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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bingka Roti Jagung (Corn Bread Pudding)

 My parents-in-law are visiting this week and brought along a bunch of corns. So I am experimenting bread pudding with corns and I think they are nice and my hubby also said so. I used the same favourite bread pudding recipe that I shared earlier on but modified it slightly with corns flavour.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes 8" / 9" square
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Coconut Milk
1 cup Fresh Milk
1¼ cup Water
2 tbsp Butter
3 Eggs
1/2 tsp Salt
14 slices (520g) Bread - cubed 
2 cobs Corn - remove seeds from cob 
Few drops Yellow Coloring
Sesame Seeds for topping

1. Blend all ingredients, except bread & corn seeds, until well mixed.
Add in corn seeds and pulse for short processing.
Pour onto bread & soak for 5 minutes.
2. Pour 1 tbsp oil into tin & pre-heat in oven.
Rub the mixture with fingers & pour into tin.
3. Sprinkle sesame seeds & bake 180C for 1 hour.

Puding roti boleh di pelbagaikan mengikut kreativiti. Sebelum ni Along ada kongsikan pelbagai rekaan puding atau bingka roti. Kali ni pula, Along cuba campurkan jagung dan hasil nya sangat sedap.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Saiz tin: 8" / 9" persegi
1 cwn Gula 1 cwn Santan
1 cwn Susu Segar 
cwn Air 
2 sb Butter
3 bj Telur
1/2 st Garam
14 keping (520g) Roti - potong kecil2 
2  btg Jagung - ambil biji nya sahaja
Beberapa titik Pewarna Kuning
Biji Bijan untuk tabur

1. Blend kesemua bahan2, kecuali roti & jagung, sehingga sebati.
Masukkan jagung & blend sebentar sahaja.
Tuangkan adunan ke dalam mangkuk berisi roti & rendam selama 5 minit sehingga kembang.
2. Panaskan 1 sb minyak di dlm tin.
Ramas adunan roti & tuangkan ke dlm tin yg berisi minyak panas.
3. Taburkan biji bijan & bakar 180C selama 1 jam.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Eggless Moist Banana Brownies

 I'm so glad I tried out this recipe.... it is super delicious with soft & moist texture, rich with chocolate taste that no one ever guess it is eggless.The banana taste is not overpowering the chocolate and therefore ones will still think is brownies rather than banana bars.... that's what I like most about it. It all well balanced in sweetness, texture and taste!

Notice the nice plate? It was a Hari Raya gift from a friend last year....!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Love (Original by MR_KakFida)
Size 8" square (I made double portion in 10"x12")
100g Cooking Chocolate
75g Butter
200g Ripe Bananas
- mashed 

60g Brown Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
75g Plain Flour*
2 tbsp Cocoa Powder*
1/2 tsp Baking Soda*
1/2 tsp Baking Powder*
(*sifted together)

 Chocolate Chips

1. Melt chocolate and butter together. Allow to cool.
Add in mashed banana, sugar, salt & VE - mix well each addition.
Fold in sifted ingredients*.
If too thick, add in 2 tbsp fresh milk.
2. Pour batter into a greased and lined tin.

Sprinkle some choc chips.
3. Bake at 160C for 20-25 minutes or until done.

 Along buat ni untuk bawa ke rumah my sisterly-friend Mala semperna majlis tahlil arwah ayah nya minggu lepas... laku sampai habis licin... bukan bebudak jer yg berebut, siap makcik2 kat situ minta resepi lak lagi. Memang sedap sangat brownies ni... walau pun tak letak telur, tersangat lembut dan lembab nya. Rasa coklat yang pekat dan manis yg sedang amat mengasyikkan. Kalau Along tak cakap letak pisang, orang pun tak perasan sangat sebab rasa coklat nya tetap kuat.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: Love (Original by MR_KakFida)
Saiz 8" persegi (Along buat dua portion guna tin 10"x12")
100g Coklat Masakan
75g Butter
200g Pisang Lecek

60g Gula Perang
1/4 st Garam
1 st Esen Vanilla
75g Tepung Gandum*
2 sb Serbuk Koko*
1/2 st Baking Soda*
st Baking Powder* (*ayak)
 Cip Coklat

