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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Baking Day

Another busy day.... Today I baked two Sarawak layered cakes to bring back to kampung soon. Herewith some slices for all of you... rebut2...sikit je ni...hehe.
Here is an update - photo taken at kampung after the cake was sliced - a very rich cake with stuffed prune & almond chocolate:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Roti Jala with Bubur Kacang

Bubur Kacang (mung beans in coconut milk) is my hubby's favourite and it goes well with Roti Jala (Lacy Crepes). I've posted each recipe earlier on here & here but today's my Roti Jala has different look because I used a different method. Thanks to Chikmi who gave me tips where to find the mayonaise bottle. Although I didn't find the same bottle, I found the bottle below which can be used for the same purpose.
UPDATE: For those asking where I bought the bottle, herewith the answer. Actually I forgot the name of the shop & asked ChikMi - Answer: 100Yen or Daiso.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cornflakes Cookies

My third homemade cookies.... This is really good and very crunchy. I've been looking for a good recipe and the few versions I tried earlier on were not as expected and very glad that I found what I've been wanting finally. The texture is light with moderate sweetness and most importantly the cornflakes stay crunchy after baked.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Sue (forum)
Makes about 100 pieces
150g Butter
80g Icing Sugar
1 Egg Yolk
50g Cornflour
180g Plain Flour
80g Cornflakes - crushed

1. Cream butter & sugar until fluffy.
Add in egg yolk & beat until well mixed.
Add in cornflour & mix well.
Add in plain flour gradually.
Add in cornflakes.

2. Roll into small balls and coat with more cornflakes.
Bake at 175C for 10 minutes.
Cool & keep in an airtight container.

Marble Shortbread II

My second homemade cookies.... The first shortbread version I made uses almond powder and I wanted to make another version without it and found this one. I think the one with almond tastes better & crispier too.

Source: Forum (by Anasue) - recipe modified to fit 12" sq tin
Makes 12" x 12" --> 100 pieces
380g Butter
160g Caster Sugar
400g Flour
75g Rice Flour
1/2 tsp Salt

280g Cooking Chocolate*
1.5 tbs Veg Shortening* (* melt & mix) 
90g White Chocolate

1. Cream butter & sugar until fluffy.
Add in flour & salt.

2. Grease tin & cutter.
Spread & press the dough into the tin.
Prick the surface with fork.
Place the cutter on top of the batter & press in.

3. Bake 180C for 20 minutes.
Rest for 10 min before removing the cutter.
Cool completely.

4. Spread melted chocolate on top of the shortbread.
Drizzle with white chocolate & create marble pattern.
Replace cutter & chill for 20 minutes until the chocolate set.
Remove cutter & keep shortbread in an air tight container.

Biskut Bunga Cina

I made three types of cookies in the morning & this is the first one. I underestimate the difficulty & straight away made two portions. I thought it is as easy as making Dahlia but mine ended up too hard to press through the mould although the dough was soft (I did not use up 3/4 cup of flour). My hand get hurt, so I ended up rolling the batter & used cookie cutter instead. I saw many people successfully used Dahlia mould for this.... The taste is good like Kuih Bangkit, kind of melt in the mouth.

Source: MyR_Nor67 (translated into English)
Makes 80-90 pieces
100g Butter / Margarine
90 Caster Sugar
1 Egg
2 cups Cornflour (Homekreation: I used less amount) 
1 cup Tapioca Flour
Red Cherry for deco

1. Beat butter with sugar until creamy.
Add in egg & continue beating until fluffy.
Add in flour until well mixed.

2. Fill bater into Dahlia nozzle & press out.
Since it requires so much energy to press out, I rolled it flat & used cookie cutter.

3. Bake at 175C for 15 min.

Lepat Ubi Kayu (Cassava Wrap)

Not much story telling today, body & mind are exhausted in the fasting month.... Let's enjoy this traditional kuih.

Source: HomeKreation
Makes: 6 pieces
2 cups grated Cassava / Tapioca
1/3 cup Palm Sugar (Gula Merah)
2 spoon White Sugar
1/6 cup Water
1/4 cup Coconut Cream
1 cup Grated Coconut - add 1 tbsp Sugar & a pinch of salt 
Banana Leaves  

1. Add palm sugar, white sugar & water in a pot & boil until melt.
Mix sugar syrup with grated cassava.
Mix in coconut cream.

