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Monday, June 30, 2008

Kampung Sour Fish Stew

Kampung Sour Fish Stew is a tranlation of "Ikan Masak Asam ala Kampung". This is a healthy dish as no fat added. The Kampung dish is perfect when accompanied with Kampung salad : Kampung Boiled Banana Flower dipped in "Sambal Belacan".
300g Fish
2 Red Chillies*
3 Bird-eye Chillies*
4 Shallots* (* pounded)
1 Lemongrass - smashed
1 thumb size Tamarind paste + 1 bowl water
½ tsp Turmeric powder
1 Turmeric leaf - knotted
1 piece dried Tamarind
½ tbsp Sugar
Salt to taste
MSG (optional)

Place all ingredients in a pot & boil until fish is cooked.
Serve with white rice.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Laksa Johor

Laksa Johor is a famous Southern Peninsular Malaysian spaghetti served with creamy fish paste gravy flavoured with local herbs like Polygonum, Ginger Buds and Mint Leaves.
From top left: Polygonum, Ginger Flower, Mint & Kasturi Lime
{Dari kiri atas: Daun Kesum, Bunga Kantan, Daun Pudina & Limau Kasturi}
From bottom left: Bean Sprout, Cucumber & Long Beans
{Dari kiri bawah: Taugeh, Timun & Kacang Panjang}

Let's cook the scrumptious Laksa Johor with me and make sure you have all the ingredients ready.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation  
1 packet of Spaghetti -
boil until tender & drain
1 kg Fish (Mackerel or others)
4 tbsp Oil
5 tsp Corriander seeds
(biji ketumbar)*
3 tsp Cumin seeds
(jintan putih)*
2 tsp Fennel seeds
(jintan manis)*
4 tsp Curry powder*
4 tsp Chilli powder*
6 Shallots*
½ inch Ginger*
a bit of Galangal
5 tsp Chilli paste* (*blended)
4-5 liter Coconut Cream
5 tsp Palm Sugar
(gula merah)
4 pieces dried Tamarind
3 tbsp roasted Coconut paste

1. Clean fish & grill until dry. Flake off the bones and pound.
Grind the bones with some water & filter the bone stock.
{Panggang ikan kembung & tumbuk isi nya. Tulang nya di kisar & tapis}

2. Heat oil in a big pot. Fry blended ingredients until fragrant.
Add in coconut cream & stir until boiled.
Add Salt, palm sugar, tamarind, pounded fishflakes & roasted coconut paste.
Boil a bit longer until the taste are well blended.
{Panaskan minyak, tumis bhn2 yg di kisar bertanda* sehingga harum. Masukkan santan & kacau sehingga menggelegak. Masukkan kesemua bhn2 lain}

3. Serve spaghetti with gravy & with garnish ingredients shown in the photo above.
{Hidangkan spageti dgn kuah & bhn tabur spt dlm gambar di atas}

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tapioca Fritters

This is a typical Malay Kampung kueh served at tea time. Very simple ingredients and method that anyone can make this with success. No accurate measurement is necessary. I have indicated rough measurements below only as a guide.

I have plenty of tapioca that my mother-in-law brought from kampung so made this today in the evening for tea time.

½ big mixing bowl mashed boiled Tapioca
1-2 handful grated fresh Coconut
½ cup Sugar or to taste

3 spoon Flour + 2 spoon Rice Flour + a pinch of Salt + a pich Turmeric powder + water
- The consistency is runny like those used for banana fritters.

Mix all the ingredients until well blended.
Shape into small balls.
Dip in batter and deep fry until golden.

Kueh kampung yang tetap popular....Bahan2 nya tak perlu sukatan tertentu, agak2 je...

½ mangkuk adunan Ubi kayu - di rebus
1-2 genggam Kelapa parut
½ cwn gula atau sesedap rasa

TEPUNG CELUP: 3 sudu Tpg Gandum + 2 sudu Tpg Beras + secubit Garam + sedikit serbuk Kunyit + Air secukupnya. Kecairan macam tepung goreng pisang.

Gaul kesemua bhn2 sehingga sebati. Bulat2 kan. Celup ke dlm bancuhan tepung. Goreng sehingga keperangan.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thai Fried Rice

Hahaha! Fried Rice again but as I said before, you can make many varieties depending on mood and creativities. This time I will introduce a variety that require a little bit more preparation compared to my earlier two fried rice recipes. However, it is worth the effort.... my whole house is fragrant with Thai aroma tonight - something you cannot feel from the picture above....