1. Cairkan coklat & butter (Along guna microwave High 1 min). Sejukkan.
Campurkan dgn pisang, gula, garam & EV sehingga rata.
Masukkan bahan2 yg di ayak* sehingga rata.
Jika terlalu pekat, boleh tambahkan 2 sb susu segar.
2. Tuangkan adunan ke dlm tin yg di lapik & di gris.
Taburkan cip coklat.
3. Bakat 160C selama 20-25 minit sehingga masak.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Homemade Chicken Burger (Burger Ayam)

 Scrumptious Chicken Burger for today's breakfast.... Own-made chicken burger is so much better than the ready made frozen sold in supermarkets which are so thin and tasteless. Most of all you know exactly what in there and surely healthy too. Do not think is difficult or time consuming, you will be surprise how easy to prepare it and ready in less than 30 minutes!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes: 5 chicken patties
1/2 (~330g) Chicken Breast - minced 
1 Red Chili*
1/2 Big Onion*
1 clove Garlic* (* chopped) 
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 stale Bread - grind 
Seasoning: Cajun Powder, Black Pepper, Salt
Extra Olive Oil for grilling

1. Heat up olive oil & stir fry *chopped ingredients until fragrant. Cool.
2. Mix fried ingredients together with its oil into minced chicken and rest of ingredients.
3. Shape into round patties (I used a round mould as shown in photo below).
4. Brush chicken patties with olive oil & place in a pre-heated griddle pan.
Flip only once when the bottom side is nicely marked by the ridges.
Cook on the other side until the similar marks appear.
Do not overcook the patties.
5. Sandwich the chicken patties in between sliced & grilled buns together with cheese slices, cucumber, mayonnaise, chili and brown sauce.

Shaping up the chicken patties

Cooked chicken patties

Mari kita buat burger ayam sendiri nak tak? Sebenar nya tak susah nak buat ni dan mengambil masa yg singkat sahaja untuk menyediakan nya. Yang best nya, kita boleh buat kepingan daging ayam yang lebih tebal... tak ler cam yg di jual tu hanya 1/2 cm sahaja, tak rasa apa2 pun burger cam makan roti kosong je kan. Lagi pun kalau buat sendiri, kita pasti akan guna isi ayam yg lebih berkualiti tanpa lemak, kan lebih sihat camtu. Akhir sekali, kita juga boleh pelbagaikan perisa nya mengikut selera masing2. ok lah, meh lihat resipi camna Along buat nya. Ni sarapan buat kami sekeluarga pagi ni.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Bilangan: 5 kepingan burger ayam
1/2 ketul (~330g) Dada Ayam - mesin sehingga lumat
1 bj Cili Merah*
1/2 bj Bwg Besar*
1 ulas Bwg Putih* (* cincang) 
2 sb Minyak Zaitun
1 keping Roti Lama - blend menjadi serbuk
Perisa: Serbuk Cajun, Lada Hitam, Garam
Minyak Zaitun untuk memasak

1. Panaskan 2 sb minyak zaitun & tumis bhn2 yg di cincang* sehingga layu.
2. Campurkan bhn yg di tumis tadi berserta minyak nya kedlm ayam cincang bersama bhn2 lain.
3. Bentukkan bulat leper (Along guna acuan spt dlm gambar).
4. Sapukan kepingan burger dgn minyak zaitun.
Panaskan kuali griddle dan panggang kepingan burger sehingga jaluran garing.
Balikkan kepingan ayam sehingga masak & berjalur garing.
Pastikan tidak di masak terlalu lama supaya tidak liat atau terlalu kering.
5. Hidangkan kepingan ayam bersama roti yg di panggang, kepingan keju, timun, mayonis, sos cili dan sos perang.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bingka Durian (Again)

 Durian season just at the beginning which means they are expensive until more sellers emerged along the streets in Miri. Unexpectedly, yesterday a lovely friend gave me a big container of durian fresh from the farm. Thanks so much BP! The first thing crossed my mind was scrumptious Bingka Durian......! I baked one big container yesterday enough to share with many colleague in the office.

