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Friday, November 13, 2015

Bahulu Gulung Inti Nenas (Malay Pineapple Roll)

 Hi everyone! I've been too busy lately to update this blog.... not even had a chance to come near the pc.... retiree's life seems to be busier than what I thought! Anyway, out of guilt I stole some time to share this simple recipe that I tried just now.... enjoy the traditional Malay roll filled with homemade pineapple jam....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: ResepiBonda
Translated into English by HomeKreation
Yields: One roll 10" long
3 large Eggs
90g Castor Sugar
100g Flour*
1/2 tsp Baking Powder* (* sifted together)
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
Pineapple Jam - see here

1. Beat eggs and sugar until very thick and white.
Add in VE, flour* until combined.
2. Pour into 10" lined square tin.
Bake 180C for 12 minutes.
3. Unmold immediately once cooked and spread warm pineapple jam.
Roll and leave to cool.

Assalamualaikum semua. Maaf lah Along dah lama sangat tak update blog atau pun ke udara di facebook kerana teramat sibuk kebelakangan ni sehingga nak on pc pun tak dapat langsung. Untuk yang setia menanti dan tidak di hampakan, Along curi sedikit masa untuk kongsikan resepi yang mudah ni. Perbezaan antara kek gulung dan bahulu gulung.... bahulu takda letak minyak atau butter.... itu memang resepi Melayu tradisional lah. Mudah jer nak buat ni jika sedia ada jem nenas atau boleh juga letak jem lain yg anda suka.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: ResepiBonda
Resepi di taip semula utk mudah rujuk sendiri
Hasil: Sebiji roll 10" panjang
3 bj Telur Gred A
90g Gula Kastor
100g Tepung Gandum*
1/2 st Baking Powder* (* ayak)
1/2 st Esen Vanilla
Jem Nenas - lihat resepi di sini

1. Pukul telur dan gula sehingga putih dan pekat.
Masukkan EV & tepung sehingga sebati.
2. Tuangkan ke dlm tin 10" persegi yg di lapik kertas.
Bakar 180C selama 12 minit atau sehingga keperangan.
(Along sarankan guna api atas & bawah supaya masak sekata)
3. Keluarkan bahulu dari tin dgn segera sebaik sahaja keluar dari oven.
Sapu rata jem nenas ke atas bahulu dan gulung dgn padat.
Biarkan sejuk sebelum di potong.

Monday, October 19, 2015

White Chocolate Mud Cake (Kek Coklat Putih Lembab)

Attempted the recipe from The Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook which was a gift from a very kind reader.... I think I didn't do it very well as it was not as I expected... The cook book shows a very dense cake but mine turned out like ordinary cake.... The tastes is a bit sweet but my children and hubby like it. I think probably my oven was set too high temperature.... The recipe suggested baking for 1 hour and 40 minutes but mine was browned and cook in one hour.... will need to give another try on this.

Here is the recipe.... a bit lazy to type today so a photo snap of the page from the cookbook is a good solution.... click on it to enlarge it.

 Berkenan nak cuba Kek Coklat Putih ni.... sesuatu yg ada kelainan. Resipi ni Along ambil dari buku The Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook, pemberian dari seorang pembaca yg sangat baik-hati. Semuga perkongsian resipi ini di sini memberi keberkatan dan rahmat dari Allah kepada nya... aamiin.
 Along rasa mungkin Along salah set suhu oven yg terlalu tinggi sebab kek masak hanya dalam masa sejam, sepatut nya sejam 40 minit.... oleh itu kek Along naik jadi gebu dan tidak selembab yg sepatut nya. Apa-apa pun rasa nya sedap manis coklat... AlongRiz, Liana dan hubby kata sedap.... habis licin juga makan bersama2 dgn anak2 & cucu2 sedara.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Saiz: 8" bulat
250g Butter
180g Coklat Putih
330g Gula Kastor
180ml Susu Cair
225g Tepung Gandum
75g Tepung Naik-Sendiri
1/2 st Esen Vanilla
2 bj Telur

1. Masukkan butter, coklat, gula dan susu ke dlm periuk dan kacau atas api kecil sehingga cair. Sejukkan 15 minit.
2. Masukkan tepung yg di ayak, EV, telur dan gaul sebati.
3. Bakar dgn suhu perlahan selama 1 jam 40 minit.
(Along guna suhu 160C, mungkin perlu rendahkan lagi)
4. Sapu topping coklat putih apabila kek sudah sejuk.