INGREDIENTS (Serve 4-6 persons):
4-6 bowl cooked Rice + 1 tbsp Salt + MSG (optional)
1 scoop Cooking Oil
1 palm size Salted Fish Flesh - sliced into small pieces
1 handful dried Shrimps - chopped
½ Big Onions*
8 cloves Garlic*

1 slice Ginger
1 Lemongrass*
4 Cardamon*
4 Clover* (* blended)
100-200g Chicken flesh - sliced into small pieces
2 tbs Oyster sauce
1 tbsp Sweet Soya sauce
1 tbsp Chilli Sauce

1 tbsp Nampla (fish sauce)
2 Maggee Mini Ikan Bilis cubes (4 g each)
1 stalk Mustard leaves
or any other green leaves e.g. Kangkung, Kailan
10 big Bird-eye Chilli - chopped
3 Kafir Lime leaves - sliced very finely
2 Kasturi Lime
Chinese Celery & Spring Onion

1. Heat cooking oil. Fry salted fish until golden and lift into a plate.
Fry dried shrimp and lift out.

2. Fry blended ingredients until fragrant & dry.
Add in while stirring, chicken, all type of sauce and Ikan Bilis cubes and vegetable.
Add in rice and stir until well blended and rice are heated up.
Add in the rest of oher ingredients and dish up.

3. Served with fish/prawn crackers, chicken nugget, etc of your choice.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chocolate Cream Puffs

 This delicious Chocolate Cream Puff will surely allure you for more & more....! Easy and quick to make will be a good idea for last minute unplanned entertaining.

By: Roz@HomeKreation 
Makes 3 dozens
1 cup Flour
2 tbsp Cocoa powder
1 cup Water
½ tsp Salt
1 tbsp Sugar
½ cup Unsalted Butter
4 Eggs

1. Sift flour & cocoa together & put aside.
{Ayak tepung & serbuk koko}

2. Boil the rest of ingredients, except eggs, until the butter is melted and remove from heat. Pour in flour mixture, all at once. Mix well.
Beat in egg one at a time untill well blended.
{Panaskan bhn2 yg lain kecuali telur sehingga butter cair. Tutup api. Masukkan campuran tepung sekali gus & kacau sehingga sebati. Masukkan telur satu-persatu sambil di pukul}

3. Pipe or spoon onto greased baking tray.
Bake for 25 minutes at 210C. Cool.
{Paipkan atau sudukan ke atas dulang pembakar yg di minyakkan. Bakar 25 minit suhu 210C. Sejukkan}

4. To make the chocolate custard, place 4 egg yolks, 100g sugar, 60 g flour, 600ml milk & 80-100g chocolate in a saucepan. Stir until thicken & boiled.
{Untuk membuat kastad coklat, letakkan kesemua bhn ke dlm periuk & kacau sehingga pekat & menggelegak}

5. Cut a slit & spoon chocolate custard into the puffs or inject the custard using injection nozzle.
{Isikan kastad coklat kedlm puff dgn cara memotong sedikit ataupun inject}

6. Drizzle melted chocolate on top. I used Swiss chocolate fondue bought at KLIA.
{Kalau rajin, boleh buat topping coklat cair atau pun guna coklat fondue}


Triple chocolate puffs :Undecorated cream puff:

Showing off the chocolate filling:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roti Canai / Roti Boom / Roti Square

As I mentioned in my previous post, I made Roti Canai with no specific measurement but through 'feel & skill'. However, I have attempted to measure the ingredients when I made it this morning, so that I could share the recipe herewith.

In order to produce soft lasting Roti Canai, it is important to acquire the skill in handling & kneading the dough. The tip is kneading until the dough is soft & elastic but do not over kneading. You will also find that my recipe below produces less oily Roti Canai compared to those sold in stalls & restaurants and yet very soft layers.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
INGREDIENTS (18 pieces):
1 kg wheat Flour
600ml Water
1 small Egg
3 tsp Sugar
1½ tsp Salt
3 spoon (dinner spoon) Margarine
½ bowl Oil (need not use all)

1. Mix all ingredients except margarine & oil until a soft dough is formed. Add in margarine & knead.

2. Divide into 18-20 pieces. Rest for minimum 10 minutes.

3. Flatten each ball & pull until tissue thin. Use sufficient amount of oil while shaping the dough. Shape to desired type (Roti Canai/ Boom/ square). [Alamak forgot to snap the dough coil].