The recipe was shared earlier on here but this time I baked in 10"sq tin.

Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari seorang sahabat yg baik-hati.... Tanpa di sangka2 dapat sekotak besar durian yang segar dari ladang. Sedap durian ni, banyak ulas nya dan amat lemak manis. Puas Along, hubby & anak2 makan durian ni dan masih cukup untuk buat kuih. Kuih bingka ni sedap sebab Along letak isi durian yg banyak supaya rasa nya lemak dgn durian.

Resipi Along dah kongsikan dahulu di sini tapi kali ni, Along bakar dalam tin 10" persegi.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oreo Stuffed Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

 Made this last week to give to UsuRaz's friend and her mum. I think it is a bit dry and probably because overbaked. I will reduce the baking time next time if I make again. Anyway, with Oreo filling it is certainly nice and hope that they like it.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: BakerStreet
Yield: 1 big bundt or 6 mini bundt
1 cup Plain Flour*
¼ cup Whole Wheat Flour*
(I used Atta Flour)

 ½ tsp Baking Powder*
¼ cup Cocoa Powder*

 ¼ tsp Baking Soda*
¼ tsp Salt*
(* sifted together)

 ½ cup Unsalted Butter (room temperature)
 1 cup Sugar
2 Eggs
100ml Buttermilk
(or Milk +
½ tbsp Vinegar, rest 10 minutes until bubbles)
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
10-12 (1 packet) Oreo Cookies
- break/chopped 

1. Grease and flour the sides of a bundt pan or mini bundt pans.
2. Preheat the oven to 170C | 350F
3. Cream the butter and sugar.

Beat in eggs one at a time, followed by the vanilla extract.
With beater on low add the flour and buttermilk alternately in three lots.

Stir in chopped oreos.
4. Bake for 50-60 minutes for one big bundt pan.

I baked mine 30 minutes in six mini bundt pan (will reduce to 20 minutes next time).
Cool and invert.

Ni projek minggu lepas nak kasi kat kawan Usu dari Kucing & emak nya yg datang ke rumah. Along baru jer beli acuan mini bundt pan tu so nak rasmikan lah. Tapi rasa nya terlebih bakar kot sebab kek tu kering sedikit. Rasa nya sedap dgn kerangupan oreo di dalam nya. Harap mereka berdua suka kan nya.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: BakerStreet
Yield: 1 big bundt or 6 mini bundt
1 cwn Tepung Gandum*
¼ Tepung Wholemeal / Atta*

 ½ st Baking Powder*
¼ cwn Serbuk Koko*
(lebihkan sedikit)

 ¼ st Baking Soda*
¼ st Garam*
(* ayak)

 ½ cwn Mentega tanpa garam (room temperature)
 1 cwn Gula
2 bj Telur
100ml Buttermilk
(atau Susu +
½ sb Cuka, rehatkan 10min sehingga berbuih)

1 st Esen Vanilla
10-12 (1 bungkus) Oreo Cookies - patah2kan 

1. Sediakan acuan dgn menyapu butter & percikkan tepung.
2. Panaskan oven 170C | 350F.
3. Pukul mentega & gula sehingga putih.

Masukkan telur sebiji2 sambil di pukul, di ikuti dgn esen vanilla.
Gaulkan tepung & buttermilk selang seli dgn speed perlahan.
Akhir sekali masukkan oreos.
4. Bakar 50-60 minit (sebiji saiz besar) atau 20-30 minit untuk saiz kecil.

(Along nak kurangkan masa ke 20 minit next time)
Sejukkan & terbalikkan dari acuan.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ban Mian Pedas

 Yesterday I posted Ban Mian with Anchovies Soup and herewith another way of serving Ban Mian / Mee Hoon kueh / Pan Mee. This is dry and spicy hot version.... certainly will be listed as one of my favourite foods from now!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Serve: 1 person
1 pc Ban Mian Dough (refer here)
I Egg
Mustard Leaves
Fried Anchovies
Fried Shallots
2 tsp Chili Oil
2-3 tbsp Anchovies Soup (refer here) 

1. Boil 1 bowl of water in a small pot/pan.
Flatten and tear out Ban Mian dough into the boiling water and cook until ala dente.
Lift out Ban Mian and place in a bowl/plate.
2. Mix 2-3 tbsp anchovies soup into Ban Mian.
Serve with poached egg, blanched mustard leaves, fried shallots & 2 tsp chili oil.
Mix all ingredients well.

