatkan pattern spt dlm gambar di atas.
Paipkan pettern rosette kecil untuk menutupi tepi keliling atas kek.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watermelon Pudding (Puding Tembikai)

 Now it is my turn to try this famous recipe that tested by many.... I made it to serve a newly wed couple and friends during dinner at our home yesterday. Taste is good.
By Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Noorma
Translated into English by HomeKreation
Retyped to simplify for future reference & measurement/method modified to suit own self
Size: 8" square
13g Agar-Agar/Jelly Powder
1250ml / 5 cups Water
180g Sugar
2 slices Bread*
250ml / 1 cup Fresh Milk*
1/2 cup Condensed Milk*
1 tbsp Butter* (* blend) 
Black Sesame / Grass Jelly / Black colored Jelly
Red & Green Color

1. Place water & agar-agar powder in a pot & boil until dissolved.
Add in sugar & cook until dissolved.
Add in blended ingredients & off fire once slightly boiled.

2. Pour 3/4 cup green colored agar-agar into a square tin/container.
Once slightly set, pour in 1 cup plain/white agar-agar.
Color the rest of the mixture red & pour on set white layer.
Sprinkle black sesame.
Cool & chill.


Sumber: Noorma
Resipi di ubah suai & di taip semula untuk mudah rujuk.
Saiz: 8" persegi
13g Serbuk Agar-Agar
1250ml / 5 cwn Air
180g Gula
2 keping Roti*
250ml / 1 cwn Susu Segar*
1/2 cwn Susu Pekat*
1 sb Mentega* (* blend) 
Bijan Hitam / Cincau / Agar-Agar warna hitam
Pewarna Merah & Hijau

1. Masak air & agar2 sehingga hancur.
MAsukkan gula & masak sehingga hancur.
Masukkan bhn2 blend & padamkan api sebaik shj mendidih.

2. Warnakan 3/4 cwn agar2 dgn warna hijau & tuangkan ke dlm acuan.
Tuangkan 1 cwn agar2 yg tidak diwarnakan apabila lapisan hijau telah keras sedikit.
Warnakan baki agar2 dgn warna merah & tuangkan ke dlm acuan tadi.
Tabur biji bijan.Sejukkan.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Crispy Fritter Batter (Tepung Goreng Rangup)

I bought some yams at the road side when returning from Niah several days ago. It was very very cheap compared to Miri's price. Four yams were sold for only RM2 & I bought 8 yams for RM4. In Miri one yam can easily cost more than RM4..... LOL... so happy! I made yam fritters besides baked Cheesy Penne for breakfast on Sunday for AlongRiz & his friends.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Adapted from: Tun Telani / original by HaSue

I was so lazy to search for the recipe before I made it but only remember that the recipe uses plain flour & margarine & hence simply did it. So here is my version. Refer to the link for the original recipe.

2 tbsp Margarine
6 tbsp Plain Flour*
1/4 tsp Salt* (* mixed) 

1. Rub margarine into flour using fork until resemble bread crumbs.
2. Add in water gradually until the required consistency ( not too thin but runny).
3. Dip yam/banana/sweet potato/etcs into the batter & deep fry in pre-heated oil until golden & crispy.
4. Toss excess oil & serve hot.

Resepi yang sangat rangup walaupun menggunakan tepung gandum. Cubalah, memang tak menyesal....

Idea drpd: Tun Telani / resepi asal oleh HaSue
Along tak ikut resepi asal sebab malas nak menggodek komputer tapi Along teringat respi HaSue ni menggunakan tepung gandum & majerin. So Along hentam2 sendiri. Resepi kat bawah ni ikut sukatan Along sendiri. Apa2 pun maceh pada HaSue & Tun kasi idea ni. Sila ke link untuk resepi asal..

2 sb Majerin
6 sb Tepung Gandum*
1/4 st Garam* (* campur) 

1. Majerin di campurkan ke dlm tepung menggunakan garfu sehingga menjadi spt serbuk roti.
2. Campurkan air sedikit2 sehingga menghasilkan satu bancuhan pekat.
3. Celupkan keladi/pisang/keledek/dll & goreng dgn minyak dalam yg telah di panaskan sehingga masak & garing.
4. Angkat & toskan minyak.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stuffed Squids (Sotong Sumbat)

 Found quite big squids in the market few weeks ago but only now have time to make stuffed squids that I had been thinking about. Come and enjoy my stuffed squids...... It has some eggs inside plus the filling making it very delicious.....
By: Roz@HomeKreation
3 big Squids
3 Garlic*
1/2" Ginger*
1 Red Chili*
2 Green Chili*
Chili Padi*
2" Turmeric Root* (* pounded) 
1 Lemongrass - bruised 
1 bowl Coconut Milk (enough to cover squids) 

1 Potato*
1/4 Carrots* (* cubed tiny size)
1/2 cup Shrimps - shelled & chopped 
1 Red Chili - sliced 
Salt & Pepper

1. Prepare filling.
Heat up few tbsp oil & stir-fry potato until soften.
Add in the rest of ingredients & stir until cooked.
Off fire & keep aside to cool slightly.
Stuff into squids and secure the open end with tooth pick.