2. Soften banana leaves over an open flame until it changes to brighter green.
Cut into about 6" width.
Place about two scoops of cassava mixture onto a piece of banana leaf & spread.
Place 1 tbsp grated coconut flling.
Fold the two ends of the banana leaf & the open edges underneath like the picture.

3. Steam over rapidly boiling water for 30 minutes.


Made this yesterday for Iftar.... very soft & fluffy. Compared to the last two versions that I tried, this is the best.

Source: Noreen (original recipe by MyR_Kak Ton & original name "Pau Lembut & Gebu)
Makes 12
250g Pau Flour
3g / 1tsp Instant Yeast
2g / 1/2 tsp BP
50g Castor Sugar
20g Veg Shortening
2g / 1 tsp Pau Softener
1/2c Warm Water

1. Mix all ingredients & knead until smooth.
Cover & let it proof until double.
2. Divide into 12 portions.
Place filling in the centre & rest for 45 min until double.
3. Steam above rapidly boiling water for 10 min.

Stir Fried Cod Roe

We had this to complement other dishes yesterday. This is not sold in Miri & can only find it in Brunei. I have stock of this all the time which I bought several cans from every trip to Brunei. After many years of consuming this, only this time I have the mood to snap the photos.

To cook it, simply stir fry it together with sliced chilies and onions....!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Onde-Onde / Buah Melaka

I experimented Onde2 using black glutinous flour & the result is very pleasantly delicious with special aroma. The taste & texture is nicer than using pure white glutinous rice flour.

Herewith my recipe. There was only 90g black glutinous rice flour left in the packet & that's how I came up with such measurement in the recipe.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes: about 30 small pieces
90g Black Glutinous Rice Flour
110g White Glutinous Rice Flour
2 tbsp Coconut Cream
A pinch of Salt
Enough Water
Grated Coconut + a pinch of Salt
Palm Sugar / Gula Melaka - chopped to small pieces

1.  Mix the first four ingredients in a bowl.
Gradually add in water until a dough is form.

2. Take a small portion, flat it & wrap a piece of palm sugar.
Roll into a small ball & ensure the filling does not leak.
Finish shaping & filling until all the dough used up.

3. Boil a pot of water.
Drop the shaped dough into it.
Let it boil until the kuih float to the surface of the water.
Lift out the kuih & roll onto grated coconut.
Cool the kuih before serving, the melted palm sugar in the filling may burn your tongue when it is hot.

Chicken & Liver Masak Merah

Whole family favourite.... come & enjoy. Recipe refer here but skip potato & add deep-fried liver. This time I made it thicker & creamier.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ginger Fish in Oyster Sauce

My husband bought a fresh fish directly from the boat in the recent weekend. Since it is so fresh, I decided to cook in a simple way.

Source: HomeKreation
1 big Fish - rub with salt & turmeric powder & deep fry 
4 cloves Garlic - pounded 
4 Green Chilies*
Few Chili Padi*
1 Big Onion*
2" Ginger* (* sliced) 
1 Tomato - cut 6 
3 tbsp Oyster Sauce**
2 tbsp Soy Sauce**
1 tbsp Cornflour**
1 tsp Chicken sauce**
1 bowl Water** (** mixed together) 
Spring Onion & Chinese Celery - chopped 
1 tsp Sugar

Heat up some oil & fry pounded garlic until fragrant.
Add in sliced ingredients & stir for about a minute.
Add in sauce mixture, tomato, sugar & salt.

Boil, off the heat and add in spring onion & celery.
Pour over fish.

Daging Rendang Kunyit (Beef Rendang)

Today's menu is Nasi Lemak served with Beef Rendang, Roast Chicken & vegetables. I tried to come home little earlier than usual since making rendang & roast chicken are time consuming but unfortunately we had a black-out. Imagine without electricity, everything are manual.... pounding the rendang ingredients in stone mortar, cooking Nasi Lemak on a stove instead of using rice cooker.... but how about roast chicken without an oven? Fortunately, the electricity was backed 1/2 hour before Iftar time & was ready 10 minutes late after breaking-off fast.

So here is my delicious rendang recipe....