Kelmarin Along ada kongsikan resepi Ban Mian Sup Ikan Bilis. Hari ini pula nak tunjukkan Ban Mian yg di hidangkan kering & di gaulkan dengan cili oil.... wah, pedas terangkat! Puas hati dapat merasa dua jenis Ban Mian selepas tengok kat AFC hari tu.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Hidangan utk 1 orang
1 ketul Doh Ban Mian (rujuk resipi di sini)
I bj Telur
Sayur Sawi
Ikan Bilis Goreng
Bawang Goreng
2 st Cili Oil
2-3 sb Sup Ikan Bilis (rujuk resipi di sini) 

1. Didihkan 1 mangkuk air di dlm periuk kecil.
Leperkan seketul doh Ban Mian, tarik2, koyak2an ke dlm air yg menggelegak.
Masak sehingga mee Ban Mian masak kenyal ala dente.
Tapis & masukkan ke dlm mangkuk/pinggan.
2. Gaulakn mee Ban Mian dgn sup ikan bilis.
Hidangkan dgn telur 1/2 masak, sayur yg di celur, bwg goreng & 2 st cili oil.
Gaul rata sebelum di makan.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ban Mian / Mee Hoon Kueh

I learned about Ban Mian (in Hakka) or Mee Hoon Kueh (in Hokkien) while watching AFC (Asian Food Channel). The way it was described sounded so delicious and raised my curiosity. Anyway, it does not look too difficult to make... so I decided to give it a try.

I'm so glad that I tried - experiencing something new.... the noodles is nicely cooked  and slightly chewy, perfect to my liking. Its uneven shape makes it interesting. The anchovies soup was tasty and matched perfectly with Ban Mian, half-cooked poached egg and crispy fried anchovies. Hubby said the noodles taste like Wonton....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Sourced: 3HungryTummies (Orig by CookingCrave)
Serve: 3-4 persons
250g Plain Flour
1 Egg
1 tbs Cooking Oil
100ml Water

A pinch Salt

1. METHOD I (using bread machine):
Place all ingredients into a breadmaker and process into dough.
After the 30 min dough cycle is completed, let it rest in the breadmaker for about 1 hour.
2. METHOD II (manual): 
Mix water with salt, egg and oil until well mixed.
In a large mixing bowl, add the water mixture to the flour and mix into a dough. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes, until the dough springs back a little when pressed with a fingertip.
Shape the dough into a ball, cover with a clean damp towel or cling film and leave to rest for 1 hour.
3. Divide into 4 balls of dough (one ball for one serving).

This is my own version of anchovies soup. It is slow cooked to ensure the good anchovies taste will nicely flavour the soup. Another advantage of slow cook, it is ready first thing in the morning when you wake up. You can serve with Ban Mian or Long-Life Noodles.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1/2 cup Dried Anchovies/Ikan Bilis
3 cloves Garlic
1" Ginger
1 cup Soaked Mushrooms
1.5liter Water

1. Pound garlic and ginger.
Add in anchovies and pound coarsely.
2. Heat up few tbsp oil & stir-fry pounded ingredients until fragrant and golden.
Add in water and salt, slow cook overnight.

I cook the Ban Mian one individual portion each time to ensure the noodles are perfectly cook, which is not too soft nor undercooked.

1. In a small pan, boil one bowl of anchovies soup.
2. Flatten one ball of Ban Mian dough in between your palm or using rolling pin.
3. Tear the dough into small thin pieces and drop it into the boiling soup.
Repeat pulling and tearing the dough until one ball is used up.
When the noodles are almost cooked, break one egg into it.
When the noodles is cooked, add in vegetables.
Top with fried anchovies, fried shallot, chopped spring onion and chili oil.