2. Heat up few tbsp oil & stir-fry lemongrass & pounded ingredients until fragrant.
Pour in coconut milk, salt & stuffed squids.
Stir frequently until boiled & squids are cooked.

3. Serve with white rice.

Teringin nak makan sotong sumbat & terjumpa lak sotong besar kat pasar beberapa minggu lalu tapi baru sekarang ada masa nak buat. Sotong ni ada telur pulak kat dalam, campur dgn inti memang sedaaap...!

3 ekor Sotong yg agak besar
3 ulas Bwg Putih*
1/2" Halia*
1 biji Cili Merah*
2 biji Cili Hijau*
Cili Padi*
2" Kunyit Hidup* (* tumbuk) 
1 btg Serai - diketuk
1 mangkuk Santan (cukup untuk tenggelamkan sotong)

1 bj Kentang*
1/4 btg Karot* (* potong dadu)
1/2 cwn Udang - cincang
1 biji Cili Merah - hiris
Garam & Lada Hitam

1. Sediakan inti sotong.
Panaskan sedikit minyak & goreng kentang sehingga empuk.
Masukkan kesemua bhn lain & kacau sehingga masak.
Tutup api & sejukkan sedikit.
Sumbatkan ke dlm sotong & semat hijung dgn lidi / pencungkil gigi.

2. Panaskan sedikit minyak & tumis serai & bhn tumbuk sehingga wangi.
Masukkan santan, garam & sotong sumbat.
Kacau selalu sehingga menggelegak & sotong masak.

3. Hidangkan dgn nasi.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kuih Som Som

 I made this few days ago as dessert for breaking off fast. This is different version than the one my Emak used to make. Her Som Som is made purely with rice flour and served with fragrant rose syrup whilst this version using Hoen Kwee flour and served with palm sugar syrup. Both are nice but I think I prefer my Emak'
s version. Will share herewith if I make one day.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: RinnChan
(English translation by HomeKreation
Makes about 14 small cups
100g Rice Flour
30g Hoen Kwee Flour
1 tsp Salt
1 litre Coconut Milk

1. Mix all until smooth.
Cook above small fire until thicken, bubbling & shiny.
2. Scoop into small cups.
Cool & chill.
3. Serve with Gula Melaka syrup.

GULA MELAKA SYRUP (my own recipe):
1/4 cup Gula Melaka
1/4 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Water
1 Pandan Leaf
- boil until dissolved.
- Cool before used.

Dah lama simpan resepi ni baru ni dapat mencuba. Buat untuk berbuka puasa beberapa hari lalu.

Source: RinnChan
(Resepi di taip semula untuk mudah rujuk)
Bilangan: Along dapat 14 biji acuan kecil spt dlm gambar di atas

100g Tepung Beras
30g Tepung Hoen Kwee (atau Tpg Pulut)
1 st Garam

1 liter Santan

1. Satukan kesemua bahans di dalam periuk sehingga sebati.
Masak atas api sederhana sehingga likat, menggelegak dan berkilat.
2. Sudukan ke dlm bekas2 kecil.

Sejukkan di suhu bilik & dlm peti sejuk.
3. Hidangkan dgn sirap gula melaka.

(resepi Along sendiri)
1/4 cwn Gula Melaka
1/4 cwn Gula
1/2 cwn Air
1 helai Daun Pandan
- Satukan & masak sehingga gula hancur.
- Sejukkan sebelum di gunakan

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sambal Petai & Ikan Bilis Tempoyak

 Weihhhhh.... letih nyaaaa.... hari ni Along cuti sebab nak panjat Gua Niah. AlongRiz is on a long break after completing his pre-university course in KL and insyaallah will be leaving to America in a month time. During this break, he invited few friends from KL to visit Miri who are staying with us right now. So my hubby and I took leave today to bring them touring Niah Cave. It was a long walk, I guess we made about 10km walk.
The beautiful Niah cave
Here is my mouth watering tempoyak sambal.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Handful Ikan Bilis
2 tbsp Tempoyak
Red Chili - pounded (I used Chili Oil from here) 
1 Big Onion - sliced 
1 Lemongrass - bruised 
Salt - optional 

1. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry Ikan Bilis until crispy. Keep aside.
Stir fry onion until brown, add in lemongrass, chili, petai, salt & cook few more min.
Add in tempoyak & stir until translucent.
Finally add in fried Ikan Bilis.