1/2 c Krim Pekat
360g Coklat Putih (Along guna 280g shj)

- Along double boil sehingga cair.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mee Racun (Noodles in Red Lamb Soup)

Mee Racun literally translated to "Poisonous Noodles".... do you dare.... hahahaaa. I was taken aback when I first learn about this..... to me a bad name is like a curse so I didn't even bother about it. However, my perception changed after tasted it recently when served by the resident in this apartment.
 I had a kg of lamb from our Qurban event recently, so decided to give this a try and invited my nephew and his family to join us.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Serves ~6 persons
1 kg Lamb - chopped
1 Lemongrass
1" Ginger
1 handful Dried Chilies*
1 big Onion*
4 cloves Garlic*
1" Ginger*
2" Galangal*
1 handful Dried Shrimps* (* blend)
1 big scoop Tomato Sauce
1 big scoop Chili Sauce
3 Eggs
Salt, Sugar
2 kg Noodles / 500g Spaghetti
Garnishes - blanched mustard leaves, bean sprout, fried bean curd, chopped chinese celery/spring onion, fried shallots, chilies, limes

1. Boil lamb with plenty of water, bruised lemongrass/ginger and salt until tender.
2. Heat up a scoop of oil and stir-fry the blended ingredients until fragrant.
Add in tomato/chili sauce, boiled lamb and soup, salt and sugar and let it boil.
Break in all the eggs and stir quickly to mix in.
3. Serve the red soup with blanched noodles or boiled spaghetti with the garnishes.

 Mee Racun ni popular kat internet beberapa tahun dahulu, mula2 di kenalkan oleh Che'Iza gang MR. Selepas tu dengar terkenal kat bahagian Johor.... tapi Along rasa seram ler dengor nama camtu, tak teringin pun nak cuba. Bila dah pindah ke KL ni baru ada peluang nak merasa sewaktu open house kat apartment.... aduh, sedap rupa nya.... Mee kuning atau pun spaghetti di hidangkan bersama kuah Sup Kambing Merah...
 Raya qurban baru ni, Along bawa balik daging kambing sekilo.... Along pun cuba2 lah buat dan ajak anak sedara sekali join.... Alhamdulillah, kenyang semua nya.... hehee

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Saiz hidangan ~6 orang
1 kg Daging Kambing - potong2
1 btg Serai
1" Halia
1 genggam Cili Kering*
1 bj Bwg Besar*
4 ulas Bwg Putih*
1" Halia*
2" Lengkuas*
1 genggam Udang Kering* (* blender)
1 senduk besar Sos Tomato
1 senduk besar Sos Cili
3 bj Telur
Garam, Gula
2 kg Mee Kuning / 500g Spaghetti
Bahan Tabur - Sawi/Taugeh Celur, Tahu Goreng, Daun Bawang/Sup, Cili, Limau, Bwg Goreng

1. Rebus daging kambing bersama serai & halia yg di ketuk, air dan garam, sehingga empuk.
2. Panaskan sesenduk minyak dan tumis bahan2 yg di blend* sehingga naik bau wangi.
Masukkan sos tomato/cili dan rebusan kambing, masak sehingga menggelegak.
Masukkan garam & gula secukup rasa.
Pecahkan telur dan kacau dgn cepat supaya hancur.
3. Hidangkan mee yg di celur / spaghetti yg di rebus dgn kuah Mee Racun bersama bahan2 tabur.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Apples and Candied Jujube Drink

I've been coughing so badly for weeks and almost lost my voice.... my sewing club mate Pauline Wong suggested this drink to sooth the throat and reduce the inflammation. Almost immediately, my voice get louder after drinking this in one day.... The taste is so good  with natural sweetness from the apples and the dates. You can find the candied jujube in Chinese shop selling traditional dried food.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
5 Apples - green or red is ok
5 Candied Jujube
~7-8 cups Water

1. Peel and chopped apples.
2. Place the apples, candied jujube and water in a slow cooker.
Let is cook for about 6-7 hours or overnight.
3. Drink warm.
Candied Jujube
Along batuk dah beberapa minggu sehingga hampir hilang suara.... Member Along kat sewing club cadangkan minuman ni sebab kata nya lebih selamat dan berkesan daripada makan ubat dari klinik..... tapi betullah... amat berkesan, selepas satu hari minum suara Along dah kuat sedikit... nak kena buat & minum selalu sebagai minuman seharian.... rasa nya pun amat sedap!