Source: HomeKreation (my Emak's recipe)
500g Beef - sliced 
15 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
1.5" Ginger*
1" Galangal*  (* blended)
1 bowl Chili Paste
1 tbsp Turmeric Powder
1 bowl Thick Coconut Milk
2 Turmeric leaves - sliced finely
1 tsp Sugar & Salt

1.  Method 1: Place all ingredients in a wok & stir until thick.

2. Method 2 (the one I used today, which is a faster method): Pressure cook the beef until tender.
Heat up some oil & fry the remaining ingredients, except coconut milk, until fragrant.
Add in coconut milk & cook until thick.
Add in beef & cook until thick to the preferred consistency.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kuih Jongkong

Another traditional kuih.... see the melted palm sugar oozing out with creamy coconut milk all over... you are crazy if you don't like this kuih...hehe - anyway it is not difficult at all to make. I made 3 portions in one go in order to give away some to my sister-like friend in return of a big container of Bubur Pedas (which is kind of annual thing that she does for me).

Source: MyResipi_KakFida (Copy paste from the source which is the Malay version - please shout if any translation needed)
(Makes 6)
100 g tepung beras
50 g tepung sagu
450 ml santan cair
25 g gula pasir
1/2 sk garam
1 helai daun pandan - disimpul 
(HomeKreation: I tinted it with green colour)

100 g gula melaka - dihiris
300 ml pati santan
(HomeKreation: I added a bit of salt)

1. Sediakan daun pisang,dilayurkan dan dipotong 20x24cm persegi.
2. Masak bahan2 kecuali inti hingga pekat.Biar suam. 
3. Ambil sedikit adunan dan bubuh ke dalam daun pisang dan bubuh pula gula melaka ditengah2nya.
4. Tuang pula pati santan di atas gula melaka.
5. Bungkus seperti kita membungkus tapai,sematkan dgn pencungkil gigi dan kemaskan bungkusan (gunting lebihan daun pisang).
6.Kukus selama 25 min. Siap untuk disajikan. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roti Doraemon (Again)

This is yesterday's menu - saja tayang buat selingan. Today I made Mee Kari but I didn't snap any photo. I'm slowed down in Ramadhan in updating the blog although I've been cooking everyday.... Much apology to blogger friends as I have not been visiting you all.... Thanks to those who drop by.

For recipe, see here.

Tag & Award from MakLang Azie

Dah lama tak kena tag, ni dapat lak dari MakLang. Bulan2 pose ni ketaq lutut sikit, dah seminggu Maklang hanto kertas periksa, ni baru nak buat.

Soalan 1: Adakah anda rasa HOT..?
Ni jam 5.xx pagi, baru lepas sahur. Cuaca kat luar cool, Along pun cool, bulan2 pose kena banyakkan bersabor...hehe.

Soalan 2: Upload wallpaper PC/laptop yg anda gunekan skrg?
Sorry ler, takda wall paper pun.... Dulu Along letak gambar laut biru, pastu tah camna gambo tu kena delete... pastu letak je gambo Liana...

Soalan 3: Cerita pasal gmbar nih..?
My lovely baby yang sangat comel.... hehe tapi gambo ni dah out of date.... sekarang anak dara tu dah berlari-lari...!

Soalan 4: Kali terakhir makan PIZZA..?
Rasa2 nya makan kat Pizza Hut dua-tiga bulan dulu waktu AlongRiz balik cuti.

Soalan 6: Apa yg anda buat selain selesaikan tag nih..?
Kemas2 bilik, jap lagi nak tido..... (buat tag ni dari subuh tadi sampai ler lewat malam ni tak siap2 lagi....hehe

Soalan 7: Selain nama sendiri anda dipanggil nama ape..?
Waktu sekolah2 dulu, member2 panggil Kak Janet...hehe

Soalan 8: Tag lagi 5 orang.
Adush, tang part ni postpone dulu....jangan marah ya MakLang.

Soalan 9: Siapa orang no. 1...?

Soalan 10: Katakan sesuatu pada orang no. 5...?

Soalan 11: No.3 ade hubungan ape dengan sape...?

Soalan 12: Bagaimana pulak dengan no.2...?

Soalan 13: Kata2 cinta dengan orang no.4...?

Soalan 14: Berikan 5 fakta yg anda tahu pasal orang yang anda tag..
Walau pun Along tak tag sape2, I love all member2....mmmuah2...!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mee Hoon Soup

In Miri we break-off fast around 6.40pm - very early compared to Peninsular Msia. Therefore, we usually have supper around 8.30-9pm. Herewith simple mee hoon soup for supper, served with chili soy sauce....