Along baru je kenal dengan Ban Mian.... pertama kali terlihat di AFC channel, terus jer teringin dan terpaksa lah buat sendiri sebab yang sudah siap di masak semua nya tak halal. Ini makanan orang2 Cina Hakka dan Hokkien dan kebiasaan nya di hidangkan dgn sup ikan bilis.

Berbaloi percubaan ni... mee yg bentuk tak menentu ni sedap sangat.... kenyal2 macam pasta.... hubby kata rasa cam wantan, cuma wantan ada inti. Bila Along cakap kat Liana ni sup pasta, dia pun makan banyak sbb dia mmg suka sgt makan pasta.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Sourced: 3HungryTummies (Orig by CookingCrave)
Alihbahasa ke BM oleh HomeKreation
Saiz hidangan: 3-4 orang
250g Tepung Gandum
1 bj Telur
1 sb Minyak Masak
100ml Air

Secubit Garam

1. CARA I (guna bread machine):
Letakkan kesemua bahan2 ke dlm breadmaker dan proses sehingga menjadi doh.
Selepas 30 min apabila proses selesai, rihatkan doh selama 1 jam di dlm BM.
2. METHOD II (uli tangan): 
Campurkan air, garam, telur & minyak.
Tuangkan ke dlm tepung & uli selama 5 min sehingga kental.
Tutup dgn kain lembab atau palstik dan rihatkan selama sejam.
3. Bahagikan doh kepada 4 bebola (setiap sebiji untuk hidangan seorang).

Ini cara Along buat Sup Ikan Bilis. Rasa nya lebih enak & berperisa tanpa bahan2 perasa apabila memasak menggunakan periuk slow-cooker. Bila bangun pagi, sup pun sudah siap sedia dgn membiarkan nya masak semalaman. Sup ni sesuai di hidangkan dgn Ban Mian dan juga Mee Sua.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
1/2 cwn Ikan Bilis
3 ulas Bwg Putih
1" Halia
1 cwn Cendawan Shitake Kering yg telah di rendam
1.5liter Air

1. Tumbuk bwg putih & halia.
Masukkan ikan bilis dan di tumbur kasar.
2. Panaskan beberapa sudu minyak dan tumis bhn2 yg di tumbuk tadi sehingga wangi & garing.
Masukkan air & masak dgn periuk slow cooker semalaman.

Along masak Ban Mian tidak sekali gus tapi satu portion setiap kali supaya mee Ban Mian akan masak sempurna atau tidak juga terlalu masak.

1. Didihkan semangkuk Sup Ikan bilis dlm periuk kecil.
2. Penyekkan seketul doh dgn tapak tangan atau dgn penggelek.
3. Tarik nipis di tepi nya, koyakkan dan campakkan ke dlm sup yg mendidih.
Buat sehingga habis seketul doh.
Apabila mee hampir masak, pecahkan sebiji telur ke dlm nya.
Apabila mee telah masak, masukkan sayur.
Hidangkan segera dgn ikan bilis goreng, bwg goreng, daun bwg dan cili oil.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jamu Rapat

 Kali ni kita main masak-masak jamu lak.... ni khas untuk wanita sahaja... ehem2.... paham2 je lah... Jamu ni baik untuk kesihatan luaran dan dalaman. Tambahan bagi wanita yg penat bekerja seperti Along ni, memang perlukan khasiat semula-jadi. Alhamdulillah, ada lah sorang sahabat tu yang sedekahkan segala macam herba dan tumbuhan segar untuk di buat jamu.... siap pos dari Semenanjung sekotak besar.... ada manjakani, temu kunci dan lain2. Sedap berangin dan yang penting badan rasa segar dan panas, tak lah Along selalu terketar2 sejuk dalam aircond. Lepas seminggu ni boleh lah test kebersanan nya....hahaha.

Buat sahabat yang amat baik-hati dan penyayang, Along ucapkan berbanyak terima-kasih. Semuga Allah membalas jasa mu dengan segala keberkatan di dunia & akhirat.... amin! Along juga berharap persahabatan kita akan kekal selama nya seperti saudara kandung.