4. Fry on hot griddle without oil initially. Add 1 tsp margarine a bit later and cook until golden. Don't forget to flip the roti all the time to ensure it cooked evenly.
When cooked, mash roti lightly with both hand.

5. Serve with your favourite curry or rendang.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rendang Kerang ( Cockle Rendang )

I love this dish but cockles are expensive in Sarawak. They cost 10x the price in my hometown in the Peninsular. I used the same Rendang recipe to cook chicken, beef, prawn and any other meat/seafood. My Rendang recipe used least variety of ingredients, the way my mum cooks hers, but rest assured of delicious result...! Yummy!

1 bowl Cockles
1 bowl very thick Coconut Milk (put more for richer result but watch out for cholestrol!)
5 tbs dried Chilli paste
10 Shallots*
3 Lemongrass*
2 inches Ginger* (*blend finely)
1 piece dried Tamarind
1 Turmeric leaf - sliced as fine as possible
Salt & MSG (optional)

1. Place coconut milk, chilli paste & blended ingredients in a wok.
Boil until thick & oil emerges from the surface.

2. Add in cockles, sliced turmeric leaf, tamarind piece, salt & MSG.
Stir all the time until the gravy is dry and cockles are cooked (it is important not to overcook the cockles otherwise they will turn out hard).

3. Serve with white rice, Nasi Lemak or roti.

a. If making chicken or meat rendang, place them with all other ingredients in step 1 and stir with slow heat until done.
b. Cook the Rendang to your preferred dryness. My children prefer it a bit wet whilst my mum will always cook hers until very dry because she normally cooks in large volume which can be kept until the next day.

Fried Mee Hailam

This morning we had Fried Mee Hailam. The noodles/mee is first fried just like cooking Fried Mee and Hailam gravy is cooked separately. See photo below before gravy is added.
The recipe is similar to my posting before, but replace meehoon with fried noodle:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Beef Fried Rice

Feeling very lazy today after a week of hard work at office and lack of sleep this week. Furthermore I played badminton this evening and kids are going to karate class. Aaah (sigh), let's cook something simple....

In case anyone would like to try this simple Beef Fried Rice, here it is:

INGREDIENTS (Serve 4-6 people):
4-6 bowl cooked Rice
1 scoop Cooking Oil
10 small Shallots*
4 cloves Garlic* (*half sliced thinly & half pounded)
2 Chillies - pounded
100-200g Beef - sliced thinly into small strips
2 handful frozen Mixed Vegetables
2 tbs Oyster sauce
1 Maggee Mini Chicken cubes (4 g)
2 tbsp Salty Soya sauce
2 tbsp Sweet Soya sauce
Chinese Celery & Spring Onion
Salt & Pepper

1. Mix rice with salt & pepper.

2. Heat up cooking oil & fry sliced shallots & garlics until golden. Dish out.
Place pounded ingredients in the oil & fry until fragrant.
Add in beef & stir until beef is cooked.
Pour in oyster sauce - stir for a while & add in mixed vegetable.
Add in rice, soya sauce and stir until all ingredients are well mixed.

3. Serve with fried onion/garlic chopped celery+spring onion, fish cracker and your choice of fresh salad/vegetable. ENJOY!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barley Juice

Barley has cooling effect to body and its internal being besides rich of nutrients. For me, I just love the taste and the homemade is the best which is additives free.

A packet of dry Barley
Sugar (preferably Rock Sugar) - amount to tatse
1 Screwpine leaf

1. Wash barley & place in a pot with sufficient amount of water to cook the barley.
As a guide, the water should be double the depth of the barley in the pot.
It is not necessary to put a lot of water at this stage.
Boil until barley is tender which may take about 30 minutes or more, depending on method of cooking (I always cooked in a 5-ply stainless pot which ususally take only 30 minutes).

2. Once barley is tender, add more water to the volume required, screwpine leaf and sugar. Boil until sugar get dissolved.

3. Serve warm or cold.

Chicken Kurma

I always cook my Chicken Kurma with thick gravy but actually using thin coconut milk. The secret is using less coconut milk but generous amount of Kurma spice. This way, I'm hoping that my cholestrol will not be getting worst.