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
5 bj Buah Epal - hijau atau merah ikut suka
5 bj Candied Jujube
~7-8 cwn Air

1. Kupas buah epal & dan potong2.
2. Masukkan epal, candied jujube dan air ke dalam slow cooker.
Masak selama 6-7 jam atau semalaman.
3. Hidangkan suam sebagai minuman seharian.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hard Crust Fudge Squares

I just received baking books as gifts from a cyber friend and at the same time wanted to bake something for my new Bangladesh neighbor. While excitedly glancing through the best-selling books, this one caught my eyes because it seems different than the typical brownies I made before. These brownies are awesome.... unlike the typical brownies which have thin crackle surface, this one has thick crispy crust on top almost like cookies whilst the inside part is moist fudgy like melting chocolate! I'm glad I tried it as it is a new discovery that added to my baking recipe collections.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Book by Williams-Sonoma
Yields: 9" square, 36 pieces
155g Unsweetened Chocolate Chips
125g Unsalted Butter
125g Veg Shortening (I used Margarine)
4 large Eggs
500g Sugar
250g Plain Flour - sifted

1. Place chocolate, butter and margarine in a bowl and double-boil until melted and smooth. Set aside to cool slightly.
2. Beat eggs and sugar with electric mixer at medium speed, 5-10 min until light and thick.
Fold-in chocolate mixture and flour, mixing only until the ingredients are incorporated.
Pour into lined & greased tin.
3. Bake at 165C for 45 minutes.
4. Cut into 1½ inch squares while still hot. The thick crust will crack which are ok.

 Pada satu hari Along terkejut sangat apabila dapat banyak buku2 resipi popular seperti Willams-Sonoma, Betty Crocker, Nigella Lawson dan Dan Lepard dari seorang sahabat alam maya.... Gembira sangat rasa nya sebab Along memang gemar kumpul buku2 resipi dari barat. Along suka baca buku resipi macam baca buku novel.... amat menghiburkan. Semuga Allah membalas budi sahabat Along ni dengan keberkatan rezeki, kesihatan dan kesejahteraan. Ini resipi pertama yg Along tertarik nak cuba. Along kongsikan di sini, semuga pahala nya berpanjangan untuk sahabat Along ini.... aameen.

Along tertarik nak cuba resepi ni sebab lain dari brownies yg Along dah cuba sebelum ni. Yang ini ada kerak yg tebal dan rangup di permukaan nya sedangkan isi dalam nya amat lembab dengan coklat cair. Mengasyikkan dan makan seketul tak cukup pula....heheee.

Kebetulan Along nak kasi sesuatu pada jiran kenalan baru dari Bangladesh. Bila nampak jer brownies ni, terus jer berkenan nak cuba.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: Book by Williams-Sonoma
Hasil: 9" persegi / 36 ketul
155g Unsweetened Chocolate Chips
125g Mentega tanpa garam
125g Veg Shortening (Along guna majerin)
4 bj Telur gred AA
500g Gula
250g Tepung - ayak

1. Cairkan coklat, mentega dan majerin di dlm mangkuk double-boiler sehingga sebati.
Ketepikan sebentar.
2. Pukul telur dan gula dgn mixer elektrik dgn kelajuan sederhana selama 5-10 minit, sehingga adunan menjadi pucat & pekat.
Masukkan adunan coklat dan tepung, gaul hanya sekadar rata.
Tuang ke dlm tin yg di lapik & di minyakkan.
3. Bakar suhu 165C selama 45 minit.
4. Potong sebesar 1½ inci persegi sewaktu masih panas. Permukaan nya akan merekah apabila di potong.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Grilled Sardine (Ikan Sardin Panggang Bercili)

I bought a small size fresh sardine enough for two persons, me & hubby..... cooked this dish for our simple lunch which was complemented with veg soup.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1 Fresh Sardine (weighed about 300g)
1 Calamasi
2 Red Bird-Eye Chilies
2 Shallots
1 clove Garlic
1 thin slice Ginger
1 Candle Nut
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1/2 tsp Sugar

1. Slice the cleaned fish from side way and open up.
Rub fish with salt and calamasi juice. Marinate for abt 10 min.
2. Blend the rest of the ingredients and pour onto fish evenly.
3. Heat up griddle and place a piece of banana leaf, 1 tbsp. oil and the fish.
Grill until done on the bottom side and flip the fish.
Cook until fish is done.
4. Serve with white rice.