2. Serve with white rice along other dishes.
Very nice appetiser.

Makan nasi dgn lauk sambal tempoyak & ikan goreng panas2 dah cukup menyelerakan... Buat beberapa hari lepas tapi tak sempat nak post.

Segenggam Ikan Bilis
2 sb Tempoyak
Cili Merah - tumbuk (Along guna Cili Oil yg buat dulu kat sini) 
1 bj Bwg Besar - hiris 
1 btg Serai - ketuk 
Garam - jika perlu

1. Panaskan sedkit minyak & goreng ikan bilis sehingga rangup. Ketepikan.
Goreng bwg besar sehingga perang, masukkan serai, cili, petai, garam & masak beberapa min lagi.
Masukkan tempoyak & kacau sehingga bertukar warna.Akhir sekali masukkan ikan bilis goreng.

2. Hidangkan dgm nasi & lauk lain.
Sungguh menyelerakan....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glutinous Rice with Serunding (Pulut Kukus & Serunding)

 I made steamed glutinous rice, imitating the colour of Bunga Telang (edible blue flowers) to compliment the serunding I posted yesterday here.
I'm sharing the recipe herewith, just in case anyone interested to know how to make steamed glutinous rice.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
2 cups Glutinous Rice - soaked for 2-3 hours 
1 cup Thick Coconut Milk*
1 tsp Salt* (* mixed) 
Diluted Blue coloring

1. Steam glutinous rice for 15 minutes.
2. Mix with coconut milk & steam another 10 minutes.
3. Drip blue color unevenly & stir to spread the color.
4. Shape the cooked glutinous rice while still hot (I used sushi roll mould).

Buat pulut kukus berbitik biru (macam warna bunga telang) untuk di hidangkan dgn serunding yg Along post kelmarin di sini.

2 cwn Beras Pulut - rendam 2-3 jam
1 cwn Santan Pekat*
1 st Garam* (* campur) 
Pewarna Biru yg di cairkan

1. Kukus beras pulut selama 15 minit.
2. Gaul pulut dgn santan & kukus lagi selama 10min.
3. Titiskan pewarna biru secara rambang & gaul.
4. Bentukkan sewaktu pulut masih panas (Along guna acuan sushi).
This one is rolled with serunding all over.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Serunding Udang Geragau

 It was shrimp (udang geragau) season in Miri last month for only few days and I bought 2 kg of it. It has been sitting in my freezer awaiting for action ever since. I was thinking to try making serunding out of it, something which I have not tasted or heard before but my creativity always goes wild...hehe. My wild imagination turned into action finally and sharing herewith with everyone. It has quite coarse texture but my hubby likes it.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
1 kg Shrimps / Udang Geragau
1 small bowl Grated Coconut
1 small bowl / 200g Shallots*
1 clove Garlic*
20 Lemongrass*
10g Fennel Seeds*
10g Coriander Seeds* (* blended) 
1 cup Chilli Paste
1/2 tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 liter Thick Coconut Milk
Salt & Sugar

1. Place all ingredients, except shrimps  coconut, in a wok & let it boil.
2. Add in shrimps & coconut then stir most of the times until dry.
This may take about 1-2 hours, cooking above medium-low fire.
3. Serve with rice, glutinous rice, nasi himpit, bread, etcs.

Teringin nak experiment udang geragau buat serunding & ini lah hasil nya. Hubby Along makan dgn sagu (sagu ialah makanan kesukaan orang Melanau kat Sarawak ni). Nanti kita tunjuk kendian kita makan serunding ni dgn apa ya...

1 kg Udang Geragau
mangkuk kecil Kelapa Parut
1 mangkuk kecil / 200g Bwg Merah*
1 ulas Bwg Putih*
20 btg Serai*
10g biji Ketumbar*
10g Jintan Manis* (* blended) 
1 cwn Chilli Paste
1/2 sb Serbuk Kunyit
1 liter Santan Pekat
Garam & Gula

1. Letak kesemua bahan2, kecuali udg geragau & kelapa, ke dlm kuali & masak sehingga menggelegak.
2. Masukkan udg geragau & kelapa dan kacau senantiasa sehingga kering.
Ini mengambil masa 1-2 jam, masak dgn api sederhana kecil.
3. Hidangkan dgn nasi, pulut, nasi himpit, roti, dll.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nasi Lemak Hujan Panas

 I was fascinated by the colorful Nasi Lemak I saw at Nur's house (My Little Kitchen) and herewith the outcome. My Nasi Lemak was served with Fried Chicken, blanched Kangkung, Egg Sambal, Peanuts and Pappadom.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Nur (My Little Kitchen), orig by: Rinsca@Myresipi
Modified measurement to suit my family size
4 cup Rice (use rice cooker cup) - wash & drain 
5 cup Thin Coconut Milk
3 cloves Garlic (sliced thinly) 
2" Ginger (di ketuk) 
1/2 tsp Fenugreek
1 tsp Salt
1 Pandan Leaf
Red, Yellow & Green Coloring

1. Place all ingredients in rice cooker, except the colorings.
2. Let it almost cook in the rice cooker.
3. Drop coloring & cook further without stirring.
4. Once rice is fully cooked, stir to evenly distribute the colored rice.
6. Serve with your favourite dish - see mine above.
Liana suka makan nasi ni sebab warna-warni.... tentu anak2 yg lain pun suka juga ni.