5 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
½ inch Ginger*
1 Candle Nut* (*pounded)
5 tbs Kurma powder
5 tbsp Cooking Oil
1 tbs Curry powder
1 Star Anise**
1 inch Cinnamon Stick**
2 Cardamon**
3-5 Cloves**
½ Chicken - cut to small pieces
1-2 Potato - cut to required size
1 bowl Coconut Milk
1 Red Chilli or few Chilli Padi
1 Big Onion - cut to 6 parts
2 Tomato
1 Kesturi Lime
Seasoning - Salt & MSG (optional)

1. Mix pounded ingredients* with kurma & curry powder and add enough water to form into paste.

2. Heat up oil in cooking pot & add in ingredients marked ** & kurma paste.
Stir until the paste is fragrant and some oil appear from it. Add few tbs of water if it too dry, at anytime before the paste is properly 'cooked' (indicated when oil appear from the paste). This is an important step to ensure tasty Kurma.

3. Add in chicken & potato & 2 scoops of thin coconut milk and stir well.
Add in seasoning, stir & cover until chicken & potato are cooked.

4. Add in remaining coconut milk, chilli, big onion & tomato & boil for a while.
Switch off the fire & squeeze lime juice.

5. Serve with rice or rotis.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mango Mochi

Since I have some mangos from my recent visit to hometown, I thought I should try this appealing looking Mango Mochi I saw in "Do What I Like" blog by Florence.

The skin is not so sweet and suitable for those who like natural taste of fruit but for sweet tooth like myself I will make it sweeter if the fruit filling is not sweet enough. I love the texture of the mochi skin which is soft and chewy and nice eaten warm or chilled. However, if you're using fresh desicated coconut as coating, I would advice you to cook it for a while in microwave as coconut can easily go bad.

The original recipe suggest to use rubber gloves to shape the mochi but I have illustrated my own method below:

INGREDIENTS (produce about 30 pieces):
300g Glutinous Rice Flour
60g Rice Flour
1 tbsp Coconut powder
1½ tbsp Corn oil
200ml Hot water + 45g sugar - stir until dissolved
160ml Evaporated Milk
240ml Mango juice
Few drops Yellow coloring
2 ripe mangoes - diced into small cubes
Dry/fresh Dessicated coconut - for coating

1. Mix glutinous rice flour, rice flour and santan powder into a big mixing bowl.
Add in the oil, hot water/sugar mixture, evaporated milk & mango juice.
Stir while adding each ingredient gradually untill well blended and smooth.
Strain if mixture is lumpy.

2.Pour batter into a greased container and steam on high heat for 30 minutes.
Remove from steamer and stir the cooked dough with a flat plastic knife till it is smooth. Leave aside to cool.

3. Spread some desicated coconut on a small plate. Drop a spoon of dough onto the coconut spread and flatten it into a round disc, wrap in as much mango cubes as desired. Seal the edges tightly and shape it into round balls. Coat the shaped mochi with dessicated coconut.

6. Serve right away or chilled.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to first of all my husband, a father to my three boys!!! I love you very much and may Allah bless our happiness forever! Here are messages typed by the boys for you:

Rizal: "Abah is the reason why my world goes round!"
Rusydi: " Yo Abah... You Rock Being My Dad !!!"
Radhi: "You're the best in my heart!!!"

They all like to say thank-you for a lot of sacrifice you made to give them the best of all!

The boys chosen the following gifts for their dad yesterday - matched shirt, tie, cuff links and handkerchief set for Father's Day. Also, they chose Nokia N95 equipped with wireless internet for his coming birthday (which is next week) but the boys are too excited to wait next week & decided to hand all at one time :
Prayers and al-fatihah for my arwah Abah semoga di cucuri rahmat and my prayers are always for you. Special wishes to my father-in-law, my five brothers and two brothers-in law on this special day. Lastly,
Happy Father's Day
to all dads in the world!

Tortilla Folders

I made Tortilla Folders with beef filling for breakfast this morning. I bought the Tortilla bread during visit to Taiping last week - it has long shelve life until August, so I bought quite a lot.

Try the recipe of scrumptious filling and crispy folders below and am sure your family will be asking for more:

By: Roz@HomeKreation 
6 pieces Tortilla (wholemeal or traditional)
4 tbsp Cooking Oil
2 cloves Garlic*
1 Red Chilli*
½ inch Ginger* (* pounded)
½ Big Onion - chopped
200-300g Beef - sliced thinly and small pieces
1 cup Shredded Cabbage
1 Tomato - diced
Chillie sauceMayonaise
Salt & Pepper

1. Heat 2 tbsp oil & fry pounded ingredients.Add in chopped onion & beef.Stir until beef is cooked & tender.Add in cabbage & tomato.Season to taste.