 Along jumpa ikan sardine segar..... besar juga lah cukup utk dua orang makan... Ikan sardin sedap panggang macam ni.... Along masak sup sayur gandingkan dgn lauk ni untuk makan tengahari.... Alhamdulillah, hubby selera makan.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
1 ekor Ikan Sardin (berat ~300g)
1 bj Limau Kasturi
2 biji Cili Merah
3-5 bj Cili Padi
2 ulas Bwg Merah
1 ulas Bwg Putih
1 hiris nipis Halia
1 bj Buah Keras
1 sk Serbuk Kunyit
1/2 sk Gula

1. Ikan di bersihkan dan di hiris dari sisi, jangan putus dan supaya melebar spt gambar.
Lumurkan garam dan jus limau kasturi. Perap 10 minit.
2. Blend kesemua bahan2 yg lain dan lumurkan pada ikan.
3. Panaskan kuali leper, letak sehelai daun pisang, 1 sb minyak dan ikan.
Panggang sehingga garing dan balikkan.
Angkat apabila kedua2 bahagian telah masak harum.
4. Hidangkan dgn nasi putih.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pengat Pisang Instant (Malay Banana Dessert)

 I love this dessert and everytime I made it, I would think of my late father who loved this as much.... but this time I have modified the traditional ingredients and method because I made a single portion with only two bananas, just enough for myself alone.... It was ready within 10 minutes!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Served One person
2 Bananas (I used Pisang Kepok/Abu)
1 tsp Butter
1 tbsp Condensed Milk
1/4 cup Milk

1. Peel & slice bananas.
2. Melt butter in a saucepan and add condensed milk.
Let it caramelized then add in milk & bananas.
3. Serve warm.

 Tetiba memalam teringat nak makan pengat.... hubby kata dia takmo sebab dia mmg tak suka makan Pengat Pisang.... nak pi perah santan malas lah pulak... so Along buat cara instant ni, senang boleh buat untuk dua biji pisang cukup untuk Along sorang....hehee.... puas-hati makan.... SEDAAAAP!

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Saiz hidangan: Satu orang
2 bj Pisang (Along guna pisang Abu/Kepok)
1 st Butter
1 sb Susu Pekat
1/4 cwn Susu Kotak

1. Kupas pisang & belah dua.
2. Cairkan butter dlm periuk kecil & masukkan susu pekat.
Kacau sehingga perang dan masukkan susu dan pisang.
Masak sebentar sahaja.
3. Hidangkan suam.

Daging Pekasam (Tamarind Preserved Meat)

Preserved meat with tamarind is an old days style but todays, despite having freezer, it is still a popular way because of the special taste that it creates. The meat becomes tender and get cooked only in minutes.

I made a small batch using the recent qurban meat. I cooked half of it into Spicy Green Curry and stir-fried with Onion and Chilies with the remaining half. I enjoyed our lunch so much with this delicious dishes.

Ready for cooking

 Nak belajar buat daging pekasam tak... Senang jer nak buat nya tapi kena sabar peram sehingga daging lembut dan mesra rasa. Along suka pekasam daging sebab langsung takda bau langtung. Daging nya akan jadi lembut dan cuma masak sebentar sahaja. Rasa nya memang lah masam2 sebab di perap dgn asam jawa. Masak Lemak Cili Api pedas2 sikit memang terangkat. Goreng dengan bawang & cili pun sedap.

Along buat guna daging segar dari Qurban hari tu tapi buat sedikit jer, cukup utk keluarga yg kecil ni. Kalau anda nak buat banyak pun takda masalah tapi selepas peram jangan simpan terlalu lama. Along perap sampai dua minggu sebab terlalu sibuk sehingga terlupa... tapi alhamdulillah ok jer.