Source: HomeKreation
1 Chicken Breast - sliced
3 cloves Garlic - chopped
1" Ginger - bruised
1 tsp White Pepper Powder
Blanced Mustard Leaves & Bean Sprouts
Blanched Mee Hoon
Fried Onions, Spring+Chinese Celery Leaves

1. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry garlic until golden.
Add in water to 2/3 full in the pot.
Add in chicken, ginger, pepper & salt & let it boil.
Cover & slow the heat & let it boil for further 10 minutes

2. Serve the soup with meehoon, blanched veg & garnishes.
Don't forget the chili soy sauce!

3. To prepare chili soy sauce, slice chili padi & add soy sauce & lime juice.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuffed Paratha with Black Pepper Beef

This is a delicious way of enjoying paratha & a good starter for Iftar.

Source: HomeKreation
Minced Meat
1/2" Ginger*
2 cloves Garlic*
3 Shallot*
1 tsp Black Pepper corns (* pounded)

Heat up few tbsp oil & stir fry pounded ingredients until fragrant.
Add minced meat & stir well.
Add salt & stir until meat is cooked.

Slice Cheese
Chopped Big Onions
Homemade Black Pepper Sauce (can also use instant brown sauce)

Cooked paratha on a flat pan or griddle.
Lay cheese, mayonnaise, sprinkle onion, beef & black pepper sauce.
Fold the paratha into a quarter shape.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Salted Fish & Pineapple Curry

Sedap ni....... have not cooked this for ages.... suitable menu in fasting month.

No need for accurate measurement for the recipe, here is indication on the ingredients & method. In Perak this is called Gulai Darat.

Source: HomeKreation
Salted fish - cut
1 small Pineapple - peel & slice
1/2 pot Coconut Milk
3 tbsp Curry Powder
3 Shallots
1 clove Garlic

1. Place fish, pineapple, coconut milk & curry powder & salt in a pot.
Boil until salted fish is tender.

2. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry sliced shallots & garlic until brown.
Pour into the cooked curry.

3. Enjoy with white rice.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Puding Sagu Gula Melaka (Sago Dessert)

Actually I made this before Ramadhan but was too busy to update. Lovely traditional dessert....

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes 5 glasses
160g Green Sago - soaked with water 30min
Coconut Milk
Palm Sugar Syrup

1. Strained sago & place in a pot.
Pour in water to cover sago about 1" above it.
Boil until sago turn translucent.
Strain & run under running tap water to get rid of some starch.
Scoop into glasses.

2. To serve, pour few tbsp coconut milk then few tbsp palm sugar syrup.
The sugar syrup will sink to the bottom naturally.

3. To make palm sugar syrup, place 1 piece palm sugar in a pot, cover with water, add 2 tbp white sugar & 1 screwpine leaf. Boil until sugar is dissolved. Cool.

Bitter Gourd with Potato & Egg

Actually I wanted to make bitter gourd stuffed with potato but I was rushing after returning from office today and ended up stir fry everything in  the wok. The taste is still the same except the presentation. Cooking this way eliminate the bitter taste of the veg - my children didn't even realised that they were eating bitter gourd.

Source: HomeKreation (my mum's recipe)
1 small Bitter Gourd
A handful Shrimps - chopped
1 Potato - diced small
1 Egg
3 Shallots*
1 clove Garlic*
1 Red Chili* (* pounded)
1/4 cup Coconut Milk

Heat up few tbs oil & fry the pounded ingredients until fragrant.
Add in potato & stir until cooked.
Add in shrimps & bitter gourd & cook 2 more minutes.
Add in coconut milk & let it boil.
Break in egg & stir until done.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vegeroni in Cream of Tomato Soup

I made this simple meal to serve a friend who visited us in the recent weekend before she leaves Miri to work somewhere else.

Source: CMG (translated into English)
1 tin Cream of Tomato Soup
1 Big Onion - diced 
1 Celery - cut to small pieces 
1/2 Carrot - diced 
3 cloves Garlic - chopped 
10 Ayamas Mini Black Pepper Sausages
1 cube Maggi Chicken Stock
2 Basil Leaves
600ml Water
Black Pepper, Salt & Sugar
Pasta (I used Vegeroni) - boiled

1. Heat up few tbsp olive oil & saute big onion, bay leaf, celery, carrots, garlic until fragrant. Add in sausages & stir well.
2. Pour in cream of tomato soup, black pepper, water, chicken cube & salt.
3. Boil until thicken.
4. Serve with boiled pasta.