Modified measurement to suit my family size
4 cwn Beras
(guna cawan rice cooker) - cuci
5 cwn Santan Cair
3 biji Bawang Putih (di mayang halus)
2" halia (di ketuk)
1/2 st halba
1 st Garam
1 helai Daun Pandan
Sedikit Pewarna Merah, Kuning dan Hijau

1. Masukkan semua bahan ke dalam rice cooker KECUALI pewarna.
2. Masak nasi seperti biasa.

3. Bila nasi telah kering, buatkan 3 lubang. Titiskan setitik warna...satu warna untuk satu lubang.
4. Kacau nasi di setiap bahagian warna, jangan di kacau secara keseluruhan lagi.
5. Selepas 2 minit nasi masak barulah di kacau secara keseluruhan supaya berwarna warni seperti warna pelangi selepas hujan panas.
6. Hidangkan bersama lauk kegemaran anda.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Bean Jelly (Agar-Agar Kacang Merah)

 Another jelly / agar-agar creation of mine to share with everyone. I made it few weeks ago during gathering with friends. My hubby loves anything with red beans and that's how the idea came about. The taste is very nice, rich with read beans taste - my hubby and the guets like it very much.
It has rich red bean topping and creamy jelly at the bottom.....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Own
1 cup Red Beans
1 packet / 13g Jelly Powder
1 liter Water
240g Sugar
1 can Evaporated Milk
1 tbsp Cornflour
1 Pandan Leaf
Few drops Pink Colour

1. Boil red beans until soften.
Spread 1/2 cup in a mould.
Blend the rest of the beans with milk, cornflour & pink coloring until fine.

2. Mix jelly powder, water, sugar & pandan leaf and boil until dissolved.
Scoop about 1/2 cup and pour onto the red beans laid in the mould.
Pour the blended red beans mixture & boil.

3. Let the red bean layer slightly set before pouring the rest of jelly mixture.
Cool at room temperature & chill before serve.

Satu lagi resepi agar-agar rekaan Along. Buat utk jamuan kawan2 & semua kata sedap. Favourite hubby. Memang kaya dgn rasa kacang merah asli.....

Sumber: AlongRoz
1 cwn Kacang Merah
1 packet / 13g Serbuk Agar-Agar
1 liter Air
240g Gula
1 tin Susu Cair
1 sb Tpg Jagung
1 heai Daun Pandan
Sediki Pewarna Merah Jambu

1. Rebus kacang sehingga empuk.
Ambil 1/2 cwn & ratakan ke dlm acuan.
Blend baki kacang dgn susu, tpg jagung & pewarna sehingga sebati.

2. Letakkan serbuk agar-agar, air, gula & daun pandan ke dlm periuk & masak sehingga hancur.
Sendukkan +/- 1/2 cwn & tuangkan ke atas kcg merah dlm acuan tadi.
Masukkan campuran kcg merah yg di mesin tadi ke dlm agar2 & masak sehingga mendidih.

3. Biarkan lapisan kcg merah tadi mengeras sedikit sebelum di tuangkan masakan agar2.
Biar agar2 sejuk di suhu bilik sebelum di masukkan ke dlm peti sejuk.
Hidangkan sejuk.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tomato & Mint Salad (Kerabu Tomato & Pudina)

 My friend H plucked fresh Mint leaves from his garden when I visited the family. The first thing crossed my mind was Tomato & Mint Salad which my SIL used to make in the old days and I love it so much.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Adapted from: here and modified

2 Tomatoes - sliced
A bunch of Mint Leaves - chopped 
1 handful Ikan Bilis - deep fried & crushed 
1/2 Big Onion*
3-4 Cili Padi*
1 Lemongrass* (* sliced thinly & pound coarsely) 
1 small Kasturi Lime for juice
Salt & Sugar

Mix all & serve.

Kerabu kesukaan. Dulu2 SIL selalu buat tapi skrg dah lama tak jumpa SIL tersayang.

2 biji Tomato - hiris2
Seikat Daun Pudina - hiris
1 genggam Ikan Bilis - goreng garing & tumbuk kasar
1/2 bj Bwg Besar*
3-4 bj Cili Padi*
1 btg Serai* (* hiris nipis & tumbuk kasar) 
1 bj Jus Limau Kasturi
Garam & Gula

Campur kesemua bhn sehingga sebati.