Daging Pekasam Masak Cili Api Berserai
Resepi bawah ni Along agak2 jer... boleh adjust jika perlu

~1 kg Daging Lembu
1 sb Garam
~2 sb Asam Jawa (tambah jika perlu)
~10 keping Asam Gelugor

1. Hiris daging nipis.
2. Lumur dgn garam dan asam jawa secukup nya. Pastikan kepingan daging semua di salut rata dgn asam jawa.
3. Susun hirisan daging di dlm bekas.
Letak ~4 keping asam gelugor setiap lapisan (bergantung kpd saiz bekas anda).
Lapiskan hirisan daging dan asam gelugor sehingga habis.
4. Simpan dalam petisejuk (bukan tempat beku) selama lebih kurang seminggu.
5. Bila dah cukup masa, boleh lah di masak lauk kegemaran anda seperti Gulai lemak Cili Api atau di goreng dgn cili & bawang.

Daging Pekasam Goreng Bawang & Cili

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ikan Tongkol Masak Kunyit Berlada (Mackerel Tuna in Turmeric Chilies)

Very nice simple dish..... compliment from my hubby.... if anyone needs the recipe in English, please shout.

 Nak habiskan stok ikan tongkol yg dah lama sgt terbeku dlm freezer.... Nampak resepi ni kat Google dah boleh bayangkan kesedapan nya. Memang sedap lauk simple camni.... harum serai dan cili padi dengan perisa kunyit... hubby Along makan bertambah nasi....

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: Norzi@Foodilicious
Resepi di taip semula utk rujukan sendiri & ubahsuai sedikit
3 keping Ikan Tongkol
1 st Serbuk Kunyit
5 ulas Bwg Merah*
2 ulas Bwg Putih*
1/2" Halia*
5 bj Cili Padi*
1 btg Serai* (* blend halus)
1 btg Serai - ketuk
1 bj Bwg Besar - hiris
1 bj Tomato - potong 6
1 keeping Asam Gelugor

1. Lumur ikan dgn garam dan serbuk kunyit.
Goreng sehingga masak, angkat dan ketepikan.
2. Panaskan sesenduk minyak, tumis bahan2 blend*, serbuk kunyit & serai ketuk sehingga naik bau.
Masukkan 1/4 cwn air, asam gelugor, garam & didihkan.
Masukkan ikan, bwg besar & tomato, kacau sehingga mesra rasa.
3. Hidangkan dgn nasi putih.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yogurt Butter Cheesecake

I made this rich and moist cheesecake a couple of weeks ago on AngahRuz's request and so happened I have some yogurt and cream cheese to clear. I modified the original recipe in order to clear what I had with no problem. We ate some of it while it was hot from the oven... but cheesecakes always taste so much better the next day.... I like the balanced taste of the cream cheese, butter and yogurt in this cake.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Adapted from: Wen's Delight
Recipe has been modified for smaller size
Size: 6"-7" round
140g Cream Cheese
70g Greek Yogurt (you can replace it with any plain yogurt)
50g Butter
25g Sugar
25g Milk
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

2 Egg Yolks
15g Flour
40g Cornflour

2 Egg Whites
50g Sugar
1/8 tsp Cream of Tartar

1. Stir the ingredient A in a double boiler until smooth.
Leave it to cool.
Add in egg yolks and mix well.
Fold in sifted flour until combined.
2. Whisk egg whites until foamy.
Add in sugar and cream of tartar and whisk until stiff.
3. Combine the two mixture until well mixed.
4. Pour into lined tin and steam bake 150C for 1 hour on the lowest rack.
5. Cool cake for at least 20 minutes before unmoulding (it will shrink slightly).