 Tak perlu masak lama, cukup sehingga menggelegak. Rasa nya pure macam jamu.... memang asli!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Spicy Sotong Ring

Sotong or Calamari Ring shaken in spicy flour and deep fried until golden is perfect as snacks in the evening or served with rice to complement other dishes. I bought frozen calamari rings and then prepared the simple coating as seen in AFC.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Calamari - clean, deskin & slice into ring shape
(alternatively buy frozen calamari rings) 
2 tbsp Plain Flour*
1 tbsp tbsp Rice Flour*
1 tbsp Chili Powder*
Salt* (* mix well) 

1. Drain excess water from calamri rings.
2. Shake the rings into the flour mixture* until well coated.
3. Heat up oil and deep fry calamari rings until crispy and golden.
4. Serve with sauce as snacks or as side dish with rice.

Sotong Ring ni sedap untuk ratah2 atau pun di hidangkan sebagai lauk sampingan dengan nasi. Nak buat nya amatlah senang, pejam mata jer dah siap sebab Along beli sotong beku yang dah siap di cuci dan di hiris bulat. Cuma sediakan tepung untuk salutan dan  goreng. Goreng sotong jangan terlalu lama supaya tidak liat. Angkat gorengan sebaik sahaja tepung salut tu garing.

Along ternampak ni kat AFC, teringin terus jer gi beli sotong tanpa lengah2.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Sotong - cuci, buang kulit luar nya dan hiris bulat
(atau beli sotong beku yg siap hiris bulat) 
2 sb Tepung Gandum*
1 sb Tepung Beras*
1 sb Serbuk Cili*
Garam* (* Gaul rata) 

1. Sotong di tapis supaya tidak terlalu basah.
2. Gaul sotong dgn campuran tepung* sehingga di saluti rata.
3. Panaskan minyak dalam & goreng dgn api sederhana sehingga salutan tepung garing.
4. Hidangkan dgn sos sebagai snek atau sebagai lauk sampingan dgn nasi.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bubur Ca Ca with Yam (Again)

 Let's enjoy this scrumptious dessert for evening tea - Ca Ca bits and  yam in sweet warm coconut milk.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1 cup Bubur Ca-Ca Bits
1/2 Yam - diced
4-5 cups Coconut Milk
1/2 cup or to taste White Sugar
1 Screwpine Leaf
1/2 tsp Salt

1. Boil Bubur Ca Ca bits until soft & drain (took only 5 minutes using Noxxa pot).
2. Boil yam separately until soft & drain.
3. Place all ingredients in a pot & boil.
4. Serve warm.

Jom minum petang dengan Bubur Ca Ca ni..... Bubur Ca Ca ni sahabat FB yang kasi lama dah. Along simpan dalam petisejuk, jadi ia masih elok. Tetiba teringin nak makan, so kelmarin cari keladi ada pula terjumpa kat supermarket.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
1 cwn Bubur Ca-Ca kering
1/2 ketul Keladi - potong kiub
4-5 cwn Santan
1/2 cwn / cukup rasa Gula Pasir
1 helai Daun Pandan
1/2 st Garam

1. Rebus bubur Ca Ca sehingga kembang & lembut (set masa 5 minit pressure guna periuk Noxxa).

2. Rebus keladi berasingan sehingga empuk.
3. Masukkan kesemua bahan ke dalam periuk & masak sehingga mendidih.
4. Hidangkan suam sebagai hidangan petang.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin (Fried Rice with Salted Fish)

We just had Beef Fried Noodles in the morning and too soon we were hungry again in the afternoon.... I had not had any chance to rest since early morning and felt like spending whole day in the kitchen. There were just too many things to do every week end - cleaning the house, preparing breakfast, laundry, bathing & dressing up Liana, feeding her, dish washing, marketing, cleaning & storing fish/chicken.... and list goes on.... I'm not complaining but at times I feel like I need a break. So lunch was just a simple fried rice but no one was complaining... I thank my family for that.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
3 cup Cooked Rice
5 Vietnam Chilies*
3 Shallots* (* sliced) 
2" Salted Fish - cubed 
Bean Sprouts
Salt & Pepper
Spring Onion

1. Heat up few tbsp oil & stir-fry chilies and shallots until golden. Dish out.
2. Fry salted fish in the remaining oil until crispy.
Add in rice, bean sprout, fried shallots/chilies, salt & pepper.
Stir until well mixed.
3. Serve with chopped spring onion.