2. Spread 2 - 3 tbsp of filling onto Tortilla & squeeze some chilli sauce & mayonaise on top. Roll.Heat a griddle & 2 tbsp cooking oil.Fry Tortilla Folders until golden & crisp.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HomeKreation Nasi Lemak

I play badminton every Wednesday evening after office hours. So I'll make something simple on the day to ensure dinner will be ready in time. My family love Nasi Lemak & it is easy & quick to prepare. Tonight, our Nasi Lemak is accompanied with Sambal Ikan Bilis, KFC, fluffy omelet, fish crackers and sliced tomato.

Here is my Nasi Lemak & Sambal recipes which are simple to prepare and yet always impress my family and special guests:

By: Roz@HomeKreation
INGREDIENTS (Serve 4-6 persons):
3-4 cups Rice - wash & drain
3-4 cups Coconut Milk
3 Shallots*
2 Garlic* (* sliced thinly)
2-3 inches Ginger - smashed
1 Screwpine leaf - shredded & knotted
1 tsp Salt

1. Place all ingredients into a rice cooker & let it cook.

2. For Sambal recipe refer to my earlier post but add in ½ bowl of coconut milk:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Balik Kampong

Best nya balik kampung, jumpa Emak, adik-beradik, sanak-pinak..... Rasa nya seminggu tu kejap bebeno tak sempat nak buat apa pun.... Anyway, memang sonok jumpa sedara-mara bila dah lama tak jumpa, cuma tak sempat nak jumpa my sis Nani & Lang sekeluarga. Ini gambar my last two nephew yang ke 28 (Danish - kanan gambar) dan ke 29 (Izzarif - kiri gambar):
Yang best nya dapat makan masakan Emak. Macam selalu Emak memang sibuk memasak makanan kesukaan anak2 bila kami balik. Along suka makan masakan kampung spt sayur Salang (takde kat Swk ni), Daging masak Lemak Minang, Rendang Merah Ayam, Jering & sambal Kuinin sambal tumis petai. Aisehmen punya syok bantai takde snap gamba lah pulak.

Tapi yang tak best nya balik kali ni, we all accident kat highway at Ipoh. Tiba2 je ada lori langgar dari belakang while tengah steady driving. Memang salah dia lah, kata nya brek tak makan. Alamak, ketaq lutut sebab terpaksa berenti tengah2 highway sebab bahu jalan di tutup dengan pengadang. Demi keselamatan anak2 we all beres je kes tu sebab tak nak dok lama2 kat situ. Takut kang kena ram dik lori2 yg laju gila.

Tak banyak shopping kali ni ada lah sikit2 buah tangan. Nampak biasa je tapi kat Sarawak benda2 ni susah nak dapat:

a. Ini Roti Totilla & Roti Pita wholemeal
So pagi ni breakfast kebab lah.

b. Baulu Coklat Urai

c. Rempeyek Kacang - nampak rangup lah pulak
d. Musim buah mangga, so beli lah nak kasi sedara-mara kat Sarawak ni :

e. Keropok ikan memang wajib beli setiap kali balik Semenanjung. Apek taxi pun dapat jugek sebungkus - cian dia fetch kita orang tengah2 malam. f. Dua bungkus Keropok Lekor, hadiah dari adik ipar bungsu. TQ ya Syuk adikku yang pandai bodek...hehe
g. Ingat nak bawa balik kerang banyak2 tapi kes malas nak mengopek. Tengok2 kat freezer Emak ada yang dah kopek tu rembat je bawak balik (caya tak kerang berkulit kat Miri ni RM8 sekilo) Part yang paling best on this trip ialah yang berikut nya....jeng...jeng...jeng....hahahaha aku dah berjaya merembat dua barangan ni:

New Toy lah - Sony Cyber-Shot untuk menggantikan Sony camera ku yg dah berumur 7 tahun tu....hehehehe. Harap2 nya gamba kat blog ni terang le sikit in the future....hehehe. TQ ya Darling hubby sebab belanja....!
Dan yang terakhir sekali the last & the best sebelum berlepas sempat lak pulak rembat jam tangan ni kat KLIA.....kehkehkehkeh....Hepi nya....dah lama mengidam baru lak mendapat... tapi yang ni bayar sendiri....puas hati le....hehehehe