Buat kek ni dua minggu yg lalu tapi baru harini berkesempatan nak update blog. Cheesecake ni sedap dgn perisa butter dan yogurt.... simpan sehingga keesukan hari nya pasti lebih sedap.... tapi biasa lah kalau kek kuar oven tu mesti nak potong gak sikit.... AngahRuz yg minta buatkan kek ni, buat pun kecik jer sebab bahan2 yg ada tak banyak.... jadi Along modify resepi yg asal tu dan dapatlah kek yg comel jer ni.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Adapted from: Wen's Delight
Resepi asal di ubahsuai sukatan dan alihbahasa BM
Saiz: 6"-7" bulat
140g Cream Cheese
70g Greek Yogurt (boleh ganti dgn plain yogurt)
50g Butter
25g Gula
25g Susu (Along guna susu UHT dlm kotak)
1 stVanilla Essence
2 Kuning Telur
15g Tepung Gandum
40g Tepung Jagung
2 Putih Telur
50g Gula
1/8 st Cream of Tartar
1. Kacau bahan2 A di dlm mangkuk double-boiler sehingga rata.
Masukkan kuning telur dan gaul sebati.
Gaulkan tepung yg di ayak sehingga sebati.
2. Pukul putih telur sehingga berbuih.
Masukkan gula dan cream of tartar dan pukul sehingga kental.
3. Satukan kedua2 adunan sehingga rata.
4. Tuangkan ke dlm tin yg di lapik kertas dan bakar dlm dulang air panas dgn suhu 150C selama sejam di rak paling bawah.
5. Sejukkan kek sekurang2nya 20 minit sebelum di keluarkan dari tin (kek ni akan mengecut sedikit).

Monday, September 28, 2015

Kuih Kundas

 Not many people know this kuih especially the later generation.... It is typically known as Kuih Kundas in my hometown although there are few other names like Cucur Kembung, Pak Tongkol, Kuih Bantal, etcs. My mother used to make them in a big batch using no precise measurements but the success was the dough riser sold in the next door groceries shop.... Nowadays, nobody knows what it the scientific name of the rising agent as it is obsolete.

 I tried making the same way that my mother did but using bicarbonate soda and the outcome was disappointing with hard texture. I gave it up ever since until recently when my eldest brother made a request for it again... so I decided to give this recipe a try which has many success feedback from the followers.... I was so thrilled with my attempt.... it turned out just the way I wanted it.... soft and fluffy with big air pockets which is perfect for stuffing peanut sauce.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: MyR_Alma
Translated into English by HomeKreation
225g Flour
120g Sugar
1 tsp Soda Bikarbonat
110ml Water

1. Mix all ingredients until smooth, no kneading necessary.
Leave to rest 30 minutes, or keep overnight.
2. Divide dough into small portions and roll flat. Alternatively, roll flat the whole lot and slice into smaller pieces.
Use flour to dust when handling as the dough is a bit sticky.
3. Deep fry in pre-heated oil until fluffy and nice golden brown.
4. Serve with peanut sauce or curry gravy.

 Kuih Kundas ni kat Perak kita panggil "Kuih Kundeh", kat tempat lain macam2 nama Cucuq Kembung, Kuih Bantal, dll.... amat popular waktu Along kecik2, Emak selalu buat.... kalau buat kena buat banyak2 sebab anak2 ramai dan semua nya suka sangat makan ni.... kalau ada kuah kacang atau kari memang best cicah. Ada yang suka mencicah, ada gak yang suka belah tepi nya dan tuang kuah kacang ke dalam ruang yg kembung tu. Kuih ni walau pun kembung tapi nak yg berisi sedikit kena leperkan jangan terlalu nipis... kalau tidak jadi Roti Puri pulak nanti.

 Dulu2 Emak buat kuih ni guna 'Ibu Kuih' yg di beli kat kedai runcit depan rumah. Sekarang ni kalau tanya apa nama ibu kuih tu takda pula yg tau... ada yang kata 'Pontas' tapi kalau cari kat baking shop, tiada siapa yg tau lagi. Ada gak kita orang cuba ganti dgn bic soda tapi kuih tu jadi amat keras.... selepas tu Along pun dah give up nak cuba... sehingga lah baru2 ni abang Along nak sangat makan kuih ni.... baru tergerak hati nak mencuba resepi yg satu ni sebab ramai yg sudah mencuba dgn jaya nya. Mula2 tu ragu juga sebab resepi ni guna bic soda... tapi kalau tak cuba kita tak tau kan.... Selepas mencuba, alangkah gembira nya hati Along sebab kuih nya lembut, kembung dan bersarang di dalam nya.... sama seperti yg Emak buat dahulu! Alhamdulillah, semuga murah rezeki kepada Alma yg berkongsi resepi simple ni.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: MyR_Alma
Bilangan: ~sedozen
225g Tepung Gandum
120g Gula Halus
1 st Soda Bikarbonat
110ml Air