Saja jer nak kongsi menu yg sempoi ni. Sekali-sekala makan yg senang2 je sebab dah tak berdaya nak masak yang canggih2 dah bila dah seharian tak rihat2 dgn kerja rumah yg tak pandai habis. Tapi sempoi camni pun sedap gak. Memang kena ler dgn selera kampung.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
3 cwn Nasi
5 bj Cili Padi Vietnam*
3 ulas Bwg Merah* (* hiris) 
2" Ikan Masin - potong kecil 
Sayur Taugeh
Garam & Lada Sulah
Daun Bawang

1. Panaskan sedikit minyak dan tumis hirisan cili & bawang sehingga garing.
Angkat & ketepikan.
2. Goreng ikan masin dalam minyak tadi sehingga garing.
Masukkan nasi, taugeh, bwg/cili goreng, garam & lada.
Gaul sehingga rata rasa.
3. Hidangkan dgn taburan daun bawang.

Beef Lasagna

 I'm using instant lasagna skin as well as instant bechamel sauce (a gift from lovely sista friend) for this quick-to-make Beef Lasagna for our lunch last week end. As usual my two commentators in the house will have the final say and they both were just speechless with mouthful of hot juicy homemade lasagna that they claimed much more delicious than the one from expensive deli.

The instant bechamel powder produces very creamy and tasty sauce!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Size: 13" x 9" casserole
500g Beef
- minced 

4 cloves Garlic - chopped
1 Big Onion - chopped 
1 big can Tomato Puree
1 small Brinjal
- chopped

 1 cup Fresh Flower Mushrooms - chopped 
Herbs - Basil, Parsley, Mixed
1 tsp Black Pepper
Salt & Sugar

1 packet (500g) Instant Lasagna Sheets
1 packet Instant Bechamel Sauce Powder
200g Mozarella Cheese - grated

1. Heat up few tbsp olive oil, saute garlic & onion until fragrant.
2. Add in the rest of ingredients & 1 can of water.

Cook until boiled and season well.
3. Prepare instant bechamel sauce following instruction in the packet or refer here for home-made bechamel sauce.
4. Grease casserole and spread 1 cup of tomato sauce.
Arrange lasagna sheets, spread tomato sauce, bechamel sauce & grated cheese.
Repeat layering until all lasagna & sauce are used up.
5. Bake at 180C for 25 minutes until top is golden & crispy.

Ensure lasagna is properly cooked by testing with satay stick. It should feel soft when pricked. 

Step-by-step preparation

Alhamdulillah, kenyang nya makan tengahari dengan sebekas besar Lasagna Daging. Memang puas hati kalau buat sendiri sebab lebih mewah dengan bahan2 yang di sukai. Kali ni Along guna kulit lasagna yg di beli. Kalau sesiapa rajin boleh lah buat kulit lasagna sendiri, resepi nya Along ada letak di sini. Sos bechamel pun Along guna serbuk & cuma campurkan susu je, mudah di sediakan. Serbuk bechamel ni sahabat yg kasi dah lama tapi sebab kesibukan sehingga Along boleh terlupa. TQ so much sista!

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Saiz bekas: 13" x 9"
500g Daging Lembu
- cincang halus

4 ulas Bwg Putih - cincang
1 bj Bwg Besar - cincang
1 tin Tomato Puri
1 bj Terung
1 cwn Cendawan Segar - cincang
Herba - Basil, Parsley, Campuran
1 st Lada Hitam
Garam & Gula

1 kotak (500g) Instant Lasagna Sheets
1 bungkus Instant Bechamel Sauce Powder
200g Mozarella Cheese - sagat

1. Panaskan beberapa sudu olive oil & tumis bwg putih & bwg besar sehingga layu.
2. Masukkan lain2 bahan & 1 tin air.
Masak sehingga sebati rasa & mendidih.
3. Sediakam sos bechamel seperti arahan yg tertera di bungkusan atau rujuk di sini cara2 buatan sendiri.
4. Gris bekas tahan panas & ratakan 1 cwn sos tomato.
Susun kepingan lasagna, ratakan sos tomato, sos bechamel & tabur cheese yg di parut.
Ulangi susunan sehingga habis.
5. Bakar 180C selama 25 minit sehingga keperangan & lasagna masak sempurna.
Cucuk dgn lidi untuk pastikan lasagna telah masak. Jika ia masih keras, sambungkan sedikit masa lagi.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pandan Velvet Cake

Wow..... I could say ten times wow and still not enough to describe how delicious this cake is....!!! Compared to Red Velvet Cake, this is much more superb in taste with the intense aroma and taste of pandan. I fell in love first sight the moment I saw it at the hotel just now and lucky enough to get the last piece. I will try to recreate this if I have the opportunity one day..... one piece just not enough....LOL.

Cream Puff Roll with Spicy Tuna Filling (Roll Cream Puff Inti Tuna Pedas)

 I drooled right away when I first saw this but gotta wait the right moment because I do not have many eaters in the house after the two boys left for studying. So finally made it few days ago for our evening tea but it took two days to finish it because it is a big size. Honestly speaking it is really delicious.... tasty pastry combined with spicy tuna just cannot go wrong... Hubby had three slices in one round that evening, Liana had one, UsuRaz & me had two slices each and still several slices leftover for breakfast next day.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: JanaAsri @ SambalHijau FB
Modified the pastry measurement to fit my own tin & use my own filling recipe
English translation by HomeKreation
Tin size: 10" or 11" square 
130g Butter
170g Water
A pinch of Salt
200g Flour
4 Eggs

1 can Spicy Tuna in Mayonnaise
1 Big Onion
1 Red Chili
Spring Onion

1. Heat up a1-2 tbsp of oil and stir-fry chopped big onion until soften.
Add in chopped chili & tuna.
Stir well to mix and off heat.
Mix in chopped spring onion (I missed out).
2. Place water, butter & salt in a pan and heat until boiling.
Off fire, add in flour and mix quickly until smooth.
Let it cool before beat-in egg one at a time.
3. Pipe batter or spread with spoon into a greased tin.
Sprinkle chopped spring onion and bake at 200C for 20-25 minutes.
4. Remove pastry from tin and rest to cool slightly.
Spread tuna filling and roll tightly.
Serve right away.

Di ratakan inti sebelum di gulung

 Puff pastry gulung lebih mudah dan cepat untuk di sediakan sebab tidak perlu nak paipkan sebiji2 atau nak sumbat inti nya sebiji2. Juga kulit nya lebih tebal berisi dan tidak lampung kosong di bandingkan dgn yg bulat2 kecil. Yang penting rasa nya pasti amat sedap dengan aroma pastri dan gandingan inti yg pedas. Juga semua nya boleh di siapkan dlm lebih kurang sejam sahaja.

 Terima-kasih kepada JanaAsri & Sambal Hijau yg kongsikan resepi nya di FB.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: JanaAsri @ SambalHijau FB
Resepi di bawah ni, Along telah ubahsuai sukatan kulit utk saiz tin yg Along ada.
Resepi inti nya pula Along buat resepi sendiri.
Saiz tin: 10" atau 11" persegi
130g Butter
170g Air
Secubit Garam
200g Tepung Gandum
4 bj Telur

1 tin Tuna Pedas Bermayonis
1 bj Bwg Besar
1 bj Cili Merah
Daun Bwg

1. Tumis bwg besar yg di dadu sehingga layu.
Masukkan cili yg di cincang & tuna.
Kacau sebati & padamkan api.
Gaulkan daun bawang (Along terlupa nak letak).
2.  Letakkan air, garam & butter ke dalam periuk dan masak sehingga mendidih.
Padamkan api, masukkan tepung & gaul dengan cepat sehingga rata.
Biarkan sejuk sebentar dan masukkan telur sebiji2 sambil di pukul dgn mixer.
3. Paipkan ke dalam tin atau ratakan dgn sudu.
Tabur daun bawang yg di cincang.
Bakar 200C selama 20-25 minit.
4. Keluarkan dari dulang & sejukkan sebentar sebelum di ratakan inti tuna pedas.
Gulung & hidangkan.