1. Gaul kesemua bahan2 sehingga sebati, tak perlu uli lama.
Perap selama 30 minit, atau semalaman pun boleh.
2. Bahagi2kan adunan dan leperkan ataupun gelekkkan kesemua nya dan potong2.
Adunan agak lembik, tabur tepung supaya tidak melekat di tangan.
3. Panaskan minyak yg banyak untuk menggoreng.
Goreng sehingga menggelembung dan angkat apabila kedua2 belah kuih berwarna keperangan.
4. Hidangkan dengan kuah kacang atau kari.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Suasana Hari Raya Qurban di Kampung 2015

Since I got married in the last 25 years, this is my first Idh Adha celebration with my mother and siblings in my hometown as far as I can recall..... the reasons were because Idh Adha public holiday was only one day and always coincided with our peak work period in the past years while children had no school term break. Staying in the East Malaysia was just not possible to fly back with whole family for one day only.

In my hometown, Idh Adha is celebrated as bigger occasion than Idh Fitri. We had three days consecutively of family gathering with very busy activities and of course 'big makan-makan'. My mother is the planner and the leader in deciding what activities, the menu, the guests, etcs. Syukur at age of 75 she is still healthy to do most of the cooking with help of all of us. I will share some of my mother's delicious cooking in here. I will never able to beat my mother's cooking... really finger-licking good.

1.a Emak's Best Ever Black Rendang

1.b Emak's Delicious Chicken Rendang Pedas Kunyit

1.c Emak's Nasi Minyak
- Made with 5kg of rice, enough to feed all the children, grandchildren and great-grand children

1.d Nothing-Better-Than Emak's Pineapple Pachrey

1.e Dalca Campur

1.f AlongRoz's Crispy Veg Acar

1.g Lemang

1.h Nasi Himpit
- to go with Sayur lodeh & Sambal Ikan Bilis; or with Peanut Sauce; or with Rendang.... choice is individual's

1.i Mak Lang's Every-Year-Must-Have Peanut Sauce

1.j Sayur Lodeh and Sambal Ikan Bilis

1.k AlongRoz's Agar-Agar Pandan

 On Day 2 Idh Adha, we slaughtered three goats for distribution to neighbors and the needies. One goat was for our own consumption which was cooked in special Korma recipe by my AbangNdak. The Lamb Korma was super delicious as the meat was very fresh. We enjoyed it very much that I forgot to snap any photo on day two....

My niece cooked special Chicken Feet Noodle Soup to serve the hardworking men and women who did all the necessary activities like slaughtering, meat cutting, packing and delivering. This is her specialty with very tasty and nice spice aroma...

 All the family members, some relatives and friends gathered at my mother's house right after Subuh. It was the big day of the Idh as two cows were about to be sacrificed. It was a very busy day from early morning.... preparing breakfast, setting up the slaughtering area in the next door empty land and getting the equipment ready. There were more than 70 of us with lots of noises but so much fun and good feeling of togetherness.

The empty land was well prepared with tents for various purposes.... me and my niece had our fun cooking corner with freshly prepared lattice crepe and Roti Puri in addition to other ready prepared food. Other tents were for eating and working areas.

Breakfast Menu:
1.a Fried Rice
1.b Spaghetti Bolognaise
1.c Bingka Kastad
1.d Lattice Crepe
1.e Roti Puri
1.f Chicken Curry

Lunch Menu:
2.a CikNor's Special Beef Rice
2.b Air Asam (Special sauce for the rice)
2.c Cik Mah's Young Jackfruit Green Curry
2.d Fried Turmeric Beef
2.e OpahYam's Lime Acar
2.f Oni's Beef Bone Soup
2.g AlongRoz's Peparu Goreng Berempah
2.h Lime Asamboi Juice

Overall we had loads of fun.... alhamdulillah siratulrahim yang erat sesama keluarga dan sahabat-handai.

Friday, September 18, 2015

White Honeycomb Cake - Pak Thong Koh

I was very thrilled to see the outcome of my first trial of the kuih.... although it could have been better if my steamer didn't dry out half way. This kuih was so soft and very tasty as it uses coconut juice and most importantly is to achieve the desired look of honeycombs....! I will not be successful without a help from my FB friend who supplied the flour and guided me step by step on the making process.... such a lovely friend whom I only know from the Facebook.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get the permission of the original owner to share the recipe in this blog. Hopefully she will respond to my request later.

Batter fully fermented, ready for steaming

  Seronok nya dapat merasa kuih ni.... dah lama teringin nak makan tapi tak pernah nampak orang Melayu jual kuih ni. Alhamulillah, dapat sahabat yg baik hati di alam maya yg sudi berkongsi resepi dgn Along, bahkan dapat tepung nya sekali dan penerangan terperinci cara2 nak buat.

 Syukur menjadi walaupun air kukusan terkering separuh jalan.... kalau tidak mungkin lebih cantik lagi sarang nya. Kuih ni lembut dan rasa nya sedap wangi sebab letak air kelapa.

 Buat masa ni Along tak dapat nak kongsikan resepi nya sebab masih menunggu tuan punya resepi asal beri izin... Harap2 dia jawab mesej Along tu....

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Overnight Oats (Again) - Dates & Figs Topping

 This is our regular breakfast lately.... especially so in order to clear the big packet of rolled oats and to fully utilize my new cute jars! For recipe, please refer to earlier post here. This time I placed honey, dates, figs and ginger biscuits as topping.

Saja2 jer tayang lagi resepi ni.... tambahan dah rasmi botol kaca yg comel2 ni.... Kali ni topping dgn madu, kurma, buah zaitun dan biskut halia.... SEDAP! Kat bawah ni pula gambo Greek Yoghurt bagi yang bertanya atau tak pernah tau. Untuk resipi penuh, boleh lah tengok entri sebelum ni kat link sini ya.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bingka Telur Kastad

The women social group of this residence organized morning coffee ala pot-lucks. Since we are all from various nationalities, we were asked to bring our national specialties. Bingka is Malay specialty cake (kuih) so I thought it will be a good idea for this purpose. Coincidently I saw Sue posted the kuih while I was searching for idea... I like the kuih very much and so did the women.... It is easy to adapt to this kuih and in fact it doesn't require any mind twisting at all.... They all love it at first bite!

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: SueNorman
Translated into English by HomeKreation
Size: 9" square
4 Eggs
150g Sugar
180g Flour
50g Custard Powder
1/2 small can Condensed Milk / Sweetened Creamer
400ml Thick Coconut Milk
200ml Milk
100g Melted Butter
Yellow Coloring (I skipped)
200ml Boiling Water

1. Beat egg & sugar, with wooden spoon, until sugar is dissolved.
Add in rest of the ingredients in the above order and stir well each addition.
2. Grease and line tin. Pour in mixture.
3. Bake 180C for 40 minutes using bottom heat and another 10 minutes with top heat.

 Bila Along tengok resepi Sue ni Along dah dapat bayangkan kesedapan nya.... Kebetulan memang nak buat bingka untuk bawa gi pot-luck. Pepagi lagi dah bangun nak buat kuih ni, nasib sempat juga siapkan untuk sarapan pagi dgn kawan2. Jadi cantik jer kuih ni.... tapi Along lak gatal pi grill 5 minit sebab nak extra garing.... tut2 terhitam pulak..... kikikiiii.... tapi hitam tu yg sedap harum tau!
Kuih ni sedang2 manis bagi Along.... tekstur nya amat lembut.... TQ Sue sharing resepi yg mabeles ni!
By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: SueNorman
Saiz tin: 9" persegi
4 bj Telur
150g Gula Pasir
180g Tepung Gandum
50g Tepung Kastad
1/2 tin kecil Susu Manis
400ml Santan Pekat
200ml Susu Cair
100g Mentega Cair
Pewarna Kuning (Along tak letak)
200ml Air Mendidih
1. Kacau telur & gula dgn senduk kayu sehingga gula hancur.
Masukkan tepung, susu manis dan gaul sebati sambil di masukkan satu persatu.
Masukkan santan, susu dan air panas sambil di kacau.
(Adunan memang cair, jangan tambah tepung lagi tau)
2. Sapu loyang dgn mentega & di lapik kertas.
3. Bakar 180C selama 40 minit api bawah, 10 minit api atas.